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The LuLac Edition #3324, October 17th, 2016


Our good friend Charlie Urban sent us some good news regarding House Bill HB 76.
Representative Jim Cox on 10-5-16 formally introduced the Property Independence Act in the House of Representative's While there is no chance that the legislation will be acted upon with only a few sessions days remaining, the introduction at this time serves two important purposes. First , it puts our opponents on notice and assures our supporters and allies that HB 76 is alive and well and WILL be pursued in the future. Second, the introduction allows us to see the Representatives who have declared their support for the legislation by adding their names as co-sponsors. This is invaluable information for the upcoming November election to determine who deserves our votes..
If your Representative name is not on the list please contact them to find out why the refuse to support the PEOPLES legislation. Accept No Excuses- there are NONE. If they refuse to support HB 76 plan to vote them out of office.
Call or email them; The list of non- supporters in our area Luzerne and Lackawanna Counties are:
Rep. Mike Carroll Lackawanna and Luzerne County #570-655-4883 E,
Rep. Frank Farina Lackawanna #570-876-111 1 E
Rep Marty Flynn Lackawanna #570-342-4349 E
Eddie Day Pashinski Luzerne #570-825-5934 E
They are up for reelection. The Senators are not but we should contact them to remind them they did not support SB 76 and when it goes to the Senate you expect them to vote yes and No Excuses.
Senator John Blake Luzerne Lackawanna, Monroe, Counties #570-207-2881
Senator John Gordner Columbia, ,Luzerne, Montour, Northumberland, Snyder, Counties #570-784-3464 E
Click on PTCC Pa Taxpayers This letter is being sent to your local newspapers Thank You. Please spread the word and contact your lawmakers You will never have an opportunity such as NOW to eliminate School Property Taxes We are 87 PTCC groups in Pa. Charles Urban Pres. Luzerne County Property Owners #570-288-2972 E No one should lose their Home. Remember You are the Government so Vote this November for Rep. Arron Kaufer, Gerald Mullery,, Tara Toohil, Karen Boback, Sid Michaels Kavulich, Betsy Summers. Thank you Senators John Yudichak, Lisa Baker who are not up for election .


The number one issue vexing Pennsylvania has yet to be solved. Thirty years and the electorate has become numb to idea after idea, committee after committee, bill after bill. Property taxes vanish after elections. The casino money hasn’t put a dent in your property taxes. It never will. The looming pension crisis will definitely see to that.
There is a choice before you today. You can stand idly by listening to the drone of “elect me” commercials and vote your party line. Or, you can make a true difference in your life and the lives of generations of Pennsylvania to come. You can be the one to help pass The Property Tax Independence Act. You are the solution to thirty years of broken promises. You can stop the oncoming train that’s about to fly off the tracks.
The Property Tax Independence Act will eliminate all school property taxes across the Commonwealth and will replace those taxes with funding from a single state source.
The most important provision is that it is revenue neutral . To provide absolute fairness, the legislation has been crafted to ensure that the tax swap provision of the plan does not raise one dollar more than is already collected.
The Property Tax Independence Act will:
*Abolish the school property tax on all homesteads, farmsteads, and businesses.
*Eliminate school property taxes via a two-year phase –out . The first year after enactment , school property taxes will be frozen at their current levels. The second year will bring complete elimination except for those school districts that retain long-term obligations.
* Increase the current sales tax from 6% to 7%, providing a predictable and stable funding source that will automatically increase revenue in sync with economic growth.
* Increase the state income tax from 3.07% to 4.95% .
* Fully fund all districts by replacing the property tax dollar –for-dollar at each districts current level. Each district will receive the resources it needs regardless of the local ability to pay.
*Create a dedicated lockbox account for all property tax replacement revenues that is separate from the General Fund.
* Completely eliminate the taxing ability of school boards. Voters will finally gain true local control. Any requests for additional revenue from school districts must be presented via a no exception ballot referendum.
* Finally put a stop to out of control and ever increasing school budgets and property taxes.
*The elimination of school property taxes will increase the disposable income of property taxpayers.
* The elimination of school property taxes will cause home values to increase, on the average by more than 10% statewide.
* Working –age homeowners will realize a tax cut. Furthermore, the increase in federal income tax (through lower itemized deductions) , state income tax, and sales tax is more than the offset by the reduction in property taxes.
*Retired homeowners will realize a significant reduction in taxes because any property tax reduction will easily offset any increase from higher sales tax.
* The elimination of property taxes would significantly reduce the property tax share and would clearly increase the attractiveness of the Commonwealth for business location and expansion .Spread the word. Talk to family, friends and neighbors. Grassroots initiatives depend on the voices of as many concerned taxpayers as possible E mail, write or visit your elected Pa House and Senate Representative Encourage them to join the fight for passage of HB/SB 76 as this will determine your support in voting this election. NO TAX should have the POWER to leave you HOMELESS .
Charles Urban Pres Luzerne County Property Owners 570-288-2972 Member of 87 PTCC groups in Pa.


The Allentown Morning Call reported that “The Wolf administration has been ordered to release more of the emails Democratic US Senate nominee Katie McGinty sent and received during her short tenure as the governor's chief of staff.
The Commonwealth Court ruling caps a drawn-out battle between the administration and the state GOP.”
“Gov. Tom Wolf's administration has 30 days to produce copies of more emails sent or received by Katie McGinty when she was his chief of staff, before she ran for U.S. Senate, a Pennsylvania court ruled Friday.
The emails, sought by the state Republican Party, do not have to be released before the Nov. 8 election.
“The Commonwealth Court's ruling upholds a decision by the Office of Open Records.
The 30-day time frame to respond virtually ensures that the emails would not become public before the election." The Wolf administration would not say Friday whether it will appeal the decision to the state Supreme Court. It has 30 days to appeal, a move that also would virtually ensure that the emails are not released before the election. (Allentown Morning Call)


WVIA TV presents the U.S. Senate debate Monday night between Senator Pat Toomey and Katie McGinty. Tune it in. I’m sure it will be as they say in the back Mountain, “a hoot”. The debate airs out of KDKA TV in Pittsburgh. The fun starts at 7PM.


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House Bill HB 76 is to simply appease the moronic masses and they buy it.


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