Tuesday, November 01, 2016

The LuLac Edition #3337, November 1st, 2016


So this morning I was driving back from an interview with Jim Riley at Bold Gold Radio in Scranton. (The show will air this Sunday) On the way to work I tuned in to The Sue Henry Show and heard Diane from Moosic saying how long she was married, how she’s been around the block and how she sits in church every Sunday and prays. Yada , yada, yada!
Then she said that she can’t back a woman who supports taking babies out of their wombs because….and then I put on my Flash Drive.
Later tonight at the WILK Talker’s Forum at Lackawanna Junior College abortion came up. Attendees made their case about the life of the unborn and said positively that a Republican President would absolutely ban abortion.
L.A. Tarone said they wouldn’t.
Here’s my point. The Republican party since Ronald Reagan has been patently dishonest with Pro Life advocates for 36 years! They gin up the hate against ANY Democratic candidate, piously say, “I’ll protect the lives of the unborn” (all the while screwing those babies that ARE born by not supporting social programs) and then doing nothing.
Every year the GOP Pro Life Faithful are offer “fool’s gold” by their party. And every year NOTHING happens. Donald Trump will not change what 20 years of GOP Congressional dominance could not.
The party has been scamming Pro Lifers since 1980.
And the beat goes on…

GOP candidate for Treasurer Otto Voit who is collecting endorsements from State Treasuer from across the country. (Photo: Voit campaign)
Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel announced Tuesday his endorsement of businessman and former Army officer Otto Voit to be Pennsylvania's next State Treasurer.
"As State Treasurer of Ohio and as a fellow veteran, I am proud to endorse Otto Voit to be Pennsylvania's next State Treasurer. As a successful businessman, Otto has the right experience to lead Pennsylvania's finances. As a former Army officer, I know he has the integrity and the leadership traits necessary to reform Harrisburg.
Otto is committed to bringing government transparency to Pennsylvania and I'm glad to stand with him in support of PACheckbook.com, his initiative modeled after our efforts in Ohio. We implemented OhioCheckbook.com to increase government transparency and hold our elected officials accountable by posting state spending online. OhioCheckbook.com is setting a new national standard for government transparency, bringing Ohio from 46th to 1st nationally in government accountability and transparency.
Otto's vision for PAcheckbook.com will open up government and bring the transparency and accountability that Pennsylvania taxpayers deserve."
Voit thanked Mandel for his support. "Ohio has become the gold standard for economic success and government accountability. I appreciate Treasurer Mandel's support as we work to do the same here in Pennsylvania."
Josh Mandel has served as Ohio State Treasurer since 2011.



WYLN35 based in Hazleton, owned and operated by the Gans family, is pleased to announce we will be broadcasting the WVIA-hosted 11th Congressional District PA Debate between incumbent Rep. Lou Barletta [R] and former Hazleton Mayor Mike Marsicano [D]. In addition to WVIA, the debate will air live on WYLN35 starting 7PM on Thursday Nov 3rd.


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