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The LuLac Edition #3365, December 1st, 2016

The President Elect (Photo: Business Insider)
The President Elect tweeted this the other day.
Nobody should burn the flag, if they do there must be consequences. Perhaps loss of citizenship and a year in jail.
I’m not into flag burning. As a matter of fact I think it is horrific as well as the province of vandalistic imbeciles. Like the President Elect I think there should be consequences. If flag burning is deemed illegal, there should be punishment as well as a fine.
I’m good with him in the first part.
But loss of citizenship and a year in jail? Okay, I’’ll even go for a year on probation where the burner could perform community service. However America is not like a religion where you can excommunicate someone. How would you ever enforce it? Do you deport the burner?
Just when I think this guy has a germ of a good idea he ruins it with something so irrational and unenforceable it becomes impossible to take him seriously. Reminds me of a scene from “Tommy Boy” where he starts out fine and then runs off the rails. .

 Congressman Lou Barletta (Photo: LuLac archives) 
Congressman Lou Barletta met with President-Elect at Trump Tower to discuss the presidential transition. Barletta is a member of the Presidential Transition Team Executive Committee.
Following the meeting, Barletta met with reporters. The following are excerpts of his conversation with the press:
Barletta: It was great. We had a good conversation. We talked about many issues concerning the country and talked about the President-Elect’s ideas moving forward.
Reporter: Are you considering roles in the administration?
Barletta: We talked about Secretary of Labor and it’s something I’m going to consider.
Reporter: What was your pitch to him?
Barletta: We talked. I’ve worked with the President-Elect throughout the campaign. He knows my background and, as a member of the Executive Transition Team, we talked about the importance of his ideas and moving them forward in Congress and making sure that the transition goes well, as a member of that team. We talked about that, as I said, and some other things.
Reporter: What were the top policy initiatives the President-Elect talked to you about?
Barletta: His infrastructure plan is obviously very important to him. And again, making sure there’s a smooth transition and the role that I could play either in Congress or as a part of his cabinet.
By the time you read this, Barletta might have made his decision. But here’s what I know. Lou Barletta has always wanted to be a Congressman. He is a comfortable fit and very effective. He loves the job, you can see it in his face as he gives his audience an inside view of how a Congressman works. Barletta has not been in lock step with the Tea Party crazies or the John Boehner wing of the party. He is his own guy.
But being in a Presidential Cabinet is an honor bestowed on few. As a matter of fact, Barletta would join only Frank Carlucci as a member of a Presidential inner circle. (Carlucci was Reagan’s Secretary of Defense) It is tempting. But Barletta was tempted before with a run for Ltn. Governor in 2006 and even in 2010.
The Cabinet I believe is a more temporary position than being a Congressman. You serve at the whim of the President and can be the prisoner of events beyond your control.
Lou Barletta’s decision is his alone. We wish him luck in making it but hope he chooses to represent his friends, neighbors and numerous bi partisan people who like him as the Congressman.

The very first woman Speaker of The House and the First Lady of local Media. Nancy Pelosi and Karel Zubris. (Photo: DNC Convention-Zubris archives)
By a two to one margin, House Democrats selected Rep. Nancy Pelosi as minority leader. She faced a challenge from Ohio’s Tim Ryan who challenged her after the November losses in the General Election.
Ryan said the party needed new leadership but it wasn’t Pelosi running the Presidential campaign. Pelosi did write a letter to Congressmen before the voting indicating that she would try to move younger members up the leadership ladder. That can only help our local Congressman Matt Cartwright.
Pelosi is going to be the perfect foil as Tiffany’s father tries to bully his proposals through the Congress. Plus if we’re lucky he may tweet and insult her making for the collision course of Pelosi and the new administration all the more compelling. 
A word about Ohio's Tim Ryan. He ran against Pelosi on the theory that Democrats should appeal to those displaced workers in the Rust Belt. He posited that Democrats should try and bring those industrial jobs back. That won't work. I'm sorry Ohio workers aren't making the $40 bucks an hour they made thirty years ago. Democrats have offered retraining but these workers refuse to get retrained because they don't want a job behind a keyboard. 
I have news for them. Even if they get industrial jobs, they'll use computers. They'll use robots. Sorry, I don't think the Democratic party should cater to a bunch of whiners who are still mourning their industrial jobs and live in their own misery. These workers aren't the only ones who lost jobs. Most of us got retrained and did something instead of thinking Mike Pence's running mate or a President is going to make them rich. If these workers couldn't find a job with more than 75 months of straight employment growth, they just weren't trying. Time to put the big boy pants on and figure it out.
Pelosi was the sensible pick. 



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Yes's classic album Fragile, is released in the UK. It is the first to feature their new keyboard player Rick Wakeman……

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At 1:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Yonk, what's with your buddy Davey Sosar? Is he a frustrated thespian, Shakespearean actor? His antics at Hazleton Council meetings and his post game interviews are hilarious.

At 1:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your post reads much easier using President-elect.
thank you

At 6:33 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

Your post reads much easier using President-elect.


What, you didn't like Tiffany's dad?

At 6:35 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

Hey Yonk, what's with your buddy Davey Sosar? Is he a frustrated thespian, Shakespearean actor? His antics at Hazleton Council meetings and his post game interviews are hilarious.


Dr. David Sosar is a valued community resource and volunteer. That said, it is not my job to keep track of him. I'm sure though he has made some salient points in his capacity in the Mountain City.

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A tad rough on those workers in Ohio. Yikes Yonk!!!

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Love Trump ss Tommy Boy!!!!

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