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The LuLac Edition #3356, November 23rd, 2016


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I had to share this on with you. On November 18th the GOP controlled House said no to manufacturing jobs that they and Mike Pence’s running mate campaigned on. Take a look at this from a recent editorial in the Citizen’s Voice.
Many U.S. House members who bemoaned the loss of good U.S. manufacturing jobs, while campaigning this fall, voted Thursday to kill some of the very best U.S. manufacturing jobs.
By a vote of 243-174, the House approved a bill that would prevent the sale of U.S. commercial aircraft to Iran.
Under the 2015 agreement by which Iran agreed to halt its nuclear power development, six Western powers including the United States agreed to lift economic sanctions. Iran since then has negotiated about $42 billion worth of preliminary deals to buy or lease at least 200 new commercial jets from U.S.-based Boeing and Europe’s Airbus Industries. Airbus also assembles its A321 aircraft in Alabama and buys about 10 percent of its parts from American manufacturers.
The bill would preclude the Treasury Department from issuing licenses that banks need to finance international transactions, and would apply to Boeing and Airbus.
Rep. Jim Himes, a Connecticut Democrat and member of the House Intelligence Committee who opposes the bill, said it would adversely affect about 100,000 jobs throughout the commercial aircraft industry and its long supply chain.
To complete the deals, Iran would have to comply with several international protocols for multi-nation financial transactions. So the bill not only would diminish U.S. manufacturing but it would also preclude Iran’s movement toward global diplomatic and financial norms.
The Senate should reject the bill. If it does not do so, President Barack Obama should veto it.
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