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The LuLac Edition #3367, December 4th, 2016

Vice President Elect Mike Pence with Tiffany's dad. (Photo: CNN)
What an interesting juxtaposition this week on jobs. Today the Labor statistics came out and there were 186,000 new jobs. That is at least the 70th consecutive month of job growth. Remember in 2008-2009 we were losing jobs. But yet with the job gains, there is loss of income. Could it be that the loss of income happened because those sainted job creators are paying people below their fair wage? You can’t blame the government or the current President for cheap assed employers NOT paying people a good wage. That’s called income equality.
So this month 186,000 jobs were created but Tiffany’s dad did save jobs at Carrier. But this is how he did it.
Vice President Elect Mike Pence joined Tiffany’s dad to essentially bribe Carrier with a yearly payment of $700,000 and in return Carrier will keep just over 1000 jobs. in Indiana. So Indiana covers payroll, receives none of the profits and when Trump takes office the federal government will funnel the money back to Indiana. Did anyone say Ponzi scheme?
Look I’m all for getting people good jobs. But this is a facing saving move and will set a precedent that any business will threaten to leave if they don’t get a government bailout. Remember those KOS Zones in this area where we gave industry the store with tax exemptions to come and the minute they ran out so did the “saviors” of our economy?
Tiffany’s dad will of course say yes because the government sweetening of the pot comes from taxpayer money. So the jobs are saved but are propped up by the government. Which in turn drives up the deficit. During the campaign the GOP right wailed about the deficit and how their grand babies are going to be left with the bill under the Democrats. Just wait and see what a guy who has used other people’s money to be “a successful businessman” does with yours. There will be no bank to go to, no loan to negotiate. He’ll just drive up the deficit with corporate welfare.
You’re not gonna like this either but the last two Presidents who cut the 
yearly debt were…………these guys!


Hires in public jobs really get my blood boiling. First off those usually hired pretty much think they are owed the position. Second, they usually belong to a political class. Ie family connection. You’re going to get that in politics.
However Luzerne County has recently taken that to another level. While the Council decides to impose a vehicle registration fee on everyone, they have DONE NOTHING to reduce the taxes on home owners. Plus they have given current administrators raises even though there is still a county debt. The leadership of the county harrumph and say, “We have to keep good people”. Yeah, I’m sure the head of Children & Youth is beating off offers with a Louisville Slugger with the fine job she’s doing!
Now jobs are being handed out to people of dubious credentials. I got a copy of a letter Council member Edd Brominski sent to Council Chair Linda McClosky Houck. He made sense.
Now there is was a little funny at the end involving a guy named Hugo but given recent events, it might not be so far fetched. Hugo, or someone like him, might be the friend of a friend of a drinking buddy at Patty’s Sports Bar, heyna? Here’s the letter:

Madam Chair:

 It is with complete awe that I communicate with you this date pertaining to hiring practices within the county.
 For some unknown reason I have been made aware of news hires days, weeks and even months before they happen. The distressing part it that is I mostly pass them of as rumors. To date , unfortunately most have proven to be true.
 It seems as though we have established Luzerne County Government as a rehab and second chance employer. To date we have hired people at excellent salaries who were fired from their previous jobs for improprieties, and into the same capacity with the county. We have altered job requirements, not the need, to accommodate particular people. We have promoted people who openly lie on their resumes and application s to positions of trust and authority. We have taken people of dubious backgrounds and brought them into our employment at rather serious positions and with excellent compensations. We have given jobs to proven criminals with unproven qualifications and with outstanding salary packages. The most recent hire at corrections was made aware to me months ago, however, naïve, as I am, I paid it no attention. Much to my dismay, this rumor was fact also.
 Certainly this cannot be all coincidence. I am rather put back that although I hear these rumors in advance, I usually find out in a press release. Something is wrong. We are stocking our work force with more than questionable talent. I believe, we as a council of common sense should prepare and ordinance of review of all management level people and consultants proposed for employment with the county.
 I say this because the latest rumor to reach me is that Hugo Selinski, is being considered as an in house prisoner to consult the corrections officer with safety and escape proof measures.
 I look forward to some action of response to these concerns.

Sincerely. Edward Brominski


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