Thursday, January 26, 2017

The LuLac Edition #3417, January 26th, 2017


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Donald Trump still is talking about the election. Like all Presidential candidates who lost, Hillary Clinton has receded pretty much from public view after she conceded. You’d expect that. But what you wouldn’t expect is a candidate who WON bitching about the fact that there was voter fraud in the election. Not just here and there but Trump said that more than 3.4 million people voted illegally. He reiterated that the other night in front of Congressional leaders. It was a repetition of a widely unproven claim that millions of "illegal" votes cost him the popular vote in the presidential election just keep on coming.
If there was fraud, then where is the proof you say?
Oh well the President is launching an investigation into voter fraud across America. He tweeted it Wednesday morning. But wait as they say in the infomercials, there’s more.
White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said Wednesday afternoon that the voting probe would "not just" be about the 2016 election.
"This about the integrity of our voting system," he said at the White House press briefing.
Now these defenders of Russia involved in hacking our election campaign now want to launch an investigation into the integrity of the voting?
Trump thinks Grandpa Jones who died in 2006 and is still on the voting rolls is more of a threat than his butt buddy Putin.
Meantime, election officials in Ohio and Pennsylvania have pretty much said this guy is full of canal water. But an investigation he shall have which will cost tax payer money in a wild goose chase.
The more Trump does this in his Presidency, have a few sane days in a row and then going off the rails will wear thin on rational people.
We had Presidents who were Intellectuals. We had Presidents who were crooks. We’ve had Presidents who were philanderers. We’ve had President who were dullards. Now we have a President who is clearly a clown.


Just minutes after saying he would help the middle class, Trump screwed new home buyers. Trump canceled a reduction in the Federal Housing Administration’s annual fee for most borrowers. The cut would have reduced the annual premium for someone borrowing $200,000 by $500 in the first year.
For first time borrowers, it is a popular program among first-time home buyers because it allows borrowers to make a down payment of as low as 3.5 percent with a credit score of 580, on a scale of 300 to 850. Housing industry groups lauded the change, saying it could increase home buying by offsetting recent rises in mortgage rates.
Yep, he’s making America great again but not for the suckers who voted for him.


Congressman Matt Cartwright (Photo: LuLac archives)
U.S. Representative Matt Cartwright and U.S. Representative Peter Welch re-introduced the Streamlining Energy Efficiency for Schools Act (H.R. 627) with the support of education and environmental advocacy groups and 43 bipartisan cosponsors. First introduced in the 113th Congress, the Streamlining Energy Efficiency for Schools Act unanimously passed the House in 2014 and 2016.
This legislation provides a coordinating structure to help schools better navigate available federal programs and financing options for energy efficiency improvements to their facilities.
“This bill promotes strategic and cost-saving investment while improving our schools and protecting the environment,”said Rep. Cartwright. “It lessens burdens on school administrators by establishing an efficient, one-stop shop for schools, providing administrators with better access to information and resources for implementing these upgrades.”
According to Energy Star, America’s schools spend $7.5 billion per year on energy costs, making energy an enormous part of schools’ operating budgets, second only to personnel costs.
In addition, many schools are in urgent need of improvements. One Department of Education survey found that 43 percent of schools indicated that the poor condition of their facilities interferes with the delivery of instruction. Many of the problems often involve the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Upgrading these systems enables schools to improve their learning environments, save on energy bills, and focus scarce funds on other priorities for our children.
Specifically, the Act would:
•Establish the Department of Energy (DOE) as the lead agency in coordinating a cross-departmental effort to help initiate, develop, and finance energy efficiency, renewable energy, and retrofitting projects for schools.
•Require a review of existing federal programs and financing mechanisms; the formation of a streamlined process of communication and outreach to the States, local education agencies, and schools of these existing programs; and the development of a mechanism for governors, state energy programs, and local educational and energy officials to form a peer-to-peer network to support the initiation of the projects.
•Require DOE to provide technical assistance to help schools navigate the financing and development of these projects to better ensure success.
“By streamlining existing programs and cutting red tape, our bill will help save energy and cut energy bills for school systems around the country,” said Rep. Welch. “We have made undeniable progress on energy efficiency in a bipartisan way, and I’m pleased to work with Rep. Cartwright to get this common sense bill signed into law during this new Congress.”
“The savings from improved efficiency are very real. We’re talking about millions of dollars, and by creating a central clearinghouse for information, this bill would help busy school districts and principals put those savings into action educating children,” said Kateri Callahan, president of the Alliance to Save Energy, an energy efficiency advocacy group.
This bill is endorsed by the Alliance to Save Energy; ASHRAE; Green Business Certification, Inc.; and the U.S. Green Building Council.
Several groups representing school administrators have provided their support to the bill’s re-introduction this Congress. These organizations include AASA, The School Superintendents Association; Association of Educational Service Agencies; Association of School Business Officials International; National Association of Elementary School Principals; National Association of Secondary School Principals; National Rural Education Advocacy Consortium; National Rural Education Association; and Rebuild America’s Schools.



Congressman Lou Barletta praised two executive actions taken by President Donald J. Trump to enforce our borders and crack down on sanctuary cities that harbor illegal immigrants. The first paves the way for the long-promised border wall. The second addresses sanctuary cities by stripping federal grant money from such cities and by reinstituting the Secure Communities program ended by President Obama. Sanctuary cities are those jurisdictions which refuse to cooperate with federal immigration officials or obey immigration law.
“Today is a good day for those of us who have long fought against illegal immigration,” Barletta said. “These are all important steps toward securing our borders and beginning to finally enforce our federal immigration laws. I have been fighting against illegal immigration since I was mayor of Hazleton, Pennsylvania more than a decade ago, and it is wonderful to finally have an ally in the White House. President Trump has been true to his word, taking decisive action on illegal immigration inside of his first week in office.”
Barletta expressed support for a wall, or physical barrier, along the border as a vital part of security in preventing illegal immigration.
Maybe the good Congressman can get some money for the cash strapped city he used to run while they are still trying to pay off that lawsuit from his immigration stance. 



This Week on Sunday Magazine
Brian Hughes speaks with Dr. Jade Miller about children and dental issues.
Magic 93's Frankie in the Morning speaks with recently retired WNEP meteorologist Tom Clark about his long career and his plans for the future.
​This Week in Harrisburg examines the Pennsylvania Corrections Department's plan to close 2 state prisons, and how their final decision played out, and one state legislator proposes to end the death penalty in Pennsylvania.
And an encore of Brian's December interview with Dr. Kara DeFelice from the LSU School of Medicine about Crohn's Disease and Colitis.
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At 10:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

it is a popular program among first-time home buyers because it allows borrowers to make a down payment of as low as 3.5 percent with a credit score of 580, on a scale of 300 to 850.

THIS is how BARNEY FRANK created the housing bubble.
Is your blind need to promote feel good financing for people who can't afford a house overwhelming your common sense?
If $500 is preventing you from purchasing a house, you shouldn't buy it!!

Don't you know the lower your credit score the more interest you pay because a low credit score is equated to higher risk for the lender?
You may not like it but that's the way it is. A monkey could use that number to determine your qualification.
Doesn't matter how you got the score, it's an unemotional mark so keep that in mind when you borrow money, buy a car or use a "card".

At 10:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

God, are you being trite with the Barletta thing. I have no problem paying for a stupid lawsuit for someone who stood up early in the fight against ILLEGAL immigrants.

What country in the world lets you just cross into their country and stay without consequence? Ever try?

Stay True Lou!

At 11:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's grab a shovel and help! President Trump is about to build that wall!

The White House on Wednesday rolled out a series of executive actions on immigration and border security – designed to restore American sovereignty.

Among other things – President Trump announced a crackdown on sanctuary cities that harbor illegal aliens. He also plans to provide the Department of Homeland Security with more resources to fight illegal immigration.

And remember the Obama administration’s “catch and release” policies? Well, those days are now over.

In other words -- all of you illegals out there might want to pack a bag and catch the next Greyhound bus back home.

The president also plans on temporarily suspending visas from countries that are loaded with radical Muslims – places like Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan and Libya.

It’s no surprise that critics are enraged – accusing the administration of being xenophobic and Islamophobic. They seem to think we should roll out the red carpet for illegals at the expense of law-abiding Americans.

We are barely a week into the Trump presidency and he's already managed to dump TPP, engage pro-lifers, rattle Democrats and discombobulate (sorry, retro word) the mainstream media.

I come to really like this guy.

The sheer scope of his immigration policies is incredible. He’s cracking down on sanctuary cities -- temporarily suspending visas from hotbeds of radical Islam and building a wall.

We’re going to build a wall, America! To be honest, there were moments during the presidential campaign when I wondered if the wall was some sort of metaphor. But no sir! He plans on building a great, big, larger-than-life, Trump signature wall.

Imagine that, folks -- a Republican president who does what he promised to do on the campaign trail. Never in all my life did I think I'd see that day.

All I can say is thank you, Mr. President. Thank you for keeping your word.

To be clear, the president's executive orders are not xenophobic or Islamophobic. They are not anti-Mexican or anti-refugee. Rather, President Trump's immigration and border security policies are pro-American. I know that must be a shocking concept – especially after the past eight years.

But President Trump promised to put America first -- and he's delivering on that promise.

To the nations of the world -- we are more than happy to welcome your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. But if it's all the same -- you can just keep the deadbeats and reprobates -- and the people who want to blow us up.

At 8:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would love to see a credible challenger to BarlLetta come forward.

At 1:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd say non-citizens voting may amount to voter fraud.

Hillary Clinton garnered more than 800,000 votes from non-citizens on Nov. 8, an approximation far short of President Trump’s estimate of up to 5 million illegal voters but supportive of his charges of fraud.

Political scientist Jesse Richman of Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, has worked with colleagues to produce research on non-citizen voting, and this week he posted a blog in response to Mr. Trump’s assertion.

Based on national polling by a consortium of universities, a report by Mr. Richman said 6.4 percent of the estimated 20 million adult non-citizens in the U.S. voted in November. He extrapolated that that percentage would have added 834,381 net votes for Mrs. Clinton, who received about 2.8 million more votes than Mr. Trump.

Mr. Richman calculated that Mrs. Clinton would have collected 81 percent of non citizen votes.

“Is it plausible that non-citizen votes added to Clinton’s margin? Yes,” Mr. Richman wrote. “Is it plausible that non-citizen votes account for the entire nation-wide popular vote margin held by Clinton? Not at all.”

Still, the finding is significant because it means non-citizens may have helped Mrs. Clinton carry a state or finish better than she otherwise would have.

President Trump appears to have at least a point.

At 1:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In your quest to demean Trump our blogster fails to mention Jill Stein's recount effort in Michigan. You remember Jill, Yonk.

One news article stated:

"The problems were the worst in Detroit, where discrepancies meant officials couldn’t recount votes in 392 precincts, or nearly 60 percent. And two-thirds of those precincts had too many votes.

“There’s always going to be small problems to some degree, but we didn’t expect the degree of problem we saw in Detroit. This isn’t normal,” said Krista Haroutunian, chairwoman of the Wayne County Board of Canvassers."

One precinct in Wayne County Michigan had 306 votes, but only 50 ballots. In Detroit approximately 259 precincts out of 392 had more votes than ballots.

Is there any credible evidence that voter fraud may exist..... nope..... no evidence at all unless you were born with slightly more common sense than God gave a snow tire. Heyna?

At 10:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who big fella, before you experience a stroke over that rate reduction remember that there are options NOT involving the government.

Aspiring first-time buyers in January got a new year’s fake-out from the government.

On Jan. 9, Julian Castro, then secretary of Housing and Urban Development(Obama's appointee), announced a reduction in the annual mortgage insurance premium. The change, aimed at lower-income borrowers, would affect new loans insured by the Federal Housing Administration that closed by Jan. 27. Sweet!

For the typical FHA borrower, that would amount to just over $500 per year, or about 1% of the median household income.

But within two hours of President Donald Trump‘s inauguration on Jan. 20, the White House announced that the 0.25 percentage point reduction was being suspended indefinitely. Psych!

To many, this might seem like a subtle change—a quarter of a percentage point?!—but the impact is not minor to the typical FHA borrower. FHA loans are one of the few options that allow borrowers to put as little as 3.5% down on a home, although they do have to purchase mortgage insurance.

The National Association of Realtors® estimates that without the fee reduction, 30,000 to 40,000 potential borrowers will be shut out of the market.

You are far more likely to be one of those 40,000 if you are young; living in Rhode Island, Mississippi, New Jersey, Maryland, or Ohio; face challenges putting more than 5% down; and have a credit score below 680.

If this sounds like you—if your lender has told you that the fee cut was critical to your ability to qualify—there are a few steps you can take to see if there is another path to homeownership.

First, see if you qualify for other loan programs that offer similar flexibility in underwriting to FHA. Two important options to explore are VA loans (available to active-duty military or veterans) and USDA loans (available in rural areas and some small towns and suburban areas).

If you thought FHA was the only route to take if your primary challenge is a low down payment, think again. If you have a credit score above 680, and ideally above 700, you can likely qualify for a conforming mortgage with a low down payment option.

Explore down payment assistance options and other ways to put more money down. A higher down payment could lower your rate enough to offset the higher-than-expected premium.

Waiting is also an option, but it has its costs. Realtors are hopeful that pending a review by the new HUD secretary, Ben Carson, a rate reduction could eventually be back on the table.

Waiting without exploring other options could result in buying and closing several months down the road when rates are likely to be at least 25 basis points higher and home prices are likely to be higher as well. In other words, waiting could cost you even more.

Find a lender who will help you explore all available options and work through the pros and cons of each. While January’s FHA insurance premium gyrations may have psyched you out, homeownership could still be within your grasp.

Jonathan Smoke

At 8:52 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

God, are you being trite with the Barletta thing. I have no problem paying for a stupid lawsuit for someone who stood up early in the fight against ILLEGAL immigrants.


Okay, where are the illegals in Hazleton? Are they all gone? Did they storm Church Street via Arizona?

What country in the world lets you just cross into their country and stay without consequence? Ever try?


Been to other countries and you had to show information to get in and get out. President Obama deported a significant amount so go pay for that lawsuit. That tax base needs help.

At 8:55 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

We’re going to build a wall, America! To be honest, there were moments during the presidential campaign when I wondered if the wall was some sort of metaphor. But no sir! He plans on building a great, big, larger-than-life, Trump signature wall.


So once we build a wall around Mexico, and Canada lets them in, do we build a wall around them too?
Fact is there have been 375 convictions on terror in the U.S. and 90% of them were from AMERICA.

At 8:56 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

One news article stated:


Which one?

At 8:59 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

Hillary Clinton garnered more than 800,000 votes from non-citizens on Nov. 8, an approximation far short of President Trump’s estimate of up to 5 million illegal voters but supportive of his charges of fraud.


What state? From where? What source? Were those 800,000 voters, were there names taken at the polls? was their non citizenship cross referenced with their addresses and status? Was ICE involved in checking the election numbers?
You might as well tell me 800,000 sparrows voted for HRC.

At 11:03 AM, Anonymous Bluto said...

1:41 p.m., you really should do some research rather than just rebleat what Trump says. Prof. Richman clearly disputes how you people are interpreting his work.

Intellectual frauds!


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