Monday, May 01, 2017

The LuLac Edition #3484, May 1st, 2017

Michelle Bednar on the campaign trail. (Photo: Ben Hoon Facebook)
Michelle Bednar has been the Luzerne County Controller for the last four years and is making another run for it. During the past four years her office has saved county taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. Plus she did it with dependable work ethic and with very little drama.
Even though she has no primary opposition, Bednar is running making sure voters are aware of her record.


If you’re like me and many Wilkes Barre Arrea residents, you pretty much think that the Wilkes Barre Area School Board is pretty much like the crew of the Titanic. The School District as well as its plan to build a new one is an economic disaster. Plus, this board has tried to study this issue again at taxpayers expense.
I believe that this Board already has a site designated and a deal done.  Not all of them but the big players. You know guys like Quinn who got his son a job with the District. They hold all the cards and will play them. That open meeting that happened last week only occurred  because Geisinger threw a curve ball into the grand plan by saying it would donate more than 50 acres to the District.
Meantime the old political players all are in play. From the Coaches Corner we have Joe Caffrey as well as Ned “Make it one for my baby and one more for the........” Evans. Plus, School Board employee Denise Thomas is also running again. Some of the Board people are trying to do right by the taxpayers. Some are delightful to meet in person like Joe Caffrey. But this board portrays an image of contempt for the taxpayers of the District. The good guys can't overtake the entrenched powers even if they wanted to. 
The fact is that most people know that the Wilkes Barre Area School Board is so entrenched politically that a run is pretty much futile.If you aren't in the club or the family, you're nowhere.
But there is a candidate running and it is my plan to bullet vote for her I’ll urge others to do so because this board needs another outside voice. 
That’s why I’ll vote for Melissa Etzle Patla. Additionally, I'll urge others to do so. The snakes might still be in the kingdom but they'll have notice that people will be watching.


Blogfest returns May 6th at 5pm at Old Tyme Charlie’s in Plains. There was a plan to invite all the U.S. Congress and Pennsylvania State Legislature. But there was an issue with accommodations in the basement of Charley's to house that many lawmakers. Plus Security issues would even strap the Casino funded rich township who wanted no part of of dead weight in their town.Blog fans, bloggers, candidates and the lackeys they employ will also be on hand that night. Come one, come all.


At 5:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You mean to say we have had a county controller doing the job, instead of distracting people from incompetence by shouting at meetings, running to the press every five minutes and illegally recording conversations?

At 8:26 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

You mean to say we have had a county controller doing the job, instead of distracting people from incompetence by shouting at meetings.


That's what the voters said in '13.

At 12:13 PM, Anonymous Professor Milburn Cleaver, OPA said...

Students, in my convalescence I have kept up on the events of our nation and world.
I have been pondering attending blogfest, still I worry, however with fear for my life.
I shall see, I may just attend provided no one gets "wasted" as you young ingrates put it.
Until then, I want to thank all for their cards, letters and good wishes over this long period in my absence.
As General Macarthur once put it: I shall return.
Until then....
Class Dismissed!!!!!!!!!!

At 12:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really don't understand the sentiment of the Blogfest blurb. Is it meant to be funny or are you just butthurt?


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