Monday, April 24, 2017

The LuLac Edition #3478, April 24th, 2017

Cartwright meets his public. (Photo: Ben Hoon)
Unlike the other two REPUBLICAN Congressmen representing LuLac land, Congressman Matt Cartwright met the public last Tuesday in Plains and essentially gave a primer in how to be a responsible public official.
The discussion was wide ranging with Seniors asking about coverage for hearing aids as well as Social Security.
The hearing aid question essentially will tell you everything you need to know about how a Democrat like Cartwright thinks and how the current Republican majority feel about the challenged.
Cartwright said he introduced a bill to include hearing aids in Medicare coverage, but getting it passed is “a huge uphill climb” because it would cost “an enormous amount of money. Right now in Washington … the people who are in control … are against spending money, and a lot of them are against spending money even when it makes sense.”
He said he introduced the bill because “there’s a pendulum in Washington. Sometimes it swings to the Republican side, and sometimes it swings to the Democratic side,” and when it swings back to the Democratic side, he said he wants to be in a position where he can “push the issue.”
Here are my thoughts on the hearing aid issue. I wonder how many deluded seniors who voted for Trump realize that he, Barletta or Marino won’t even deal with this issue! This stuff about government being too big was a lie that Republicans told and some bought it. Seniors, citizens of this area need to know that Congressman Cartwright is the only official who “gets” that help can come from government when people are in need. Why Trump voters who BENEFITED from Educational aid, Housing, Social Security, Veterans pensions, disability and other things the REPUBLICANS decry abandoned their benefactors is beyond reason as far as I’m concerned.
The other interesting deal was Cartwright’s addressing of manufacturing jobs. Take a look at this passage from Steve Mocarsky’s article in The Times Leader.
Cartwright said he visited south Texas five months ago, partly to see the immigration situation. Five miles south of McAllen, over the Mexican border, he said, are maquiladoras — assembly plants. American companies ship parts to these plants, where they are assembled and then shipped back to the United States. Workers there are paid about $2 per hour.
He said one assembly plant there makes television sets. “That assembly plant used to be in Dunmore. All of that happened because of NAFTA — the North American free Trade Agreement,” Cartwright said.
When you hear the fact that jobs are going away, it is not the fault of the American worker, it falls on the greedy corporations who won’t pay a living wage. The sneaky business bastards buy a plant near the border, get cheap labor and then don’t have to pay the worker.  It is true Trump campaigned on the halt of jobs being exported to other countries but let’s remember it was the companies that did that. Let’s watch and see how many of these $2.00 an hour job deals are stopped by the President’s economic team.
Cartwright continues to be the only principled member of Congress in our neck of the woods. Those who are thinking about opposing him and voting for a REPUBLICAN like his last three foes better think twice.
It is evident that Matt Cartwright is one of the few political forces that stand between the REPUBLICAN agenda of middle class destruction and the good but sometimes witless folks of this region.


During Pa. Budget address, Tom Wolf and Mike Stack. (Photo: AP)
The AP reports that breaking decades of precedent, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf is stripping the state’s lieutenant governor, Mike Stack, and his wife of state police protection following complaints about the Stacks’ treatment of troopers and other state employees.
Wolf released a three-sentence letter Friday addressed to Stack informing him of the decision. The move dropped jaws in the state Capitol, since lieutenant governors have had state police protection for decades in Pennsylvania, and have occasionally had to step in to serve as governor.
Wolf also told Stack in the letter that he would limit cleaning, grounds keeping and maintenance staff at his fellow Democrat’s official residence near Harrisburg, and only under supervision at pre-arranged times.
During the 2014 campaign thanks to the help of Bill Vinsko, Cassaandra Coleman and Evie Refalko McNulty, I had the opportunity to attend many Wolf events. I had many interactions with him and I also observed him closely. I saw that Wolf had no patience for bullshit and did not suffer fools gladly. I saw in Wolf kindness as well as efficiency. When he recognized me from a previous event, or made a connection, there was the question about either the McNulty family's health or about how the race was going. Cordial, polite, to the point but always, always gracious and warm.
The difference between a Tom Wolf and a Mike Stack is the fact that Wolf as a private businessman knew he needed to validate his workers. Those are/were the people who supported his efforts.
Mike Stack being on the public dole in the political class all his life just never got that.
Good call by a good man on this foolishness and arrogance by a so called political pro.


At 5:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Barletta was in downtown Luzerne meeting with anyone who wished to talk to him.

At 1:02 PM, Anonymous Bluto said...

Hey, walking around in Luzerne to have carefully-staged "encounters" is still hiding.

Let's see Barletta, say, reveal juat how many million people he's prepared to vote to throw off of health care. Or how much money he's prepared to waste on an idiotic wall. Or whether he supports nuclear brinksmanship with North Korea.

He can even issue a press release deep from a tinfoil-lined cave in Luzerne!


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