Saturday, May 13, 2017

The LuLac Edition #3499, May 13th, 2017


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1. I read your submission on the Judicial races statewide in Pennsylvania. I was fascinated by the fact that there is a part time farmer and former NFL player running for a seat on the State Supreme Court. Yet Governor Wolf appointed the Republican. Why in the world did he do that and did he not think that she would run for a full term?

Wolf picked her as part of his own panel. He followed tradition in the sense that there is a custom in Pennsylvania where the governor nominates an interim replacement from the same party as the departing justice. Sally Updyke Mundy replaced Justice Eakin who got caught up in the e mail scandal.

2. How was BLOGFEST?

Very nice. I got there late because of a Knights of Columbus commitment in the afternoon and then a family event that started at 5:30. But it was still very spirited discussion when I got there. The burgers smelled good too at Old Tyme Charlies too.

3. I heard you were on TV speaking about a Barletta/Casey race. Is Casey vulnerable?

A Democrat in this environment is always vulnerable. The Republican lie machine goes into overdrive and gullible people who should know better eat it up.

4. So President Obama took big speaking fee. Your thoughts on his greed?

C’mon. We have a guy that is using the White House as a General Store and you’re bitching about Obama? Reagan took huge fees and he is still regarded as a Saint. Gerald Ford, who I liked and voted for used his post Presidency as cottage industry. The funny thing is when Republicans take speaking fees, they are entrepreneurs who earned it. When the Democrats do it, they are doing something unethical.

5. Dave, do you think that young Yankee Aaron Judge has the same type of swing that Mickey Mantle had?

I do but I have to tell you there are some who don’t believe that. He is bigger than Frank Howard an if he stays health, look out!

6. What in the world is WALN, and who a e those women you promote on your blog?
WALN is a Cable Radio Channel out of Allentown/Bethlehem. The format is multi music and polkas. The women are The Party Channel girls. Long time radio veteran Jack Burns intersperses fun, models, all types of music and local advertising into one big visual radio party. 

7. Your thoughts on Stephen Colbert’s anti Trump rant and the fact that the FCC might sanction him.

I would not have said what he said. I cringed when I heard it but hey, Trump has said worse. The FCC, if they do anything will slap him on the wrist.

8. You seem very anti GOP right now. Are you never, ever gonna vote for a Republican ever again?

Locally, sure. But the way the REPUBLICANS are going out of their way to screw the middle class and let a former Democrat carnival barker high jack their values, naw can’t see it happening.

9. Luzerne County Council candidates. You’re Dem, did you vote for all, most or none of them?

A few. Remember it’s a secret ballot. But I like Wendy Cominsky, Linda McClosky Houck, and Matt Vough. I'm also impressed at the intense work ethic of Phil Gianfricaro. Phil is leaving nothing on the field and has been everywhere.

10. The Dems seemed poised to retake the House in 2018, right?

Not by a long shot! The election is a long way off, things happen. Plus GOP Districts are heavily safe. If the Dems lose in Georgia in June, don’t count your chickens before they are on the grill.

11. Do you think the President obstructed justice with the Comey debacle?

Every step of the way. He spoke about an on going investigation, cleared himself in the letter and met with his Attorney General who recused himself from the case.

12. LuLac media on election day?

WILK Election morning, and WBRETV/WYOU TV the morning after starting 4:30am.

13. What did you think about President Trump raving about that wonderful piece of Chocolate cake he had with the Chinese leader?
I’m sure it was good but he hasn’t been to The Sanitary Bakery in Nanticoke.


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