Thursday, February 15, 2018

The LuLac Edition #3711, February 15th, 2018


Another loser shot and killed 17 people on Wednesday in Florida. These were kids going to high school. Predictably the REPUBLICANS offered this: 
“Yesterday, America was shown the face of evil at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Today, millions of American join together with broken hearts. We will continue to pray for the victims, their families and the community impacted. As we learn more about why and how this attack was carried out, we must review and address the protocols that allowed for this murderer, who made his intentions clear, to slip through the cracks.” 
That was From Lou Barletta. The President issued something similar. Hey guys, the time for prayers is over. The default position that we need more Mental Health care is BULLSHIT! Here are the facts. 
Michael Stone, a psychiatrist at Columbia University who maintains a database of mass shooters, wrote in a 2015 analysis that only 52 out of the 235 killers in the database, or about 22 percent, were mentally ill. “The mentally ill should not bear the burden of being regarded as the ‘chief’ perpetrators of mass murder,” Stone concluded. Other research has backed this up.
The real problem, instead, is guns — and, specifically, America’s extraordinary stockpile of firearms. The US has by far the highest number of guns in the world: According to a 2007 estimate, the number of civilian-owned firearms in the US was 88.8 guns per 100 people, meaning there was almost one privately owned gun per American and more than one per American adult. The world’s second-ranked country was Yemen, a quasi-failed state torn by civil war, where there were 54.8 guns per 100 people.
As a result, America has nearly six times the gun homicide rate of Canada, more than seven times that of Sweden, and nearly 16 times that of Germany, according to United Nations data compiled by the Guardian. (These gun deaths are a big reason America has a much higher overall homicide rate than other developed nations.)
The Republican party that has had the majority in Congress since 2014 has blocked every attempt to get even the barest of gun control. 
The deaths of these kids are ON THEIR HEADS! 
In the meantime, here's where we stand in terms of the most guns in a country. (LuLac, Vox) 

(Photo: Borough Facebook page)
When I was growing up Wyoming was the crown jewel of Luzerne County. It was historic, where the more well to do lived as well as a place to aspire to. But lately, especially this week, Wyoming Borough has become the epitome of old school, denial politics. Trouble has been brewing in the burgh for a while with investigators looking into finances at the Borough building's Manager's office and as well at the Library.
Since the swearing in of Mayor Joe Dominick, it has been revealed that the Borough manager’s working area was raided. At the last meeting, Council voted 6 to 2 to let the Manager keep her job. Tamara Smith has been serving in that position for a few years now. But she has been under investigation for concerns at the Hose Company #1 and the Library.Many have questioned her prior experience in obtaining such a job.
Councilman Mike Baloga made a motion seconded by Joseph Scaltz. It was voted down by Council members who are not happy Dominick won the last election handily.
The majority reasons were:
1. They had no one to fill the position.
2. No one was charged yet.
But then the majority Council pulled a Sarah Huckabee Sanders when the Library Board President asked for a much needed donation to the Library. The lackey majority said that the reason why they didn’t was because they were concerned about past financial impropriety not revealed at the Library.
Board President Colleen Garrision said, “I cannot speak for the previous board,, Marcella Starr was the president of the (Wyoming Free Library Board of Trustees) and Tamra Smith was the treasurer, you can ask them.”
Garrison’s response was met with a thunderous applause by the audience.
At the end of the meeting, council members voted to donate $500 to the library.
The Council also asked the incumbent Mayor Joe Dominick to leave because the Smith matter was one of personnel. Wow!
The fact that the crowd applauded the Board President when she called out the majority who has refused to work with the new Mayor speaks volumes.
Somewhere former Council member Joe Soricelli and Mayors Joe Chorba and Doc Stroh are spinning in their graves!

The President says "Yep, it's wrong!" (Photo: CNN)
It took one week after Trump’s honcho Rob Porter, his staff secretary, resigned amid spousal abuse allegations, President Trump on Wednesday said he was “totally opposed to domestic violence,” his first condemnation of the alleged conduct behind a scandal that has engulfed the White House.
He couldn’t say that sooner? What’s next, totally opposed to burning an apple pie, crashing in a baby’s head with a cinder block?
His statement, which members of both parties had said was long overdue, came as John F. Kelly, Mr. Trump’s chief of staff, faced new questions about his handling of Mr. Porter’s case, including how Mr. Porter could have held a temporary high-level security clearance for more than a year in light of the allegations.



Governor Tom Wolf (Photo: Penn Live)
Here is Governor Tom Wolf's statement on the recent gerrymandering decision: The current map -- drawn by a Republican legislature and a Republican governor -- unfairly divides our communities to benefit Republican political interests. And the map submitted to me just last week by Republican leaders was still gerrymandered.
It’s simple: gerrymandering hurts our democracy. That’s why I made a pledge to support fair maps that will restore our democratic process.
This is not a partisan issue. It’s about unrigging the system and drawing fair maps that are representative of the people, not politics.
I vow to do everything I can to make sure we fix our gerrymandered maps now and ensure that they stay that way in the future.
Brass shines as fair to the ignorant as gold to the goldsmiths.
Read more at:


GOP candidate Scott Wagner (Photo: Wagner campaign)
2018 gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner condemned Governor Wolf for indicating that he is prepared to act outside the realm of his constitutional authority and submit a new congressional map to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court without the consent of the legislature.
As reported by WESA on Monday, “Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf is promising he'll send a politically impartial congressional district map to the state Supreme Court by its Thursday deadline if the Republican-controlled legislature cannot draw one themselves. ‘“What happens next, in any case, is that I take a look at this map and have a panel of objective experts look at it,’ Wolf said Monday.”
“There’s a difference between leadership, and trampling on the Pennsylvania Constitution, and it’s clear Governor Wolf doesn’t get it, said Scott Wagner. “Our House and Senate leadership did a good job with the map based on the short amount of time they were given by the Supreme Court, and if the Governor doesn’t like what was presented to him, he should come to the table and negotiate, rather than politicizing the issue to curry favor with national, liberal interest groups.”
Additionally, Wolf’s decision to act on his own accord is at odds with what Democratic leaders in the legislature have said they wanted out of the process.
In a letter to Governor Wolf on Friday, Senate Democratic Leader Jay Costa and House Democratic Leader Frank Dermody criticized the Republican drawn map, stating, “This map was not the product of bipartisan work, nor is it a piece of legislation that passed through both of our chambers.” (Letter to Governor Wolf, 2/9/18)
Wagner point to the comments made by Democratic Leadership, adding, “Governor Wolf should take the advice of Leaders Costa and Dermody and let the elected representatives of the people of Pennsylvania have a vote on the map before it goes to the Supreme Court.”




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At 10:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The deaths of these kids are ON THEIR HEADS!"

You are better than that.

Their deaths are on the moron that pulled the trigger. No proposed gun legislation would have stopped him. If he didn't have a gun, as other's have done, he would have used something else. And what is worse about this one is that he WAS on everyone's radar. This was almost expected and still, nothing stopped him. The Broward County Sheriff is blaming others, yet he didn't do his due diligence. And, even with that, it isn't the sheriff's fault, it is the fault of he who pulled the trigger.

The silliness that making guns harder, or impossible to get via legislation is just that, silliness. Murder is against the law, he didn't care about that legislation, what makes you think that some law would have prevented him from buying a gun? You can go down South Main Street in WB, Main Street in Edwardsville, or in Kingston on an isolated street a few blocks from the corners and get a gun and preloaded clips, no questions asked. You don't think in the Miami area he wouldn't be able to get the sames just as easily?

He is an unbalanced person, who had his brain chemistry fried and further fucked up by brain butchers who call themselves psychiatrists; a common theme among not only mass shooters, but mass murders who use other weapons. Yet, in place of discipline and self-control, we keep drugging our children's brain while they are developing and then wonder why they do what they do. However, no matter how much damage the medical miscreants did to his developing brain, in the end, he is the one ultimately responsible for his actions.

The need to blame every and anyone else muddles the issue. It is not "gun" violence, it is violence. Violence perpetrated by an individual. We are a violent society that not only condones acts of violence, we cheer them.

On Sunday's during the fall and winter, drooling drunkards sit in front of a television and watch modern day gladiators inflict brain damage on others. Worse, on Friday nights we have parents cheering the infliction of violence by or on their very own children. And yet, we ask why are we violent?

We are a society that is repulsed by a nude body on television more than a person committing murder on Facebook live.

We sell and defend video games that emulate rape and murder, games that light up the pleasure centers of the brain giving positive feedback to such acts, but if Janet Jackson's breast is on screen for 1/2 second - we cry havoc.

We make excuses for everything today, from student loan debt, to mortgage defaults, to people's poor health, all in an attempt to excuse poor judgment and dismiss self-reliance and self-responsibility.

We need to stop looking for scapegoats and start assigning responsibility to those who commit crimes or fail at life. Not everyone is a responsible, reasoned, law abiding citizen and there are those who fail at life. That is simply the way it is.

Whether by drug misuse, free passes, poor parenting and/or rewarding violent behavior, we have created generations of monsters in waiting, yet, instead of looking at the cause of the problem, people seek to blame something else, or someone else - that is what is creating an environment where school shootings are now the new normal.

At 10:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

and don't forget humpty trumpty (sat on a wall) getting rid of HJ resolution 40, making it easier for mentally challenged people to get guns.

At 1:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trump obviously often takes what he wants when it comes to women. Maybe he just sexually assaults them, or maybe he gets their consent but nonetheless is taking from his wife that to which she's entitled: his fidelity as a husband. Certainly he's also willing to at least try to take from these women their credibility, as essentially he accuses them all of being liars.

Isn't this also how he treats the entire country? He takes from us our right to have a president who isn't knee-deep in conflicts of interest, in having criminal investigations that are allowed to proceed without undue interference, in not seeing the reputations of important agencies sullied, even in having elections free of foreign meddling.

He's just a piece of shit, plain and simple, and there's nothing that you Trump-lovers are going to be able to say that will excuse your own part in this. Certainly you may be acting on honorable political views as a reason to excuse Trump's failings, but those failings are so severe that your rationale doesn't hold up. At least you could openly admit what are his failings.

Shame on you!

At 4:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lou Barletta + Scott Wagner = Donald Trump = my vote for Bob Casey + Tom Wolf!

At 7:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It appears to be another FBI screw up.
Fucking Bungled Investigations - San Bernadino, Orlando and now this.
Even with a heads up there was no way to stop the evil.

At 7:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"not seeing the reputations of important agencies sullied"

Really, Trump doesn't need to sully the rep of the FBI, another mass murder even after the FBI was tipped off ahead of time; they are doing a good enough job at sullying their own reputation. Not that it has been that great since Waco, Ruby Ridge and abducting Elian Gonzalez

At 12:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

7:24, 1:22 here. I have no problem with criticizing the FBI, or any other agency, when it's deserving. (Your only apt example was Ruby Ridge.)

However, it's an entirely different matter when lies are told about the agency merely to try and get Donald "Aid and Comfort to Russia" Trump and his GOP friends out of the world of hurt that's coming toward them.

At 2:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great insights into the mess in Wyoming!

At 8:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't forget Richard Jewell, The FBI took a hero and unmercifully and unapologetically fucked up his life.


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