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The LuLac Edition #3721, March 5th, 2018


This Thursday a very important program takes place in the community at Wilkes Called. It is called the Front Parch Program helping to protect children from abuse. Here are the details and more information on the United Way Success By 6. 
Success By 6 is a partnership of local businesses, community social service agencies, and county government that is focused on building a comprehensive early childhood system to address the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs of children birth to age 6. Success By 6 is not a program - it is a community-wide initiative, that depends on people in our community (i.e. you) to develop strategies based on local needs to ensure children are ready to learn when they enter school.
Success By 6 is raising awareness about early childhood development. It is improving the delivery of critical services for very young children and their families. It is advocating for public policy that supports the community's youngest children.

Senate candidate Lou Barletta (Photo: LuLac archives)
There has been constant talk about a Lou Barletta-Bob Casey race for the United States Senate. Many people, including me are talking about this as if it is a done deal. But Barletta will have primary opposition. They are; 
Cynthia E. Ayers who is running as a National Security candidate. Cynthia Ayers is currently the Deputy to the Executive Director of the Congressional sponsored Task Force on National and Homeland Security. The focus of the task force is on the national security implications of catastrophic infrastructure failure. The mission is to advise Congress on measures that could be taken to mitigate the threat and ensure our country’s ability to survive in a “grid-down” environment. Ayers has raised under $40,000.
Bobby Lawrence, is a businessman  from south-central Pennsylvania. He’s running on this platform:
Protect and restore Pennsylvanian’s Sovereignty from DC's power elites.
•Work diligently in supporting President Trump’s America First Agenda.
•Strive everyday in every way to protect our personal freedom and individual liberty.
•Restore the American Dream for all Americans. Laurence has raised under $10,000 for his campaign.
Paul Addis, is a businessman from Delaware County. Addis is a first time candidate who has opposed Donald Trump on the travel ban and believes that Republicans should help those less fortunate. Self funding his own campaign, Addis has said he has not voted for Trump, and opposes the Wall. Addis is nearly matching Barletta with 1.4 million.
State Rep. Jim Christiana is dubbing himself as America’s Newest Senator. Well that might take a bit.
Since 2008, Jim Christiana has served as Pennsylvania State Representative. He is committed to openness, transparency, and accountability at all levels of government.
He seems to be making education a priority given what came from his website.
With a heart for education and Pennsylvania’s diverse student population, Christiana has led and supported many efforts benefitting students and the quality of their education. He has the support of GOP heavy hitter Senator Jake Corman. He has raised about $177,000 dollars.
Paul DeLong of Williamsport has not provided much information on his plans, policy, financial or otherwise.
Joseph Vodvarka, a business owner from the Pittsburgh area is making another stare wide run. Here’s what he had to say about why he’s running. The reason that I’m running for US Senate is because America needs a Senator that vividly understands what manufacturers in this country are going through. The biggest problem that we face now is that we have no market for the products we manufacture in America and that is due to our current system of trade, which is free trade. The original intent from the politicians that got us into these trade agreements was that it was going to create manufacturing jobs in America; that it was going to be a huge selling opportunity to the rest of the world. However, since then it has been nothing but a job killer with 1/3 of the manufacturing jobs in this country lost over the past decade and a trade deficit with many of the countries it trades with!.
Vodvarka has had issues getting on ballots in the past. The same may happen again.
Barletta seems to have an easy path given this field. The only fly in his ointment I see is if Addis spends a lot of money against Lou, forcing him to respond in kind. Given the state of the current Republican party in Pennsylvania, Addis is running to the polar opposite of policy. But if Barletta has to spend money, then that might weaken him for the fall against Casey.


Sue Henry has won the Jeff Tellis Outstanding Advisor Award. The award is from The Intercollegiate Broadcasting System It is is trusted experienced resource for over 75 years for information, action, and help with college radio, TV, webcasting, podcasting, streaming, and high school radio. Jeff Tellis.  Jeff's unselfish enthusiasm for broadcasting and young broadcasters is his legacy. Like Sue, his willingness to give of his time and energies has helped countless aspiring students to live their dreams.


At 11:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to love Sue Henry until Steve Corbett told me she was racist and homophobic, I was afraid to listen to her after that.

At 2:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Barletta only knows that he star is hitched to Trump's.

Uh oh . . .

At 8:46 AM, Blogger David Yonki said...

I used to love Sue Henry until Steve Corbett told me she was racist and homophobic, I was afraid to listen to her after that.


You believe everything you hear?

At 6:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Steve Corbett said it, it must be true.


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