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The LuLac Edition #3756, April 12th, 2018

Speaker Paul Ryan (Photo: CNN)
Paul Ryan’s resignation was no surprise at all. Ryan who used wanting to see his family as an excuse (and with him I can give him a pass, especially after losing his own father when Paul was a boy of 16 )is playing the long game. A few things here.
1. Ryan has a set of accomplishments that he can point to as a bonafide conservative. He passed a tax cut that he has been yearning for over a very long time. Plus his opposition to immigration as well his backing of other Conservative talking points puts him in good shape should he decide to run again. That will make him strong with the Conservative base.
2. He is known nationally. At this point he doesn’t want to become a target in the 2018 elections. You can bet Democrats will savage his stance on hot button issues like Social Security and the tax cuts. By walking away, he can avoid that barrage. He still might get attacked but it won’t stick. 
3. For years, Ryan has said he would get rid of the debt. Bragged about it, said it was his life's work. But he leaves as the Speaker who along with this party and President blowing the debt sky high. He did the very opposite of whet he started out to do. Now, he's washing his hands of the bad policy he wrought.Good politics, bad policy. Those children he'll get time to spend with will be paying that off for years. Mixed legacy here, no?
4. Most importantly, here's this. Ryan is a young man and can be President if he wants to be. But he can’t do it nationally with moderates if he is associated with Trump. He is joining other Republicans who feel they should step back from what Trump has turned the Republican party into. When Trump implodes and he will, these guys, Ryan, Flake, Corker will be far away. Ryan and as any smart politico knows all too well that at some point, their association with Trump will tarnish them.
Ryan is getting out while the getting is good. He’s enjoying his family and watch, at some point, a few years from now, maybe 8 or so, he’ll be helping to pick up the pieces of what this administration did to his party and his country.

Congressman Lou Barletta (Photo: LuLac archives)
Congressman Lou Barletta issued the following statement regarding the retirement of Speaker of the House Paul Ryan:
“I have often said that Speaker Ryan has one of the toughest jobs in politics. Honestly, herding cats would be easier than trying to maintain order in a legislative body with so many strong opinions that go in so many different directions. Despite the challenges of his position, he has always treated people fairly during his time as Speaker, and has tirelessly served the people of Wisconsin as their representative in Congress for the past 20 years.
“As the father of four daughters, I have great respect for Speaker Ryan’s decision to make his family his priority and understand his desire to be an active part of his children’s lives as they grow up. As all parents know, it is a special time we never get to relive. I wish him and his family all the best in the next chapter of their lives.”

There is word that ex FBI Director has compared President Trump to a mob boss. That news came out in the preview to his upcoming media tour across the country. Look, I get Comey wants to strike while the iron is hot in terms of selling a book. But this can only polarize the country with Mr. Trump taking to twitter and terrifying his clueless base of minions on what otherwise might be very true facts regarding this sad excuse of not only a President but a human being.


Wagner and Bartos (Photo Wagner campaign)

2018 gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner today was flanked by his running mate Jeff Bartos, Pennsylvania Republican Party Chairman Val DiGiorgio and Vice Chairwoman Bernie Comfort, and other grassroots conservative leaders to announce that he has a commanding lead and growing support with just over five weeks until the primary election.
The new poll, which was conducted by McLaughlin and Associates, “Indicates why Paul Mango has resorted to running a vicious attack ad containing character smears that has backfired with Republican voters,” said Wagner’s campaign Manager, Jason High. “He has no other path to victory.”
“I’m honored that my message to change the status quo in Harrisburg is being overwhelmingly embraced by Pennsylvanians across the Commonwealth,” said Wagner. “Together we have big challenges to tackle, including balancing our budget, eliminating property taxes, rolling back regulations, and addressing the opioid and skilled labor crises facing our Commonwealth. For the next few weeks I will focus my campaign on those issues so we can hit the ground running to defeat Tom Wolf in the general election.”
“If you want to know why Paul Mango is up with that vile ad smearing Scott Wagner’s character, look no further than this poll,” said Jeff Bartos. “Scott has a commanding lead and Mr. Mango is plummeting in every category imaginable. This is because there’s only one candidate in the race running a substantive campaign about the people of Pennsylvania. In a failed attempt to favorably contrast his own character with Scott’s, Paul Mango’s attacks have backfired and Republican voters see Scott as the best person to rise to the challenge of taking on Tom Wolf this fall.”
Chairman Val DiGiorgio added, “These polling numbers are the latest sign that the Pennsylvania Republican Party endorsed team of Scott Wagner and Jeff Bartos is the clear frontrunner in the race to take on, and ultimately defeat, the most liberal Governor in America, Tom Wolf. Their message has garnered support from a wide array of viewpoints from within the party and, given this coalescence around the endorsed team, it is time for the Republican Party to show that we are strongest in achieving our shared goals when we are united. (Wagner campaign)

Paul Mango, seen here with Diana Irey Vaughan. (Photo: Sunbury Item)

Paul Mango has been giving the state wide GOP fits. Particularly Scott Wagner. If Tom Wolf was an nontraditional Democrat in '14, Mango is looking to up the ante. Mango's pick for the second spot is interesting. Diana Vaughan was seeking the Republican Party’s nomination for lieutenant governor on her own. But then, she and Mango joined together despite running in separate elections. Mango it seems has a strategy in mind here. He has to know that not all Republican women walk in lockstep and condone the President’s terrible behavior. Plus Mango’s staff, in reaction to the Wagner press conference has doubled down and said they will keep on running the ads against the York businessman. The party now has a full blown war with Wagner, hoping to run as the insurgent now defending himself to a businessman. Here's a recap that pretty much says it all. Take a look at this story filed by premier political reporter Jon Deleno.

Wagner has refuted, rejected and reviled the charges. Wagner has gone on the attack against Mango. Political ads that are vicious are nothing new in Pennsylvania. But in this climate of division and fake news, it appears this Republican part is swimming upstream. They seem to be going against the trend of more positivity. The beneficiary here is Tom Wolf who has had a somewhat decent record but has not been able to do as much as he promised. The more these guys go at it, the better Wolf looks.


We hear reports that 8th Republican Congressional District candidate will be in the heart of Luzerne and Lackawanna County Friday. Chrin’s ads have been running on radio and TV. He is adopting a well known strategy of introducing himself to the voters in a low key primary election.  Some say this ad might give him a working class image where his roots were. Currently that is being overshadowed by the fact that he has made a lot of money on Wall Street. His opponent, Congressman Cartwright has been telling all who would listen since 2017 of Chrin's Wall Street connections and wealth. Money that political experts say he will not be shy about in opposing established three term Congressman Matt Cartwright. But the Chrin campaign along with local backers want to change that perception. Here's that TV ad.

Chrin is relying on meeting any issues about where he came from head on in terms of his upbringing and hard work ethic. Plus it appears that fundraising is underway for his campaign. The effort is being spearheaded by the dynamos in the 120th District which seems to be the only dominant, energetic arm of both the Luzerne and Lackawnna County GOP. Here's information about that event.



Carmen Ambrosino with host Jim Riley. (Photo: LuLac) 
This week’s guest will be Carmen Ambrosino who will moderate the upcoming Opioid Fact Forum presented the heritage Knights of Columbus Council President John F. Kennedy Council #372.  The Opioid Fact Forum happens on Thursday April 19th at the Pittston Memorial Library.
Tune in Sunday morning at 6 on 94.3 The Talker; 6:30 on 1400-The Game, NEPA's Fox .Sports Radio and 106.7 fm; and at 7:30 on 105 The River.

Carmen Ambrosino,  guest on this week's Sunday Magazine. (Photo: LuLac archives)
Tune in this week as Marcy Kester welcomes Carmen Ambrosino who will be moderating the Opioid Abuse Seminar next Thursday at the Pittston Library. The heritage Knights of Columbus Council President John F. Kennedy Council #372 of Pittston is presenting the event. Show times and stations are: 5:00AM - Nash 93.7 5:45AM - 97.1 BHT, 6:00AM - WARM-AM and 97.9X and 6:20Am - Magic 93.


ECTV Live host welcomes Mark Murphy and Brandi Christiano to the program during the week of April 16th to review Earth Day related projects at and around the University of Scranto.
ECTV Live can be seen on Comcast channel 19 (61 in some areas) and is aired during the Noon, 6pm and Midnight hours each day of the week. Following Monday's Live program the show will become available on Electric City Television's YouTube channel which can be viewed on your computer.


Want to hear some great parodies on the news? Tune in to WILK Radio at 6:40 and 8:40 AM on Mondays. As Ralph Cramden used to say, “It’s a laugh riot!”


We join Bobby V in our ecstatic reaction his announce the triumphant return of
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In an event described as "unique in world postal history", the governments of 70 nations simultaneously issued stamps to commemorate World Refugee Year…The Boston Celtics won the NBA championship, beating the St. Louis Hawks 122–103. The Hawks had forced a seventh game two days earlier by beating Boston 105–102…The Boston Celtics won the NBA championship, beating the St. Louis Hawks 122–103. The Hawks had forced a seventh game two days earlier by beating Boston 105–102…

A fisherman in Masan, South Korea, discovered the mutilated body of Kim Chu Yol, a high school student who had been killed during March protests against the fraudulent presidential election. A police tear gas shell was visible in Kim's eye socket, and the outrage against the government's brutality triggered a riot. The violence in Masan was then followed by rioting in other South Korean cities….A fisherman in Masan, South Korea, discovered the mutilated body of Kim Chu Yol, a high school student who had been killed during March protests against the fraudulent presidential election. A police tear gas shell was visible in Kim's eye socket, and the outrage against the government's brutality triggered a riot. The violence in Masan was then followed by rioting in other South Korean cities….Pirates baseball great Roberto Clemente asked that he be referred to in that manner instead of the previous moniker of “Bob” on his cards and in Pirate news releases……in Luzerne Ciunty there is speculation that life long Republican realtor Ed Wideman just might become a Democrat to run for a county office in the future and 58 years ago thi week the number one song in LuLac land and America was “He’ll Have To Go” by Jim Reeves.


At 10:07 PM, Blogger James O'Meara said...

...good analysis on Ryan. Pretty much how I saw it. He’s on hiatus, not retiring.

At 11:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spot on about Ryan. The sensible Republicans are bailing.
Look for a return by Ryan after this disaster.

At 7:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's my thing about Mango/Wagner. Once Wagner started calling Mango "Lying Mango," I thought, Jeez do we need a Trump Junior in Pennsylvania? We're still a month away and anything can happen.

At 5:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Barletta will have plenty of time to spend with his children too come November.


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