Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The LuLac Edition #3808, June 13th, 2018


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1. Your recent articles on Bobby Kennedy were heartfelt and very touching. What was it like to live in that time?

It was combustible. As a teenager, I lived this every day because I was so into politics. Not just me but my friends from grade school. For the first time, I saw division among neighbors and friends. There were people who were for Kennedy and LBJ now siding with Wallace in my neighborhood. Some wanted to give Nixon a chance and then there were others who just adored Bobby Kennedy. That was the holdover effect from JFK.
The year was filled with one monumental story after another. The saving grace was we only had newspapers and three networks. There was virtually no talk radio in this area to speak of.  At least people had a chance to process and digest what happened. It was exciting and scary. The murders of King and Kennedy, young men like JFK, hit people under 25 hard. It was as if the young, good men were being targeted.
All that said, I don’t think I’d trade living through that year for all the money in the world. The events made me a critical thinker at a young age. By the way, in case you missed it, here’s what I said about that year, the day Bobby got shot on WBRE on the 50th anniversary of that day.

2. Your thoughts on LeBron punching the board in the Locker room after Game 1 and jeopardizing his team’s chances?

Passion is a great thing. The guy wants to win. But sometimes the anger of a missed chance gets the better of all of us. LeBron, this super figure proved to be just like the rest of us, human.

3. The Sue Henry deal. Good or bad?

The element of surprise was stunning. Greg Wolovich made an unselfish decision and the timing was right. We’re in for an interesting race in the 121st.

4. What are your thoughts on some of the comments in the local papers regarding Sue’s announcement?

I regard those unedited comments like I do of those I get on LuLac that I won’t publish. The comments on LuLac, even those I won't publish are like Rhodes scholars to what you see in the newspapers. Most of them are loudmouth ingrates who have never tried anything on their own, never got into the arena and hide behind the anonymity of a keyboard. Frankly, I think as much as I do about them as I do diaherria.

5. What do you say to those who say Property Tax reform won’t work because there isn’t enough money?

I tell them that like Eddie Day Pashinski said about health care, “Everyone should have skin in the game”. If the Legislators can find the money for per diems and staff salaries of over $80,000 for hacks, (some, not all) they can find the money to give relief to property tax payers.

6. Do you think Wilkes Barre Mayor Tony George will run for re-election?

All indications are that he will.

7. Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade. Gut punches. Why would people do that to themselves at the top of their game?

Very hard question to answer. We never know what goes on in one’s heart. I feel that just because a person achieves fame and fortune, after getting the perks and baubles, they still are the same person inside that they were in their formative years. The insecurities, the pain, the “I’m not good enough” resides in them no matter how far they moved into the stratosphere. It’s sad and confusing. Plus, it’s maddening.

8. As we get into picnic season, what is your go to hot dog?

We had this question before and we'll give the same answer. Hebrew National and Nathan’s. I save Nathan’s for the 4th of July. Sabretts if we’re in a pinch but I try not to overdo it on the dogs.

9. How about Trump going nuts on Canada?

It’s typical and sad. Plus Larry Kudlow saying that the President was attacked is a joke. Here’s Trump’s personality at work and apparently now the policy of the White House. They can shit on us but if we criticism them with only passing a little wind, they get their litty itty bitty feelings hurt and act like the bully thugs they are. Including Kudlow.

10. Are you a Tony awards guy?

No. I missed De Niro too.

11. In terms of money, how much money do you think Roseanne Barr’s tweet cost?

For her, about 4 million. For the cast and crew, a lot. There’s no going back from this either.

12. That Ben Mankiewicz on TCN, is he related to Frank Mankiewicz, the Press Secretary who announced Bobby Kennedy’s death?
Frank was Ben’s father. Frank Mankiewicz, after RFK’s death ran the McGovern campaign in 1972. I met him briefly in the summer of ’72 in D.C. He was cordial but distracted at the time since our encounter was after the ’72 Convention during the Eagleton crisis and the search for a new Vice Presidential nominee. He was president of National Public Radio from 1977 to 1983, overseeing the creation of Morning Edition and the expansion of the network. He resigned due to a $6 million debt that required NPR to be bailed out by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and member stations. He died in 2014 at the age of 90.

13. Any unusual plans for the summer?

Yes we’re going to Cinemark to see some operas on Wednesday night.


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