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The LuLac Edition #3855, August 13th, 2018


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EDITOR'S NOTE: Our mail box was flooded with questions about the Trump visit earlier this month. We combined them and moved the other questions to September.

1. Did you attend the Trump event earlier this month?

No. I pretty much wouldn’t walk across the street to see him. Even if he was in cuffs which may happen.

2. What was the best part of the speech for you?

Uh when it ended. Also this was brought to my attention, when he was referring to Dave Urban, the guy who ran statewide media for him in 2016, he kept on saying, "Dave, you were  good on TV." That might make a good promo for me and Doctor Sosar on WBRE.

3. Do you think he gave Lou Barletta short shrift?

No. Trump gave Lou a decent chunk of time to state his case. I think Lou rushed and didn’t have to. Trump was in Lou’s backyard and even a rude slob like Trump wouldn’t have the temerity to shut the Senate candidate down. Lou’s problem is that he will have to answer for his enthusiasm in the General for the great leader.

4. Were you surprised at the crowd?

Nope. It’s show, history, jingoism, feel good therapy for the disconnected. It’s interesting to me that many out of towners stopped by to attend the event. The overflow of people who couldn’t get in was fascinating to me too.

5. Do you think it is appropriate to have vendors at the event?

Sure and its encouraging too. I mean say what you want about Trump, he is the President. Having a momento of the affair is a pretty nice thing. I still have my stuff from Pope Benedict's visit to Yankee Stadium in 2008.

6. Your appearance on Pa Live was prescient when you called the speech out as being Trump’s greatest hits. Do you think he was watching?

Yeah right along with Geena Davis as they held hands and said, “Damn we love that Yonki boy!”

7. Who are those people standing behind him and why do they do that?

They are people who get VIP Tickets from the Pennsylvania GOP. It’s almost like a job. Sue Henry candidate for State Representative in the 121st was there along with Kathleen Smith. GOP County GOP Chair Ron Ferrance was there too and got more TV time than Wolf Blitzer and Sean Hannity that night! It is grueling and a commitment. You have to get there hours before, plant yourself and in some cases have sharp elbows.

8. Sleeping Bob. True or not?

Nope. Casey is going to clean Lou up in the debates. But it’s indicative of Trump to call names. That’s what immature thug bullies do.

9. Did Trump’s visit help or hurt Lou?

Hurt. Here’s why. Luzerne County will go for Barletta. The ingrates on SS and Medicare and in many cases on Medicaid who got that stuff from Democratic policies will vote for him but they already got theirs. The party is somewhat strong too in the County. 
But Lou needs help across the state and is low on money. This was an ego trip for an embattled President. It will not do much for Lou statewide but he’ll have some nice video to show his grand kids.

10. Did you hear the rumor that Sue Henry was supposed to get a shout but that you prevented that from happening because of your anti Trump blog?

A rumor is when more than two people talk about it. So I think it’s amusing that a few people think I have that much juice.
Henry as a candidate is lower on the food chain than Senator Baker. I guess according to the people telling you this stuff, I prohibited Baker from getting a shout too! Crazy.

11. Best local TV coverage?

All the locals did a good job. I thought Andy Mehalshcik’s behind the scenes story was exceptional.

12. Was Bob Bolus way out of line for his complaint about the Arena and Secret Service?

Absolutely. He got his itty bitty feelings hurt because the Secret Service and The Arena aren’t impressed with his trucks as much as he is. Bolus does wonderful charitable things but in this matter he was way off base.
The Secret Service is the final judge on this. The safety of the President is a top concern and his complaint is baseless and selfish.

13. Did Luzerne County make news for a good or bad reason?

The good reason is there were no fights, people for the most part acted appropriately.
The bad part was chanting “CNN sucks”. That was only covered and made us look bad because Diaper Don took off on the media calling them fake, enemy of the people, the usual shit he slings.It happened here and we were part of it. As late as Sunday, the networks were replaying clips from Wilkes Barre.


At 1:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's wonderful to see that Barletta will not be able to go as far in politics as he'd hoped. Maybe he needed an issue or two other than oppressing brown people.

At 2:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The poor judgement Sue Henry showed by choosing to visibly stand behind Trump at his rally is all I need to know about her. Supporting such a horrible man who orders children to be ripped from their mother's arms. Really? And the way she sucked up to Barletta and all the Republican politicians on her radio show turned my stomach.


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