Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The LuLac Edition #3989, January 22nd, 2019

Senator Kamalla Harris (Photo: CNN)
Less than two years after being in the Senate, California lawmaker Kamalla Harris threw her hat into the ring for the Democratic nomination for President. She is the THIRD woman to enter the race. Senators Kristen Gillibrand and Elizabeth Warren are the others. Gee, even if Hillary decided to run, would there be any room? It might be a good thing the Democrats didn’t get the Senate in the mid terms because they might be hard pressed to get a quorum with so many Senators running.
In her announcement yesterday on Martin Luther King Junior day, she highlighted Decency. Justice. Truth. Equality. And Freedom. Democracy.
She said, “These aren’t just words: they’re the values we, as Americans, cherish. Right now, they’re all on the line. We face the greatest crisis of leadership we’ve seen in our lifetimes, and powerful voices are filling the void, sowing hate and division among us. We’ve witnessed an Administration that aligns itself with dictators and refers to white supremacists as “very fine people. They’ve torn babies from their mothers’ arms and put children in cages.
They’ve slashed taxes for corporations and the wealthiest among us -- placing the burden on the middle class. They’ve actively fought against efforts to combat climate change. Time and again, they’ve sabotaged our country’s health care. And they’ve attacked our free and independent press at every turn.
We know America is better than this -- but it's on us to build it. We’re going to have to fight for it.”
Some say the Harris candidacy might be bereft of experience on a national level. There used to be a process where nominees came up through the ranks but Barack Obama shattered that belief. Plus with Beto O’Rourke not even winning his last election and having Oprah cheer leading for him already, the old pecking order is now as dead as the dinosaurs.
Harris will bring an interesting perspective to the race. Hopefully for her,  people will notice if the crowded field doesn’t overshadow her.

Congressman Matt Cartwright (Photo: LuLac archives)
Congressman Matt Cartwright is asking for stories about The Affordable Care Act on his website. Here’s the link: https://cartwright.house.gov/share-your-aca-story
With the impotent Congress of Republicans trying their best to kill the ACA, these stories are worth hearing and giving to the Congressman.
If there is an issue, he’d like to know. If there is a success story, he’s certainly like to hear that too.
This act has been demonized by the GOP since its passage in 2009 BUT there are many Americans who like it. And the Republicans have done little to replace it. So it lives and most likely thrives.
Anyway, check it out.


At 3:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just read a right-wing blog that dares Pelosi to try and keep DJT out of the House chambers for the SOTU speech. Although I think the chambers are hers to control, all she really has to do is cut off authority for the television feed. DJT HATES a small crowd.


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