Saturday, November 01, 2008

The LuLac Edition #625, Nov. 1st, 2008



This is the final weekend before the election and in the next few days we will know who will be leading us. Currently Obama seems to have the easiest path to the White House but there can be a surprise from John McCain. The GOPer's tracking polls are saying the race is tightening up. Even our own Governor Ed Rendell has warned against over confidence saying that in every election he's been in the race is always tighter. We shall see. Before the election, we will complete our ELECTION TOP 40 COUNTDOWN with the number 1 issue being THE FUTURE. There my readers will get an indication of where I think this country is headed and who can best lead us. For now, a few predictions, it will tighten up and get more intense. And while it will be closer than most people think, there will be a mandate.



Tom Corbett, Republican seems to be in place for another term though because of an expected get out the vote favoring the Democrats, his foe John Morganelli might have a chance. Marakay Rogers is running as a Libertarian Third Party candidate. No Democrat has held this office since it became an elected one in 1980. Look for Corbett to join the ranks of Leroy Zimmerman, Ernie Preate, and Mike Fisher. (Corbett served as an interim Attorney General in the mid 90s).


Venture capitalist Rob McCord is running as the DEmocratic heir to Bob Casey. He is facing off against Tom Ellis a Republican County Commissioner from Southeastern Pa. and Berlie Etzel, a Constable running on the Libertarian side. Look for McCord to win easily although Ellis has made a presentable media presence.


Running for a second term, Democratic incumbent Jack Wagner has run a good campaign touting his record. Wagner has had statewide exposure previously as Bob Casey's running mate in the 2002 Governor's race. He is opposed by Chet Beiler on the GOP side and Dallas resident Betsy Summers on the Libertarian ticket. Wagner appears o be the favorite and if he and Tom Corbett win their respective races, you just might see a preview of the 2010 Governor's race.


Get that extra hour of sleep tonight, you'll need it for the election countdown in the next few days. Or if you choose, don't sleep, rock around that clock. From YOU TUBE, a unique clock video:


At 7:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I've buried my telephone in the backyard until after the election!
The calls are endless. The first statewide or national politician to offer a bill to put a stop to this crap gets my support. I hope nothing serious happens to a friend or member of the family between now and tuesday cause I am out of touch. Campaign reform is needed on so many levels. By the way,I am a registered Independent!

At 11:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Random Picks from out of nowhere:
President/VP- Obama/Biden
State Reps-Murphy/Boback
Atty Gen-Corbett

Superbowl-Tennessee Titans

Blog Site-Lulac

Cancer vs Yonki-Yonki!


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