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The LuLac Edition #742, Feb. 27th, 2009



WVIA TV aired “The State of Pennsylvania” on Thursday night and I have to tell you it was a heart wrenching hour. Host Bill Kelly interviewed parents of some of the affected children who were victims of the Luzerne County Judicial scandal. One woman held up a photo of her son who had committed suicide. Most disturbing was the fact that some well meaning parents took their child to a Judge to “put the fear of God” in them or mentor them. The problem was they picked the wrong judge! Their children were led away in cuffs. Most of the guests were informative and coherent in their responses. But Citizen’s Voice retiree and columnist Paul Golias was way off base when he said more people should be involved in Crime Watch. The Wilkes Barre Crime Watch has been active in every neighborhood. To say that not many people show up is not the fault of the organizers but the lack of cooperation by city authorities. People are involved in crime watch. The program was well done and proved to be an indictment on the whole Criminal Justice system in this County. Let’s evacuate everyone, blow it to bits and start all over again.


Former Senator Rick Santorum weighed in on Bishop Martino’s comments in an article published in the Philadelphia Inquirer. Santorum defended the prelate saying, Martino is just doing his job. "Many of his brother bishops will look at Martino as they do at other uncompromising defenders of the faith, worrying about the world's reaction. As a Philly guy, though, his excellency knows something about being booed. He also knows his job and calling: to be the good shepherd who faithfully leads and protects his flock from those who would lead them astray, " noted the ex Senator. Santorum also appeared on the Sue Henry show Thursday.


How does that sound when referring to the place you live? A lawsuit filed by The Juvenile Law Center in Philadelphia has joined a growing number of legal firms in filing a class action lawsuit against parties involved in the Luzerne County juvenile court scandal. The lawsuit would be a a major nightmare for the local Chamber of Commerce if it did any work. The suits say the judges and other defendants conspired to perpetrate "what ranks as one of the largest and most serious violations of children's rights in the history of the American legal system. The stories of the individual children and their parents who appeared before Judge Ciavarella are haunting, depicting an imperious judge who was operating completely outside the bounds of law, exhibiting only a callous disregard for the children who appeared before him," Marsha Levick, chief legal counsel for the Law Center said in a prepared statement.


Crap! I knew I should never have ventured into Broadcast Sales in the 90s. I could’ve been a Bible Salesman and my biggest customer would be the Pennsylvania State Legislature.
Despite financial woes, the General Assembly bought 220 Bibles and other holy books including Torahs and Qurans for legislators taking the oath of office last month. The Philadelphia Inquirer reported Thursday that taxpayers footed the bill, about $13,700.
The state House chief clerk and Senate secretary say a tradition of giving incoming legislators a personalized holy book dates back for decades. State Rep. Dan Frankel says he has received six copies of the Torah since first being elected in 1998. The Pittsburgh Democrat points out that the cost is trivial compared with state spending of more than $28 billion. But Frankel says when everybody is trying to conserve, perhaps lawmakers should be asked to bring their own scripture. Good for you Dan! There is a budget shortfall and a moron like you should realize that every little bit helps.


John C. Cordora, 55, has announced his candidacy for Mayor of Kingston. He will run in the May 19th Spring Primary election. The candidate states he has been involved as a community activist since 1979 and considers himself a Reagan-Conservative. The candidate said the centerpiece of his campaign will be the lack of crime prevention in Kingston by the Haggerty administration over the last 12 years. Cordora said, “I have a common sense aggressive plan to reduce crime in Kingston and I only want one term to prove it”. Cordora was a former member of the Republican State Committee from 1988 to 1990. He plans a fundraiser on March 19th, at the American Legion Post 395 from 7pm to 10pm. Cost is $20.00 a person. The candidate is not accepting any corporate checks or donations above $250.00.


Former President Dwight David Eisenhower finally ends his lobbying campaign among the GOP leadership to secure the nomination for President for his brother Milton. Party leaders conclude that the pick would smack of nepotism……Meanwhile in New Hampshire, Henry Cabot Lodge’s write in campaign is being regarded as a joke with front runners Barry Goldwater on the right and Nelson Rockefeller on the left battling it out…..Maine Senator Margaret Chase Smith campaigns as an under dog as the first female Legislator running for the top job… Pennsylvania Senator Joseph Clark calls for U.S. Senatorial Michael Musmanno to leave the State Supreme Court or withdraw from the Senate race. Clark says the jurist is violating basic tenets of judicial rules by campaigning for another office. Clark also endorsed the Jurist’s primary opponent, State Secretary of Internal Affairs Genevieve Blatt saying she would have a much better chance of besting GOP Senator Hugh Scott in the fall campaign……………in Luzerne County, a hearing on the deportation of Russell Bufalino of Kingston was recessed until March 23rd. Bufalino, a Pittston drapery manufacturer was ordered deported in 1958. The reason was he concealed his Italian birth in connection with two trips to the Bahamas and Cuba. Bufalino was instructed to bring all financial records with him to the March 23rd hearing………….and 45 years ago this week, the number 1 song in LuLacland and America was once more a Beatles song called “P.S. I Love You”.


At 1:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Santorum and Sue together again.
They are perfect for each other and poor Rick finds himself without a forum otherwise.

Taylor Jack

At 10:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rick WHO ???

At 3:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are getting quite an edge to your commenrtary. Are they torking you off that much or do you need a vacation?

At 4:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Bishop from hell is at it again! He is releasing more of his letters from the mountaintop, but still refuses to come down and visit with the common people. Lets see if he keeps his threat to close the cathedral now that the Irish Women are featuring members of the Biden family for St Pats Day. Way to go Evie for booking the ladies for the event! The area and the country have two professed Catholics in positions of power, Joe Biden and Bob Casey and this megalamaniac is after them both!
Taking on these two families of character is simply offensive! Why dont you follow up on pedophile priests and the damage they have done and are probably continuing to do, your Bishopness? How about gay priests as I am sure there are some you can use your majestic powers on? I ask again, does this "holy man" ever offer anything positive?
I wonder how he feels about Jews and the Holocast. Humility and compassion are completely absent from his thoughts and actions. Remember, sir, you too will have a judgement day! As the Nazi judges
learned and the Luzerne County judges will, flamboyant ceremonial
robes cant cover your ass forever!

At 8:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder is 4:52AM up all night or does he/she start the day early. Either way I agree with what he has to say. The Bishop needs counseling and probably medication. He wants to close most churches, bar the doors of others and refuse communion to people who at least come to church. Good plan when the flock is already dwindled. Losing sheep does not a good sheperd make. Running them off is another thing altogether!
After it is the house of the Lord.


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