Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The LuLac Edition #732, Feb. 18th, 2009



The Governor's office announced that Luzerne County Judge Mark Ciavarella’s seat will not be on the ballot in this year’s election because he had not resigned from office prior to the required deadline to place the seat up for election. What this means is that Rendell will appoint a person to serve in Ciavarella’s position on an interim basis once Ciavarella quits. That person has to be confirmed by the Senate and will serve until the full, 10-year seat comes up for election. Judicial seats are open in odd-numbered election years, which means Ciavarella’s full term won’t be placed on the ballot until 2011.

AN $800,000 MISTAKE

Remember Judge Conahan's brother in law Frank Vita? He was the
psychologist who got $800,000 in contracts from the County to evaluate people in the court system. (Now to me, and this is a personal opinion, I think most psychologists are full of crap and have no idea what they are doing. To me, they are a pompous lot who couldn't get a real job in the private sector if their life depended on it. But I digress). Anyway, it turns out that Paul McGarry, a high-ranking court official who used to run the Luzerne County probation department, put at risk more than $800,000 in state reimbursements by signing invalid contracts with the good doctor. A state department of Welfare Audit alleges that McGarry ignored protocol by entering into one-page agreements with the psychologist. The rub here is that there was no approval of the county commissioners. It seems to me McGarry is caught in a crossfire, if he didn't have to do it before because the Courthouse, prior to Petrilla taking over was run like an amateur hour, then he should bear no responsibility. But if he did it out of expendiency, then Steve Urban's contention that there should be reimbursement to the county holds water. But let us not forget that this was part of the culture of the Judiciary at the time and it's tough to say no to a brother-in law of a Judge. Doesn't excuse it, just might explain it.


Steve Corbett's newest crusade on WILK is to start a movement to impeach Jill Moran as Prothonotary. Tune in 3pm to 7pm to hear his latest take on the County Corruption cases.


Want to be a candidate for the Home Rule Commission? There's a meeting Thursdsy night at 7PM at the The Organizing Center, 198 South Main Street, Wilkes Barre, Pa. Here's the perfect candidate according to the committee, the person needs to be:
Open minded.
Willing to make the significant time commitments to the campaign for the GSC and the GSC itself.
Willing to host an information session to inform the public about Home Rule and the GSC.
Not currently on the county payroll.
Not on record making negative statements about current county officials or tendering an opinion about the ideal form of government for Luzerne County. Does that rule out bloggers?
Not interested in running for county office beyond the GSC.
GSC stands for Government Study Commission.


At 3:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Late Night Rambles

I know you will get around to baseball, but I wanted to comment on the A-Rod situation. The only guy left who hasn't come up dirty is Ken Griffey and I sincerely hope he stays that way and goes into the Hall of Fame as a Mariner.
The Major League Home Run Kings are Roger Maris single season and Henry Aaron career. Should A-Rod pass Aaron the Champion will remain Mr Aaron!

Ramblin Jack

At 7:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

...and while we're impeaching Ms. Jill...don't forget to vote for Walter Griffith in the Primary. He'll be a Prothonotary that actually DOES something for the taxpayer!

At 12:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now His Holiness Bishop Martino has threatened to close the Cathedral and not allow a St Patricks Days Mass! Good move your Bishopness. Youre staying on track
and your plan to run off the few remaining catholics continues to develope. Can we impeach this self centered bastard? Plus in this case like the coward he is, he uses Auxiliary Bishop Dougherty to do his dirty work.

At 3:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Walter Griffith is not goingt orun for Prothonotary...He is running for County Controller...I am a watchdog and advocate of the taxpayers not a paper shuffler or Attorney...I will be a FULL TIME CONTROLLER AND A FISCAL WATCHDOG AS WELL...

" By Their works you will know them "
for Change in government vote to change it by electing Walter L Griffith Jr

Walter Griffith Jr
County Controller Candidate


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