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The LuLac Edition #767, Mar. 27th, 2009



ABC TV's 20/20 tonight will showcase the Judicial scandal right here in Luzerne County. Like it or not, we are again in the national spotlight and are at the mercy of the perception of the national media. The Times Leader provides a text version of tonight's broadcast at this link: The posting includes a preview of the broadcast that is scheduled to air during the program that begins at 10 p.m.


The State Supeeme Court approved a judge’s recommendation that would eeliminate the criminal records of all juveniles charged with certain minor offenses who appeared before Judge Mark Ciavarella over a five-year period. Senior Judge Arthur Grim, made that recommendation. Grim was appointed as a master by the Supreme Court in February to review cases that were heard by Ciavarella. The former Judge is awaiting sentencing on a guilty plea for accepting kickbacks in exchange for decisions and rulings that led to use of privately owned juvenile detention centers.
While this is good news for those children denied their rights, the Citizen's Voice had an interesting letter to the editor today. Take a look at this:
Editor: How do we manage to do this to ourselves? It makes me angry how we all jump on the bandwagon blindly and fail to realize the consequences of our actions. Yes, the judges in this valley were corrupt in erroneously sending a certain percentage of teens to the detention center. And for that, the judges should be severely punished. However, do we not get it? These kids were sent before the judges for a reason. Where is the parents’ responsibility in enforcing discipline so that these kids did not have to encounter the judicial system? It is a crying shame what I saw on the front page, it was very disturbing. I saw the expression of a teen’s face getting satisfaction of being exonerated for getting drunk (on more than one occasion) and throwing stones at a neighbor. And there we are defending this behavior.No wonder kids these days don’t take responsibility and accountability for their actions. Wake up everyone. Not all the kids sent before these judges were angels, they were there for a reason. And now you are making all these kids feel as if none of them belonged there and that their behaviors are acceptable. How sad. If you fail to punish kids for mistakes they make, how will they ever know the difference from right and wrong? Don’t look at your lawsuits as this is your golden ticket to money. Maybe instead, invest the money directly into a trust fund to pay for your kids’ college tuition. Because with the attitude you parents are taking, your kids don’t have a chance.They will never respect authority, and only you are to blame. If you don’t teach your kids accountability for their actions, this world will be a very sad place. And there is no judge you will be able to blame then, only yourself as a parent that failed to teach their kids responsibility and morals.
L. Flower
A Parent and Teacher


It looks like still another investigation is going on at the Courthouse. This time regarding that health care coverage for two former Prison Board members, Whister Yuhas and Robert Payne. Luzerne County solicitor Vito DeLuca has made known that he will refer his internal investigation to law enforcement if it is determined insurance fraud may have been committed. All application forms for health-care coverage include a warning that knowingly trying to defraud any insurance company is a crime.


With secretaries in the County earning twice what County Commissioners make, there are many calling for an upgrade in county row office salaries. However in Wilkes Barre, political activist Linda Stets Urban is calling for a reduction in wages for the Mayor and City Council members. Stets, who ran against Mayor Leighton in 2007, sent this e mail missive.
Something has to be done to REDUCE the mayor and city council members salaries in WB........The major and most relaible tax base for the city coffers.........should not be us! Our city neighborhoods are a mess yet the elected city officials SIT on their ass's contining to COLLECT outrageous salaries....... (not to mention their other routes of incomes)We need to modify the city Charter and now......Do you KNOW that Mayor Leighton earns TWICE as much as a County Commissioner? YES! That has to stop.Public service wasn't meant to be like hitting the lottery. Imagine running an entire county and then compare that to running WB?


Merv Griffen’s game show Jeopardy! debuts on NBC; Art Fleming is its first host.......
The military backed by the USA, overthrows Brazilian President João Goulart in a coup, starting 21 years of dictatorship in Brazil.... Mrs. Malcolm Peabody, 72, mother of Massachusetts Governor Endicott Peabody is released on $450 bond after spending 2 days in a St. Augustine, Florida jail, for participating in an anti-segregation demonstration....Statewide, former Philadelphia Mayor Richardson Dilworth commented that Governor William Scranton’s reform of the State Unemployment Compensation system could give him a leg up in the 1964 Presidential sweepstakes. Dilworth cited the reform as proof Scranton could revamp an ingrained governmental agency. The comments came as a bit of surprise given the bitter 1962 race that pitted Dilworth vs. Scranton……..The 1964 Phillies announce that veteran Roy Sievers will be their starting first baseman. He was the 1949 Rookie of the year and would be traded to Washington one month into the season..Kresge’s in Downtown Wilkes Barre sold cushion foot sox for 39 cents a pair, 3 for a $1.15……Elaine Matinas of Pringle received a thank you letter and photo from Jackie Kennedy. Matinas had sent a sympathy card to the White House on the death of President Kennedy…..and 45 years ago this week, in LuLac land and all across America the number 1 song was again by the Beatles. This time, “Can’t Buy Me Love” topped the charts.


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You stink!
Your blog stinks!
Go to hell!!!
Thank you.

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Yonk! Thanks for including that letter from the Voice. It is true these kids were denied representation and that was wrong. But too many parents are going to use it as an excuse for their lack of parenting skills. Just like that lady on TV with her daughter from Wyoming County. Someone looked to have a baby bump in that news shot last night. I'm just saying.....

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Really getting tire of 1:08's venom spewing every other day. Enough of the asshole and his 15 minutes of fame. I'm really getting tire of reading his crap. I'd rather not read the blog any more than see his stupid comments. Enough is enough! You're just feeding him.

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Feel like I'm on acid trying to read the blog today. How's about fixing your text.

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agree on the text, wtf?

and while some of those in front of the judge deserved what they got, if one was punished wrongly and obvisiouslymore than one was, that is too too much....


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