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The LuLac Edition #865, July 2nd, 2009



Nearly 30 years ago, Bob Kulick was a hot prospect in the Democratic party. A former Staff member of Congressman Dan Flood, Kulick ran for State Representative in the seat vacated by Ray Musto when the former ran for Congress. Kulick was defeated in that 1980 election but remained a type of politico without portfolio in the Democratic party. Through the years there has been controversy but he always seemed to survive it. Certainly friends in the Democratic party never deserted him attending his annual Christmas soirees at his Bear Creek home. Kulick was regarded as a “player” of some sort. Much to the chagrin of some people, he still carries that reputation today. Except that now he is not shy about his associations. Robert Kulick testified for nearly two hours about meetings he held with former Luzerne County Judge Michael T. Conahan at a hearing over allegations that Conahan engaged in case fixing in a defamation verdict against The Citizens' Voice. Kulick testified that he and crime boss William D'Elia held numerous meetings with Conahan. He said that D'Elia claimed Conahan had assured him that the outcome of the defamation case would be postiive for the plaintiff. Kulick claimed he had met several times with Conahan to ask him to intervene in several court cases involving friends of Kulick. Kulick testified that several of his meetings with Conahan, often took place at Perkins restaurant in Wilkes-Barre. It was learned that the confabs were photographered by an undercover police officer. Meanwhile D’Elia invoked his Fifth Amendment right not to testify about the allegations that he conspired with two former Luzerne County judges to fix a $3.5 million defamation verdict against The Citizens’ Voice in a story written by reported Ed Lewis. Conahan and former county court administrator William T. Sharkey Sr. also took the fifth. A Luzerne County security guard says she was the conduit of some sort of information between D’Elia and the Judges. Patricia Benzi said she met D’Elia and Conahan through her friendship with businessman Robert Kulick. Benzi said she would meet D’Elia in the employee parking lot of the Luzerne County Courthouse to obtain the 8 1/2-by-11 envelopes. She never questioned what was inside. The paper's attorneys claim Conahan helped rig the defamation verdict in a suit filed by Mountain Top businessman Tom Joseph. It is alleged Conahan intervened with Sharkey to assign the case to Mark A. Ciavarella Jr., another former judge who is Conahan's co-defendant in a bribery case involving the Juvenile Detention Center.


Robert Powell pleaded guilty to charges of accessory after the fact and misprision of a felony Wednesday in federal court in Scranton. The charges stem from a plea agreement filed in June where Powell acknowledged he knew that former Luzerne County judges Michael Conahan and Mark Ciavarella were committing crimes, but he failed to report those activities, as required by law, to federal authorities. The Hazleton attorney will be sentenced later in the year.


Maybe I'm Amazed
that it has been one week since Michael Jackson’s death and he hasn’t been buried yet. Even more amazing is that there seems to be no concrete plans to inter him. Even in death, chaos followed the gloved one.
Maybe I’m Amazed that in this workforce today, basic, simple gestures of kindness and professionalism become the subject of a radio ad. A local hospital and call center have a thing called “Movers and Shakers” where they salute an employee for volunteering at a charity event and then working their shift right after it. Or having someone sleep in a hospital room because the roads were bad during a snow storm. I mean c’mon, do you have to salute this type of stuff? Call them heroes? I mean that kind of devalues the word hero doesn’t it? At one place I worked, they nominated a woman for an award because she took over a class for another woman because the scheduled trainer that day called in sick. Gave her a gift certificate, picture on the company website and who knows maybe mowed her lawn. ALL SHE DID WAS TAKE OVER A CLASS BECAUSE SOMEONE, ONE OF HER FELLOW DEPARTMENT WORKERS CALLED OUT SICK! She did what she was supposed to do as a co worker and professional. These are not “movers and shakers”, they haven’t created a cancer vaccine, cured a disease or did CPR on anyone. They just did the mundane things people are supposed to do for each other. Jeez!
Maybe I’m Amazed that Governor Mark Sanford has not yet shut up about his affair. Take it from me, when the main person in your life, ie his wife, forgives you, takes you back and doesn’t come after you in the middle of the night with cutlery, thank your lucky stars, shut your mouth and don’t say another word about it to anyone. You got a major break, take it and try to blend in. I equate Sanford’s recent babbling to a guy walking into an undertaker’s convention wearing a lime green suit!
Maybe I’m Amazed that poor little Chaz Passeri is annoyed because he is being denied alcohol rehabilitation. This is the same kid who drove drunk and was arrested. Then when he was out on bail, alcohol was again found in his car. So he was remanded to jail again. Little baby boy is saying the reason that this is happening is because of his last name, implying I guess that the courts in Lackawanna County have it in for Italians. Then his mommy says he is the NEPA equivalent to Britney Spears! Momma protects and enables little baby boy, we understand this demented parental logic but why insult poor Britney?
Maybe I’m Amazed that pit bulls are allowed to run free in Luzerne County. And that these dogs are weapons used by drug dealers to scare off fellow associates and maim police when they try to make a bust.
Maybe I’m Amazed that when a man’s 11 year old dog was eaten and chewed up by two wild roaming pit bulls on the new River common, no statement came from the Mayor’s office. Nothing. If it were a child attacked and maimed, I’m sure the Mayor would have…….what the hell am I talking about……..... he wouldn’t have. Silly me.
UPDATE 07/02/09 3:48PM
This afternoon Mayor Tom Leighton issued a statement through a release on the pit bull attack on a dog this past Monday. We thank Leighton for the statement and the concern. Here’s what he said,
“The unfortunate incident that occurred on Monday, June 29, involving the mauling of a pet dog by vicious, off-the-leash dogs has undoubtedly distressed residents in the City of Wilkes-Barre and visitors to the River Common,” Leighton said. “Wild, uncontrollable dogs create unsafe environments and threaten those around them, including passersby, members of law enforcement and other animals. I have listened to the public’s concerns and would like to assure everyone that the City of Wilkes-Barre and the Wilkes-Barre Police Department are doing everything we can – within the confines of Pennsylvania State law - to prevent and respond to dangerous dog attacks,” Leighton said.
Maybe I’m Amazed
that with the obvious need for health care reform in this country, the scare tactics are again coming out from the vested interests who have gouged people with premiums for years.
Maybe I’m Amazed that there is $50,000 missing from the Luzerne County Probation Office. The money was earmarked from DUI fines and no one can find it. I’m not surprised at the ineptness because it is an office under the auspices of Luzerne County government in Luzerne County. Folks, sorry to do this to you again but I’m going to keep on adding it every time something like this happens or until it sinks in:


At 2:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about a contrasting opinion. I'm a dog lover. That dog certainly didn't deserve to be attacked and killed. The owner of the attacking dogs should be caught and prosecuted.
But let's ramp this up a notch. Do you honestly think that every time two dogs get into a fight in New York City Mayor Bloomberg should issue a statement? Maybe call a news conference? Break into network programming for bulletins?
I think the dog owner expressing his disappointment all over WILK radio this morning should lower his expectations a bit. I know, I know: after years in tv. "ARE WILD PACKS OF DOGS THREATENING YOUR KIDS AS THEY WALK IN WILKES-BARRE? DETAILS AT ELEVEN."
Uh ... prob'ly not!

At 3:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like dogs. Weve had a Boxer, a
couple of German Shepards and a
Golden Retreiver. We have an invisible fence around the yard and that has worked well for us for years. Otherwise the dog is on a leash. (The dog next door occasionally escapes and my dog helps round him up.) Folks in my neighborhood watch out for their
animals. Its up to the owners just like its up to the parents!
I dont like the risk a Pit Bull
brings. They could be lovable I'm sure, but animals can snap at any second and they are breed to react
aggressively. The dead dog could have been a child! Weve got to deal with "worst case scenarios" when our kids are involved.
A statement from the Mayor? Perhaps, but the Mayor of WB doesnt seem big on statements.
With the County already gone to the dogs, maybe he is just happy to stay under the radar whenever he can.
Dogs are a responsibility. Accept that or dont get a dog of any kind.

At 4:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice update on Mayor Leighton's statement. You once more demonstrate why you are regarded as one of the most fair and objective (except when it comes to Geena Davis) writers on the net.


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