Saturday, July 24, 2010

The LuLac Edition #1245, July 24th, 2010



Judge Michael Conahan pleaded guilty in Federal Court Friday. I had the opportunity to talk to a contemporary of the Judge from his home area.
Q: What are the thoughts of those people who knew him?
A: Obviously disappointed. But most people are numb. They seem to just want closure, an end. I mean this has been going on for a couple of years now.
Q: Former Judge Conahan won a few elections in this county. He had been highly regarded thus he wouldn’t have won right?
A: Not really, Mike has always been a polarizing figure. A fellow that some people say had too many breaks, took too many chances.
Q: Do you think the people of Hazleton feel disappointed in what became of him?
A: I think there is a tiny amount of sympathy for him but I don’t think the town is hanging its head in shame over one guy’s misdeeds.
Q: Did you vote for him every time, support him?
A: I voted for him the first time, supported him the second time because it was the smart thing to do.

Q: Interesting. You won't tell me whether you voted for him for retention, but yet you said you supported him? Care to elaborate?
A: Nope.
Q: If you had to give an analysis of why he did this could you provide it?
A: That’s tough but I think the bottom line is he saw an opportunity. He had a partner Mark Ciavarella who I think was a true believer in being tough on Juvenile offenders. Then there were other things put before him and he took the chance on it.
Q: Taking a chance on crime? Isn’t that kind of risky?
A: Most crimes are risks. You never think you’re ever going to get caught. I think he thought he was so insulated that nothing could touch him.
Q: He was wrong though.
A: Big time. But knowing of Mike, he’ll survive. He’s a tough bird.
Q: He’ll have to be going to jail.
A: Oh yeah.


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