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The LuLac Edition #1241, July 19th, 2010



I am so sick and tired of the national GOP blow harding, penny pinching modern day Scrooges talking about the future of our children and grandchildren when talking about the debt. These were the same guys who gave huge tax breaks to the rich and couldn’t pay for them. These are the same people who spent 30 billion dollars a month on a war in Iraq. Now they are worried about the deficit when unemployment benefits have to be extended? Where did these people come from? Who do they represent? How, how do they sleep at night? David Gregory from “Meet the Press” tried to get an answer out of Senator Jess Sessions on “Meet the Press”. What will they cut? Social Security? Medicare? Milk for kids? Like the coward that he is, Sessions couldn’t even dance around the answers. Pathetic. Only cowards hide behind the phrase, “It’s for the kids”.


Congressman Paul Kanjorski accepted an invitation from public
broadcast station, WVIA-TV to debate his Republican opponent, Lou Barletta, in an hour-long forum on Thursday, October 28 at 7 PM. "It's been a tradition for me to debate in every competitive campaign I have competed in," said Kanjorski. "Moreover, my congressional debates have traditionally been on Channel 44 whose coverage area includes my whole district. I'm sticking with that this year." He added that voters should have the chance to review the distinct choices between him and his Republican opponent on the issues of jobs, health care and financial reform. "A debate is one way the weigh those choices," Kanjorski said. Kanjorski did not rule out the possibility of other venues for additional debates this year, but said for now this is the only one he's decided upon.


If you are managing Congressman Kanjorski’s Town Hall Phone Meetings, you don’t want to call Mayor Barletta. Earlier this month, 26-year incumbent Paul Kanjorski announced he would not hold any public town meetings. Instead, Kanjorski will use tax dollars to host tele-town meetings so he does not have to face his constituents. Despite several requests, Kanjorski refuses to disclose how much these calls are costing the taxpayers or what voters he is targeting with these calls. “Most self-respecting congressmen hold in-person town meetings to allow their constituents to come and hear firsthand from their elected representative and to express their satisfaction or dissatisfaction face to face. Whether or not people turn out is the individual’s choice. Kanjorski's phone calls force the taxpayer to pay for them whether they plan to listen or not,” said Shawn Kelly, spokesman for the congressional campaign of Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta. “A few weeks ago, Kanjorski said meeting with 25 or 50 of his constituents would ‘blow a half a day or a full day’ and was just not worth it. Kanjorski should come clean and let his constituents know how much they are paying for his telemarketing. First he ignores his constituents by refusing to meet with them at town halls, then he insults them by saying they are not worth his time, and now he is forcing them to pay for his telemarketing campaign so he can hide from his bad votes and failed policies,” Kelly continued. “The unemployed deserve to know why Kanjorski’s $800 billion stimulus plan didn’t work. Seniors deserve to know why Kanjorski cut $500 billion from Medicare. They won’t be able to ask Kanjorski those questions during these carefully screened, scripted, and taxpayer-funded telemarketing calls,” Kelly added.
One thing I need to take issue with on this release. The unemployed benefited from the Stimulus bill by getting reduced health care and extended job benefits (which are in peril now because of the national party of "no") and job training programs.


At 2:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Sixty in June. Thirty Nine so far in July. That is the number of American Troops who have been killed in Afghanistan in the past month and a half. Ninety Nine Dead Americans who we sent to die, and we dont even talk about it. It's hardly in the news. Sec of State Clinton just delivered a half billion dollars for the "war effort" in the hopes of turning things around! Jesus Christ, people
its not going to turn around! For the love of all that we claim to care about, could we stop sending our Sons and Daughters to die in this Godforsaken place where once again we have no business? Could we say to hell with "Superstar" Generals and support the "troops"
by looking out for them for once?
The Country hasnt seen a real General since we ran Colin Powell off. The Military Mouthpieces who testify before Congress look like doorman or foreign dignitaries with their over the top uniforms, chests of medals from dubious battles and all the answers. Always a new strategy.
Nobody Wins in Afghanistan! Thats it! We are losing and the price is far too high and we are not even talking about it. It may or may not be the Presidents War, but he could damn sure put an end to a war that nobody can win and at the same time make his mark on history.
Step up, Mr President and be the Man I thought I voted for not so long ago.

Winter Soldier

At 5:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lou Barletta's campaign is no different than the national attitude of the Party of No. It reminds me of the old sales training, ignore the NO and press on. I want Barletta to explain why taking the health care away from 30 million Americans is a good idea. I want Barletta to ex plain why denying people with a pre existing conditon health coverage is a good idea. I want to know why Baarletta thinks cutting off unemployment benefits to long term unemployed is a good idea. BUT, I really want to kow why Lou Barletta did not scream when Bush was borrowing from China to wage an unrovoked war, I really do want him to explain his silence.

At 7:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There were NO benefits to the stimulus package. There are states in this country with unemployment rates two percentage points HIGHER than they were the day the stimulus was passed. Stop telling me the stimulus worked when the unemployment numbers (which Obama swore would never go beyond 8% but managed to climb to 10%) PROVE it did not. $20 million dollars of the stimulus bill were spent on road signs for The American Reinvestment and Recovery Act.

Republicans wanted to use unused stimulus funds to pay for the unemployment benefits. Republicans want the unemployment benefits to be paid for instread of increasing the debt. You should work for MSNBC.

At 10:38 AM, Anonymous Your Friend and Political Sparing Partner said...

The reason there is denial for pre-existing conditions is to keep the cost of health insurance in check. Health insurance is based, like all other insurances, on collecting money from a pool of people with the majority never filing a claim. That is
1 how the company makes money
2 how the company can afford to pay for the claims that are filed.
By providing coverage to those with pre-existing conditions, the usage and utilization is already going to increase. The risk is no longer shared, it is taken by the company, because there is a relatively low chance that the individual with a pre-existing condition will not utilize medical care.
It is much the same as with car insurance. Say a person purchases a car, but doesn't bother getting insurance. They have an accident, say a one car accident. They purchase insurance, wait 30 days, then file a claim. Is this a good idea? Of course not, because the rest of eat the costs.
When the insurance industry is forced to provide for those with pre-existing conditions,rate will have to go up across the board.
In the current plan with mandates and pre-existing conditions a person would be a fool to pay for insurance. I would rather just pay the fine, which is a fraction of the cost of health insurance, then when something happens, since I can not be denied insurance, then I go out and buy it.

At 10:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

1 – 3 of 3 10:06 AM, we are all going to die eventually. So d... 10:06 AM, we are all going to die eventually. So don't ****ing worry about whatever the government does, go out and enjoy life.
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