Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The LuLac Edition #1547, April 12th, 2011



Had a conversation with Red O’Brien earlier today and we talked about the recent news reports (included here) that O’Brien was going to form a ticket with County Council people. O’Brien said that as of now, there is no formal ticket. But O’Brien did say that there are a lot of candidates he likes for the job of County Council members and is not shy about sharing his picks and encouraging others to review their credentials. O’Brien said that there is no criteria on his backing, he noted that just because a candidate might have been endorsed by C.O.P.S. or a union or a district, will not preclude them from getting any support from his group. O’Brien said that what he has been doing is not that much different than what other area politicos are doing in other areas of the county. His perspective on this is unique because he is one of the few row officers who served as a Mayor, School Board member and as a County Department head. O’Brien pointed out that the most inefficient and polarizing form of government he served on was a school board. He feared that with the 11 councilnmanic seats, the newly birthed County Council will become a gigantic school board. O’Brien pointed out that county taxpayers are getting the biggest bang for their buck with the current salaries of under $40,000 a year. He noted that under the county code, administrators in various offices would be making around $70,000 a year. O’Brien does take offense to people questioning his work ethic. He noted that his deputy is long gone from his office that was trying to do two jobs and that he is in his office every day. O’Brien called me at 12:45PM, I was out, he asked that I call him back at 2Pm after he got back from lunch to talk. I rang at 2:01PM and there he was. In the office. O’Brien said that it is extremely important that county council members who know what they are doing get elected. He made mention of the fact that the Third District Democrats are united and working hard to be a force in this upcoming primary. We both admitted that a great deal is at stake. O’Brien who was Pro No in the Charter election said he hopes that the people he is backing will be seen by area voters as a type of view into who he thinks as a current row officer would move the county forward.


At 12:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who cares who, what when or why O'brien supports . He is a political hack of the first class and is only looking for an appointed job if he gets a majority of his friends on council. Boot him out just like home rule did. As far as the third district goes, someone should tell him that they are fourth in the numbers in voting and that means very little.


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