Saturday, May 14, 2011

The LuLac Edition #1593, May 14th, 2011



This week the Corbett administration released the 20 million dollars for the Scranton Wilkes Barre Yankees Stadium renovation project. I spoke to a very big Yankee fan in the area.
Q: So are you happy the Stadium is being renovated?
A: Yes because that means we are doing everything in this area to ensure that the Yankees stay in town for a long time.
Q: I think the term they used was generations.
A: Yes.
Q: Do you think though that the Yankees the world’s richest franchise could have come up with the money?
A: I’m sure there were contractual reasons why they couldn’t.
Q: No there weren’t. They held us up.
A: Well either way the Yanks are going to be here.
Q: Does it bother you that the money that is being used for the Stadium could be used for human services?
A: I believe Mr. Washo said this money was earmarked. So I believe him.
Q: How many games do you go to?
A: I’m a season ticket holder. Go about four times a week when they’re home.
Q: So you think subsidizing a Stadium is good for the economy?
A: Oh yeah. Just look at all the buildings on the Mountain. It definitely improves the area.
Q: So you’ll be thanking the County Commissioners and Governor Corbett with your vote on Election Day?
A: Oh I haven’t voted for years.
Q: But maybe you should, look at what politics and government has done for your passion, baseball?
A: Hey I pay my taxes.
Q: I’m coming after you in the fall.
A: With what?
Q: A voter’s registration form. And a history book.


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