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The LuLac Edition #1587, May 11th, 2011




An old fashioned political rally was hosted this Tuesday night by Pittston Area Democrats. The event was hosted by Tony Pagliante at the Germaina Hose Company. The event was billed as a rally with special political guests. The main players were Judicial candidates Dick Hughes, Jennifer Rogers and Mark Bufalino. The County Council headliners were Eileen Sorakas and Moderno “Butch” Rossi. The event was unique because even for a primary, it had a truly bi partisan feel. Candidates from both sides of the aisle on County Council were there. The Democrats attending were of course Sorakas who gave a very nice speech as well as Mike Giamber, Michelle Bednar, and Tom Rome. The GOP contingent included “Butch” Rossi who was front and center working the room, Gene Kelleher, Gina Nevenglosky, and Ed Warkiewicz. Representatives from Joyce Dombroski Gephardt’s campaign were on hand too.
Judicial candidates Dick Hughes, Jenniffer Rogers and Mark Bufalino offered remarks. Hughes said that “This was the time when we could reshape the future of Luzerne County”. Rogers addressed the fact that “We the people are survivors and that there are 6 openings that will shape the future of Justice in the County for years to come. We are on our way back but more needs to be accomplished” which is in fact a constant theme of her campaign. Bufalino in his remarks spoke about his experience, “I have handled a wide breadth of cases. “I’ve spent most of the last 15 years in exactly the place where you find a judge: the courtroom. I want to go to work for you the people”. Mike Vough another candidate for Judge stopped by with his family and was invited to speak. Vough outlined his experience, his tenure in the DA’s office and “the need to have a full roster of judges to handle large caseloads”. A representative from Fred Pierantoni's campaign was in attendance.
FACES IN THE CROWD…..Long time Democratic politico Terry Best was in attendance greeting and meeting the folks…..Also on hand was Pittston City Councilman Danny Argo who looked calm and composed even though I understand he had a rather rigorous day in the media….Tom Savitski an obvious fan of Mark Bufalino and a great reader and supporter of this site was on hand….Charlie Hatcho, running as an Independent in the General Election was there getting signatures for his run in the fall…..The Rogers family had a contingent there with Jennifer’s parents on hand…..Gina Nevenglosky’s daughter was with her mom getting another gander at the political process…..but the hit of the evening had to be Richard Hughes Mother in Law Ruth Ellen Calhoun who was up from the great state of Mississippi checking out the quaint northern town of Duryea.
More than 125 people attended the event and it spoke to Tony Pagliante’s organizational skills as well as Eileen Sorakas’ ability to bring out a crowd that is not in her bailiwick. And of course with crunch time nearing for the election, most everyone wants to meet those Judicial candidates.


Ron Felton of the NAACP also had his event last night. Among the Judicial candidates were, Gelb, Haggerty, Vough, Saporito, Sklarosky, Ross, Pierantoni, McMonagle Aciukiewicz and Hanlon Mirabito.
Among the County Council candidates you had Mario Fiorucci Wil Toole, Harry Skene, Sal Likata, Mike Collins, Jim Bobeck, Steve Urban, Joe Padavan Jane Walsh Waitkus and Rick Morelli.
Democrats facing off in the Mayor’s race, Tom Leghton and Charlotte Raup were in attendance. That hot magisterial race in South Wilkes Barre brought out all of the candidates. Chris O'Donnell, Tim Henry, Mike Smith, Don Winder and Steve Urban worked the room.
A few questions came from the audience, one was about gaming. Commissioner Steve Urban and Wil Toole addressed the issue. I’m told Toole got a big round of applause when he said that local property tax payers were sold down the river by gaming. Toole suggested citizens stand as a single unit and demand more money toward property tax relief.
Judicial candidate Jim McMonagle, a very qualified and extremely nice gentleman obviously got a strong reaction from one of the participants after the speeches. For whatever reason she was seen ripping up his campaign literature in front of him. It proves that running for office in Luzerne County is not for the faint of heart.


At 7:48 AM, Blogger JimboBillyBob said...

Near the end of my campaign for State Representative last year I finally met my opponent, Eddie Day Pashinski, at the NAACP candidate forum. We had a very cordial discussion. He said something I'll never forget: "Politics in Northeastern Pennsylvania is a blood sport." (Note that neither of us ran a negative campaign, so the swords stayed sheathed.)

While running was one of the most positive experiences of my life, there were moments where I also discovered politics is not for the faint of heart.

There were a few folks (very, very few) who slammed the door in my face as soon as I said I was a Republican. (And I always mentioned my party in the first line of my introduction).

And then there was the fellow with a mortgage and family who'd just lost his job and said: "The next big business Republican who tells me to work for minimum wage is getting a bullet in the head."

While I'm sure I didn't get his vote, I talked with him for several minutes and we left on cordial terms.
(Note that I survived the visit.)

You can't take rejection personally, even though being rejected as a candidate is about as personal as you can get. You have to learn from it. It's a hard and unavoidable lesson.

--James O'Meara, Sr.

At 11:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eileen Sorokos caused a bit of a ruckus at the Duryea event. She was overheard telling a County Council candidate that she and the others (Butch Rossi?) didn't want the other candidates to pass out their election materials. I called Wil Toole and asked him if that was also his rule when he had his hot dog rally at the Pittston Social Club. Absolutely not he said, in fact I told Eileen personally to mix, meet the people and pass out her hand cards. He said he felt these are his supporters so other candidates won't cost him a vote Toole said. The way I look at it, Tony Pagliante, former Third District Democrat Chairman has no loyalty to any person or group. He got his job at the WVSA and has thumbed his nose at all those who helped him. He ignored all the candidates from the Third District and that includes the judges. No class guy and those who paid him homage by attending his classless affair did not do themselves any good. Red O'Brien and Jimmy Haddock would be hard put to get that many people into a room so I guess Tony isn't all that bad an organizer. What a complete mess the Third District Democrat Party is. Absolutely no leadership and all they do is upset those around them. The big game right now is Red O'Brien telling Council candidates he has room for 3 more on his ticket so they might get one and the fools believe him. Unbelievable.


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