Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The LuLac Edition #1650, June 21st, 2011


IF I WERE……………..

The Jury Foreperson in the Cordaro/Munchak Jury deliberations, here’s what I would do. Keep in mind I have never been asked to be on a jury let alone be a foreman. But here’s what my strategy would be.
1. First off get a sense of the case and get everyone’s opinion on how long they will need to get through the materials.
2. Separate the defendants and start off with the basic question, do you feel he is innocent or guilty? After getting an idea of what type of ballot you will initially have, go over the counts. My first choice would be Munchak because there seemed to be less testimony against him.
3. After deciding the fate of Munchak, then go on to Cordaro. Ask the basic question did the evidence suggest Munchak and Cordaro worked in tandem or were separate cowboys? Try to determine that difference and get to Cordaro.
4. Try to get a unanimous verdict on both. Let everyone have their say but put a window of time on any juror advocacy or defense of a position.
5. Order a lot of cold drinks.
6. Expect the worst, hope for the best.


During the spring primary the candidates for Judge expended a good amount of money to win. 4 candidates spent over $100,000. The leader in the spending was Mike Vough who spent $215, 000. The other four candidates that spent more than $100,000 were Fred Pierantoni, $164,762; Joseph F. Saporito Jr., $160,701; Hughes, $123,979; and Gelb, $106,297. Saporito is the only big spender not to win a nomination. : Joe Sklarosky, one of the dual nominee winners spent, $98,804; Mark Bufalino, $98,189; Michael Blazick, $80,502; Tony Ross, $66,052; Paula Radick, $24,450; and Vito DeLuca, $18,818. Another Dual winner, spent Rogers, $53,224.
Molly Hanlon Mirabito’s committee spent $26,504 and won only the Democratic nomination. She will face off in the fall with Dick Hughes the GOP nominee.
There are candidates that spent their money wisely. Even in losing they built name recognition. Building a political brand is important. But when that brand is being built, a candidate should utilize an ad agency that previously worked successfully, (the key word here being successfully) with candidates in the past.


At 4:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

first things first. a jury does NOT determine innocence. the question is guilty or not guilty....

At 7:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It all came down just about as I expected. Cordaro should have never taken the stand! One point I'd like to make from a personal perspective is that I believe AJ Munchak over Kalina. Where did the money go? The Feds couldnt find that answer. AJ did wrong, but I just cant believe Kalina and never will. One question, did they secure Cordaro's passport?


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