Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The LuLac Edition #1980, March 13th, 2012

New Butler township, former Luzerne County Budget Director Joan Pusateri.


It appears that the Anthony Lupas saga continues in Luzerne County. Yesterday Judge Dave Lupas issued this statement: “In the fall of 2011, my father sustained very serious physical injuries resulting from a fall,” Lupas said in the statement. “Soon after his accident, I came to learn of circumstances involving him which I believed warranted an investigation. Accordingly, I reported this matter to the proper authorities and requested an investigation.” So does this mean Judge Lupas started the probe? If it does that means Lupas was putting integrity over family as one of my posters said in Edition #1979. But what if Radio talker John Webster is correct when he said that maybe the father told the son to dime him out and avoid any type of scandal. Today on WILK Ernie Preate, an attorney for some of the alleged financial victims says no one can find Tony Lupas. Where is he? Did he skip? No one seems to know. Then the Attorney that is working with Preate, Gavin Lentz revealed he is investigating if he can get back money Anthony Lupas loaned to two campaign committees set up in 1999 and 2003 to help David Lupas run for DA. Tony Lupas loaned the campaign committee $866,000 and change in 1999 and 2003. That was for the DA’s office. But in the 2007 campaign for Judge, there were no loans listed from Judge Lupas’ father and no contributions either except for a $1500 check from a Tony Lupas’ underling. However this shakes out, it is another black mark on the legal profession in Luzerne County. In terms of Judge Lupas, this will have an effect because people will debate, rightly or wrongly, the veracity of his statements. This one is only starting folks.


Luzerne County Budget/Finance Chief Joan Pusateri has submitted her resignation to accept a finance position in Butler Township, where she previously worked, according to County Manager Robert Lawton. Pusateri worked with former county Commissioner Maryanne Petrilla before their county positions. Petrilla, who finished as commissioner Jan. 2, was recently hired as Butler Township manager, a position she formerly held.
Butler Township last night voted 2 to 1 to hire Pusateri as the Township’s new budget chief. What progress, now there an old girl’s network to match the old boy’s network!


Mericle Developers are advertising some of their facilities, land properties and buildings on Cable TV. Saw an ad last night while gong through the channels.


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