Thursday, March 22, 2012

The LuLac Edition #1994, March 22nd, 2012

Kevin Haggerty, candidate for State Representative in the 112th.


Drove through the 112th District of Scranton today and saw a lot of Kevin Haggerty signs for State Representative. He is facing off against incumbent Ken Smith and my reports tell me he is within striking distance.


If you listened to Steve Corbett yesterday on WILK (and don’t send me comments bashing him or the station on this situation because you’ll just be wasting your time) you heard that Corbett was “irked”. He was not happy because no one from Senator John Blake or State Representative Sid Kavulich’s office was giving him any satisfaction regarding the staffing issues. Corbett wanted to know how many of Mellow’s staffers were on Blake’s payroll. He also wanted to know about the associations Sid Michaels Kavulich had when he was the media master for the Pennsylvania Senate Democrats. Legitimate questions to be sure. But according to the talk show host, he got nowhere with any of his inquiries. In Blake’s office, a staffer told him the Senator himself would address that issue. There was no word from Kavulich.
A few things here: even if Blake kept some of Mellow’s staff, why won’t he admit it? Mellow’s staff was one of the most well oiled in terms of constituent service. I had a personal experience with them. I was an out of district resident that needed a recommendation from the Senator for a job I really wanted. I walked into the District office on October 27th, presented my case, was told it didn’t matter that I didn’t live in the Senator’s district and was told I’d be hearing something back. On October 29th, I received a copy of the letter that Senator Mellow forwarded on to the company in question. To me, that’s good constituent service and if Blake had retained staffers from Mellow’s office, he should just say yes and give that as a reason. As far as whether any of those staffers, if they were kept, had any dealings with selling tickets for Mellow’s big bash, all Blake’s people would have to say is, “I don’t know”. Because in reality how could they? Kavulich’s role prior to becoming a mediocre State Representative in the Senate certainly can’t be linked to anything Mellow was charged with. Kavulich was the TV guy that set up those infomercials politicians run at your state tax dollar expense. WYLN TV 35 runs tons of them to fill gaps in programming. So, why the silence? The overwhelming reason is that they are part of the inbred Pennsylvania political system that puts damage control over candor. These guys are so programmed to not make a mistake that it turns out that’s all they do. Blake and Kavulich were part of that system. They weren’t outsiders by any stretch of the imagination. If Mellow didn’t see trouble on the horizon and bail or Jim Wansacz didn’t over reach and think he was State Senate material, Blake and Kavulich would still be staffers at the state level. By not talking to a guy like Corbett, both are proving the point of many voters, that they were just two lackeys who knew when to keep their mouth shut, lucked into their current positions and were rewarded by the politicos they served as staffers. It might have been nice if they talked to anybody about any Mellow connections, real or imagined. But political lackeys were never known for candor or courage.

Former Speaker John Perzel. Those aren't french cuffs he's wearing.


Former Speaker of the Hose John Persel is heading off to jail. He joins at least a few other Pennsylvania Speakers of the House who went from Capitol Hill to the big house. Perzel was sentenced to two-and-a-half to five years in a state prison, to pay fines totaling $30,000 and to make restitution of $1 million for leading an effort to use public funds and resources to build a high-tech campaign machine. If you ever looked up the word arrogance in the dictionary, it would most likely have a photo of John Perzel next to it. Not today. A contrite Perzel told the court today that "I have embarrassed myself... my family, my friends and the people of Pennsylvania, and for that I am truly sorry. They gave me a great honor and I've disgraced them, and I'm very sorry for it." Perzel was one of the big players in the Ridge/Schweiker and Rendell years in Harrisburg. Each Governor, no matter the affiliation had to kiss the ring of the Speaker. Now Perzel joins the chain gang.



Walter Griffith the Luzerne County Cpontroler said he wants to save money and won’t recommend an audit of Attorney Angela Stevens billing practices. Griffith instead said he’ll wait for the audit, paid for by Stevens’ firm to come back. Then he’ll compare what she offered as well as what he thinks he’s looking at. On the surface this does have some justification. Stevens' audit will come back in 10 days and the county should not shell out money for its own audit especially if there are plans, (are there plans????) to investigate Stevens’ billing practices. I mean what’s the big deal with an audit? Why pay for an independent audit when the accused person is giving you their version of the facts? You let a jail official spend $9,000 bucks in a strip club a few years ago and that passed muster but an independent audit is too much money? Another reason to love this place. By the way, Stevens’ law firm is running ads in the local newspapers with the tag line: “Problem/Solved”. I bet she hopes this will be the case for her audit. In the meantime, Griffith ran on a pledge to do audits. How’s that working out for you Walt?


The County Council sat down the other night and are trying to figure out a hiring policy that makes sense. Council members agreed to prohibit the county from hiring family members of county judges and magisterial district judges. Never fear, those people can be dumped off at Luzerne County Community College. The Citizen’s Voice’s Mike Buffer reports that The home-rule charter requires anti-nepotism restrictions on hiring a parent, spouse, child, brother or sister of a county official. Council Chairman Jim Bobeck said he wanted to expand the types of relatives to include cousins and step relatives "given the history of this county." This is admirable on Bobeck’s part but unrealistic. Right now the only person in the County that is not a cousin to anyone is County Manager Bob Lawton. Maybe we can import one for him.

Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush.


Jeb Bush, the former Florida Governor has endorsed Mitt Romney for President. The Republican establishment has started to coalesce around Mitt Romney in earnest on Wednesday, with Jeb Bush and other leading Republicans pressuring Rick Santorum to leave the race after a thumping in the Illinois primary. The endorsement from Bush, the son of one president and the brother of another is huge. He had stayed out of the race for months, and some party elders publicly had urged him to become a candidate as Romney struggled to close the deal with the conservative base of the party. However, Bush refused, and yesterday he made his preference in the race known after Romney's double-digit Illinois victory.


State Senator Bob Mellow will be sentenced on April 27th in Philadelphia. That news came last night. I’m betting 6 months suspended.



Storm Politics, WYLN TV, Part 2 of Tiffany’s 4 Part Series with Michael W. Cutler on immigration. Part 2 covers illegal immigration + the ties to US unemployment. If out of the viewing area, livestream online After all 4 parts air on tv, this entire series will be downloaded to WYLN TV's website for view at your convenience. The show can be seen on WYLN TV 35 @ Th 930p, Sat 5p, Sun 11a, Mon 830p, T 930p.


Shadoe Steele hosts the very best in rock and roll this Saturday from 7pm to midnight on WILK AM &FM. ABC News is at the top of the hour.


This Week on Sunday Magazine…Brian Hughes speaks with Steven Pontecorvo from MetLife and Cindy Hounsell from the Women’ Institute for a Secure Retirement about the “life insurance gender gap”, showing that women have far less life insurance than men. Brian speaks with Dr. Ozlem Soran from the University of Pittsburgh discusses a new non-surgical treatment for heart disease patients that involves squeezing the patient’s legs.
And highlights from a labor rally held earlier this week at Nay Aug Park in Scranton, commemorating the 2nd anniversary of the Affordable Care Act.
Sunday Magazine, Sunday morning at 5:30am on 97BHT, 6am on 97.9X and 6:30am on Magic 93 & WARM 590 AM.


ECTV Live hopes to help you get into spring with some tips about gardening. Host Tom Munley says the program scheduled for the week of March 26th will feature Penn State Master Gardener, Donna Zagrapan from the Lackawanna County Penn State Extension Judge Munley will be joined by WILK Radio news personality Paula Deignan who will be co-hosting the program while DeCosmo is on vacation. As usual ECTV Live is aired on Comcast cable Ch19 each day at Noon and Midnight with several 6pm showings scheduled during the week

Our 1967 logo.


10,000 gather for the Central Park Be-In........Pope Paul VI issues the encyclical Populorum Progressio....A 13-day TV strike begins in the U.S. In 1967, AFTRA (American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) members call the union’s first national strike on March 29, 1967, after negotiations breakdown over staff announcer contracts at owned-and-operated stations in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles and over first-time contracts for “Newsmen” at networks and owned-and-operated stations. Since AFTRA adhered to a bargaining principle that no general agreement exists until all Codes and Contracts are acceptable, the 13-day strike involves all 18,000 members in more than 100 locations across the country. Agreement is reached on the outstanding issues at 8:05 pm, EST, on Monday, April 10, 1967—just in time to allow broadcast of the annual Academy Awards program live from the Santa Monica Pennsylvania U.S. Senator Hugh Scott reaffirms his support of the Vietnam War saying that to pull back now would give the Viet Cong a pre mature victory. Scott a Republican says that President Johnson is doing the best he can under the circumstances. Scott’s Democratic colleague, Joseph Clark disagrees with Scott and calls for a withdrawal from Scranton, mid way through his first term Scranton Mayor James Walsh urges City Council to improve the facilities at Nay Aug Park pointing to the upcoming summer season where Scrantonians would be using the pool at the park and 45 years ago this week the number 1 song in LuLac land was “Dedicated to the One I Love” by the Mama’s and Papas.



At 1:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not to knock Corbett or WILK, but he doesnt get the same respect or call backs that newspaper guys get
or perhaps TV in part because no matter how hard he tries his program is considered by many as entertainment. Thats why its the Sue Henry Show or the Steve Corbett Show. I am not saying its right, but its seems to be the prevailing attitude. If I were managing a politician I doubt I would have him call Corbett back because of the attack potential.
Steve can think on his feet and is quicker with words than most. After the hang up he has the rest of the afternoon to spin it his way. Its Radio, Yonks and not perceived as serious journalism. Again I am not saying its right and I personally think Steve does a good job on local issues, but if I were a politician I would beware. As to the questions mentioned, we do deserve answers. Just not thru Corbett I guess. Its the same as it ever was no matter who's in office around here. And yes most of these guys are lackeys who've played the game enough to know the score.


At 12:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay Cassidy, fair enough. Call Corbett, Henry, Tarone, Dr. Dave Maidera and the Morning Beer Show entertainment. Political handlers don't have to have their politicians call into a show. That's their job to shield the politicos, and in Yonk's terms, lackeys (he is right, they stepped into it) from the tough questions on a 3 hour talk show. You lose control after you hang up. BUT WHERE ARE THEY WHEN OTHER NEWS OUTLETS, TV, THE NEWSPAPERS, even the public ask those very same questions. They are cowards.

At 12:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A few things, the hiring policy in Luzerne County should be iron tight. Someone will try to take advantage of it. Bobeck is correct.
While I understand Griffith's thinking, I can't see how anyone can trust this lawyer. Sorry. No normal business bills that way. Even Doctors saving lives give you one rate.
Jeb Bush's entry into the fray is welcome. Send the other 3 bozos home.
And let's stop with the Perry Como already.

At 1:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's grab hold of some common sense. Atty Stevens hired a legitimate accounting firm to do an audit on her billing. Does anyone in their right mind think a legitimate company is going to risk their reputation for the few bucks they get paid to do an audit? Get real, the audit will show what is and nothing more or less. Griffith is looking at her bills right now so between what his office is doing and the private audit it should be close.

Bobeck is being a head line grabber. How far are you people going to take this nepotism BS? A cousin of an elected official is not allowed to have a job in the county? You people have gone over the edge. I have cousins I haven't seen in years and if I saw them I would not know their name so bring this silliness to a close and include immediate family only.

I don't think Corbett deserves an answer with regard to who now works for Baker who also worked for Mellow or anyone else. These people are employees and did what their respective bosses told them to do. Every job is the same when it comes to doing what you are told. Why would a lowly clerk know it would be illegal to handle some campaign core for the elected official? Government is politics and people with government jobs for the most part received those jobs due to politics. This is also something you people need to get over. If you had a shot at a job because you knew the right person, you would jump on it. Corbett would have used the information to rip those employees apart and I for one am glad he did not receive the cooperation he was looking for. He has no mercy on people and these people deserve to make a living just like everyone else. If those on the outside would get off their dead asses on stop complaining and get out and do something constructive, they would have jobs. Let's just call this The Valley of the Whiners.

At 3:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Atty. Stevens had been legit, maybe she wouldn't need to prove herself through an audit. Ever think about that? Look 1:42, the same families have been controlling everything for generations here. It's time to stop it.

At 4:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to tell you, I think Romney's problems are all going to be forgotten when we are paying 5.50 for a gallon of gas!

At 6:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yonk, the reason why you saw so many signs for Haggerty is that the sign people are afraid Smith is gonna stiff them like he did the banks. Go Kevin!!!

At 7:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am very disappointed in Sid Michaels Kavulich. First he votes with the GOP on the redistricting and then he co sponsors an amendment against women. But he'll smile and tell how how much of a good guy he is. Must be a Christian Yonk, not a RC. The sad thing is he has very little opposition and will be there forever.

At 7:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The other guy in the photo with Perzel if former Pittston Police Chief (retired) Greg Policare who now works for the AG's office.

At 7:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

3:57, I hate to break this to you but there is NO OLD GUARD...... what old families remain in control of the Court House or County government? You people have been singing that same old song for so long you don't realize it is out of tune. As I said, if you want change or anything else, get off your dead butt and go after it. Nothing comes to he who sits and waits.

At 11:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well stated 7:18.

Yonkster, can you please make these postings a bit shorter? It is impossible or at the least, difficult to go through the entire post and remember what it is you want to comment on. The other problem is that there are too many subject to post on more than one or two. If you simply cut them down into smaller groups it would be much appreciated.

At 2:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

7:18AM.....look at the names of the people in the courthouse.....then look at the names of the power brokers. That's all you need to do. If you just got off your ass and quit defending the status quo. I guess you want me to do the same thing "the families" do and suck up to each other. Sorry, no job is worth that. Besides even if we did do that, the jobs are already earmarked for the chosen.Look At what happened in Wilkes Barre last night with an unpaid position! THEY PICK THEIR FLUNKIES DUMMY!!!! THAT DOESN'T LEAVE ANY ROOM FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT TO SERVE OR NEED THE WORK!!! Somebody once said fire them all and start over again. A good idea if you ask me.

At 12:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

doesnt bobeck have family connections? kind of the pot calling the kettle black..


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