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The LuLac Edition #2016, April 9th, 2012

Wilkes Barre City Controller Kathy Kane.


The Citizen’s Voice this week reported that City Controller Kathy Kane has decided not to show up for City Council meetings like her predecessors Bernie Mengrinhausen and Mercedes Leighton used to. Kane’s explanation? She attends work sessions and she is available by appointment if a city resident wants to talk to her. Kane also said that the Harrisburg Controller needs to be at his meetings all the time because, "If you compare Harrisburg to here, they have a crazy mayor," she said. "(Miller) has to go to show some viability there. There's a constant fight between the mayor and council ... and we don't have that here. We're a very lucky city." Lucky for some maybe. The fact is when Kane was City Council Chair she regularly stifled citizen activists who wanted to address council. She couldn’t take the heat when city tax payers asked the triple dipping politico  (she’s a retired school teacher with a fat pension, she owns a funeral home and she gets paid a public salary as a Wilkes Barre official. That’s 3 jobs when some tax payers in the city have none! )The real reason why Kane is a no show is because she doesn’t want to deal with the public scrutiny of taxpayers who are paying her a $42,000 a year salary. She can’t come to a meeting? And you want to talk about arrogance, how about the newspaper comment she made about former Police Chief Tony George “When told of George's idea of insisting on attendance from other city departments, including police and fire, Kane smiled "He's new," she said.” No Mrs. Kane, the problem is that Tony George is asking questions and demanding work product from the City Council. A City Council that until George's arrival, was a "see no evil, hear no evil" rubber stamp for the Leighton administration! To make such a patronizing remark is just the type of arrogance that she has exhibited through the years. But that arrogance is also mixed with a bit of fear. For her $42,000 a year, she should come to the public meetings. All that said, I can’t really blame Kathy Kane. She is who she is because voters in Wilkes Barre let her be that way. Last year, an honest to God certified CPA ran against Kane, a non CPA for City Controller. Karen Ceppa Hirko was defeated. And when Kathy Kane runs for office next time, the dumb ass voters of Wilkes Barre will put her in again. And in 2111, 101 years from now, Kathy Kane’s great great grandchild most likely will be elected City Controller too. Because in Wilkes Barre, that’s the way we roll. The voters are masochists who put the same people in office every year who thumb their noses at the public. And God help a guy like Tony George for asking questions, he’ll get instantly disrespected. “He’s new”, maybe someone will say that when we get a City Controller with a little more respect for the voters that put her in office. Karen Ceppa Hirko…………if you’re out there……start gearing up now. This arrogant nonsense has to stop. Until then, the voters of Wilkes Barre as well as the taxpayers who want to see their representatives at public meetings will remain “Kathy’s Klowns”.  


First off, we wish Tom Marino, 10th District Congressman a speedy recovery from his surgery for tumors in his kidneys. Any type of operation involving that area is serious and we wish him the best. Marino went to the Cleveland Clinic to have his procedure. His health care plan is covering it because as a member of Congress he has a Cadillac health plan. Marino wants to overturn the Affordable Health Care Act because, well because he’s a Republican that follows in lockstep the GOP attack on the middle class. Marino’s hospital stay crossed multiple state lines. His insurance company most likely will file a claim with the host insurer and it will be ultimately be paid. Marino’s plan gives him the opportunity to go to any medical facility anywhere in the country without referral. All that you need to show is that the procedure is medically necessary. There are many insured people in Marino’s district who do not have that option. Their employers bought a plan where they could only stay in the network of certain physicians. This is not a “medical panel” decision that Sarah Palin yammered about last year, this is an insurance company telling people what doctor and hospital they can use. Wasn’t the argument of the GOP during the Health Care debate that the government will tell you where and who you can o to for help during a medical procedure? How is that different? Then there are those who have no insurance because they can’t afford it or because until the Affordable Care Act passed, people with pre existing conditions couldn’t get those events covered. What would happen to those people I wonder? Well, they fall under the GOP plan which is: 
1. Go into debt. 
2. Go with God and hope the condition evaporates. 
3. Die. 
Tom Marino isn’t going into debt because of his surgery, numbers 2 and 3 are not as likely for Marino as it is for a poor uninsured person in his district, state or country. Where the hell is the outrage in all of this? As I stated earlier, I wish Marino well and hope he acquires something more than good health in his hospital stay….I hope he gets a conscience.
Matt Cartwright and Phyllis Mundy. (Photo Pittston


State Rep. Phyllis Mundy is gearing up to host for a Pre-Election Day Rally in support of Democratic congressional candidate Matt Cartwright! Representative Mundy and Attorney Matt Cartwright will be there and everyone is welcome!! The event will take place April 12, 6-8pm at West Wyoming Hose Co #1 Shoemaker Ave, includes light food and beverages. The event is free and open to the public.


At 10:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wilkes Barre is a toxic city politically. Most of the City Council are double dippers too. Barrett, even George. At least George though is asking questions. Kane is a travesty as a City Controller. The fact that she won't come to a public meeting tells you she can't stand the scrutiny. And I don't want to hear the crocadile tears about her fearing Kadluboski and Linda Urban. This is still America and the people have the right to speak.

At 11:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of ass wipes I guess you believe that every professional critic has been published? Rand's attitude is nothing less than that of any modern day Conservative Republican but I guess when you really listen to their BS, you believes realize how off the wall that philosophy really is. Marino is a great example of Conservatives hypocrite. His attitude is, :I got mine so screw you". Maybe everyone member of Congress should be enrolled in a HMO.
Yonk, not to say your wrong about Kane not attending meetings, if you were to attend council meetings, you will note that the Controller has absolutely no role to play and when various Controllers do attend their council meetings, it is only for show. I attend various community meetings on a regular basis and I have never heard a question posed to a Controller at any meeting. I didn't know that Kane owned a funeral home, she should advertise her affiliation, I know some real dead[head politicians who need burying.

At 11:34 AM, Anonymous Pope George Ringo said...

I may not have this story completely right--but I recall shortly after the Freshman neo-con class of 2010 took office one of its "fend for yourself" members was about to undergo a medical procedure.
He wanted to have assurance as to when his medical plan under the govt. was going to take effect.
These wackos are hypocrites by and by.
A political science professor, Dr. Daniel Curran of King's College (I wonder where he is today--this is 30 years back--hope he is alive and well) taught me a very important lesson:
"Political Parties represent interests---not people."
And the GOP interest is big business.
The average working citizen cannot be excused however.
They were the ones who put these jackals into power.
Hopefully, the s&%t will hit the fan for sure if Romney gets in there and they will be unmasked for exactly what they are.
Excuse the foul language.
Bless You All.

At 3:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

my conservative attitude is that i EARNED mine and screw everyone else... just to get it correct. I don't think I owe those who do not want to work or able to work a ****ing thing...

At 4:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Citizens of LuLacland should be angry and outraged at all politicians on the Luzerne Lackawanna stage right now, however the attitude seems to be,
"well they arent as bad as
some weve had in the recent past."
Man, thats scary!

I have lived in the area 4 years
and with the attitudes Ive heard expressed, I dont think my family will be here too much longer. I dont see change coming from what I've seen and I am lucky to have learned a profession which is in demand. We moved here because we liked the area and of course my wife who is Irish has relatives in Wilkes Barre. Good decent people.
For an old area the potential is fantastic, but some entrenched ideas need to be dynamited away before that future can happen. I hope it all happens, but I probably wont be here to see it.

Passin' thru...

At 5:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my opinion, Marino's continued opposition to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act - even as he seeks treatment for a potentionally life threatening ailment under his government sponsored health care plan - is more of a scandal than Don Sherwood mistreating his mistress. The only people Sherwood hurt were himself, his mistress, and his family. Marino is hurting every one of his constituents with his opposition to "Obamacare", because sooner or later everyone needs professional health care services.

At 6:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

All Don Sherwood did was display bad taste in women! He would have become an excellent congressman. He was intelligent, not arrogant and approachable. He screwed up and as stated hurt no one more than himself! Too bad for T-Town and the area in the long run. Damn old Donald sure picked a doozy to hook up with,though didnt he? And as I recall she got a big payday out of it! He went back to Chevys and Trucks.


At 11:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i find it curious and somewhat sick around here that people go to all this trouble to vote for home rule and wanting to make a big change for the better and a clean house and then they put the same people, former commissioners, and old mentalities back in there to run things; these same people running the show over there are now doing the same things that got the county into the same mess we are in now; does anyone ever learn anything around here???????????????!!!???

At 5:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is Kathy Kane going to a Democratic Rally rather than the Wilkes-Barre City Meeting?


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