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The LuLac Edition #2031, April 21st, 2012

Attorney General candidates Patrick Murphy and Kathleen Kane.


The final weekend of the 2012 primary campaign is upon us and one of the most competitive races is between Scranton Attorney Kathleen Kane and former Congressman Patrick Murphy. For a position that involves the highest ethical behavior, this race has been down and dirty from the get go. Kathleen Kane has had multiple parking tickets fixed which gives the impression that she is part of the favored class. Her association with her husband’;s company, that is essentially bankrolling her effort has been questioned mainly because Kane Is Able Trucking allegedly doesn’t pay their employees all that well. 99% of the employers in LuLac land pay next to nothing for employees who show up every day and bust their asses to make them rich. Kane Trucking is no exception. Kane has been criticized for saying she prosecuted thousands of cases when in fact she might have tried 15 a year. The fact is most trials don’t go to court and lawyers routinely burn through them. If a lawyer got paid only when they went to trial, well, there’d be fewer lawyers. Murphy has been criticized because he does not hold a law license in Pennsylvania. He was a JAG lawyer in the military but it is said he did not take the PA bar and would be lost in a courtroom in the Commonwealth. Murphy has been criticized by the Kane camp because of his connections to the Dem,ocratic power base but it was Kane who got the big fish, former President Bill Clinton to endorse her. There is a You Tube video of Murphy doubting his own credentials that is making the rounds too. That can’;t help. Plus, Murphy’s law firm is now embroiled in a controversy in Wilkes Barre City where Patrick Murphy’s brother, J.J. the former City Administrator gained $8300.00 nor $300 an hour in consulting fees for a parking lot. Both of these candidates are beating each other up for a nomination that is worth both nothing and something. Since 1980, as I have repeatedly pointed out, there has been no elected Attorney General from the Democratic party. However, if lightning does strike and the Democratic nominee does become AG, two of the 4 elected Attorney Generals since 1980 became the nominee for Governor in the state. (Mike Fisher in 2002 And Tom Corbett in 2010. That figure might have been three out of four had Ernie Preate not faced charges during his run for Governor in 1994). On the final weekend, here’s what’s happening with this race. Kane got a big endorsement from the Philadelphia newspapers where Murphy is expected to be strong. The Kane campaign said, The Philadelphia Daily News today joined the Philadelphia Inquirer in enthusiastically endorsing career prosecutor Kathleen Kane for Pennsylvania Attorney General in the April 24th Primary Election. The two coveted endorsements mark a clean sweep of Philadelphia’s two major daily newspapers for Kane. In addition to the endorsements of Philadelphia’s newspapers of record, Kane also recently earned the high-profile endorsement of President Bill Clinton, who joined Kane at a “Get Out The Vote” rally last week in Montgomery County, which the Daily News editorial board noted in its glowing endorsement.“Kane, who has an impressive endorsement from Bill Clinton, has served as prosecutor in Lackawanna County for more than a decade. She specialized in sexual-abuse cases, public corruption and fraud cases, as well as murders, assaults and rapes,” the endorsement reads. “She makes her case that prosecutions should not be colored by political ambitions, and vows to prosecute crime regardless of political party. Her familiarity with the state’s court system will help. In fact, her focus on “crime” instead of “issues” won us over. She would push for more transparency in the chemicals used in fracking, and recognizes the perils confronting the state’s consumers, which get more complicated by the day.” “I am very honored by the influential endorsements of the Philadelphia Daily News and Inquirer,” Kane adds. “Both newspapers cited my considerable experience as a primary factor in endorsing my candidacy. The challenges and demands of the Office of Attorney General require that it be directed by a prosecutor, not a politician, and I am grateful to the Daily News and Inquirer editorial boards for acknowledging it. These important endorsements, coupled with President Clinton’s incredible support, have given our campaign an undeniable sense of momentum in this final week before the Primary.” In an odd twist, the NE Eagle reports that Patrick Muprhy has received the endorsement of the Pennsylvania Chapter of NOW, the National Organization of Women. The PA National Organization for Women has officially backed Iraq war veteran and former prosecutor Patrick Murphy for Pennsylvania Attorney General. PA NOW highlighted Murphy’s strong and consistent record on women’s issues in their endorsement. “A War on Women is being waged across the country, and unfortunately, it’s come here to Pennsylvania. Women across the Commonwealth need an advocate in the Attorney General’s office who will stand up and fight for them. Patrick Murphy is the only one in this race willing to do what’s necessary to protect our rights and ensure full equality under the law,” said Julia Ramsey, President of PA NOW. “Patrick is a proven leader on women’s issue. “He is someone we know and trust. He’s 100 percent pro-choice and will refuse to enforce the unconstitutional mandatory ultrasound bill. He helped strengthen laws that prohibit gender discrimination in the workplace. He believes that all Pennsylvanians should have the same opportunities, regardless of gender, race or sexual orientation. That is the type of experience we need in an Attorney General.” “I’m honored to earn the support of the PA National Organization for Women. I’ve always been proud to stand with PA NOW and other women’s organizations to protect a woman’s right to choose and fight for equality. I will continue to partner with PA NOW to defend women’s rights, end discrimination in the workplace and fight for equality. ". With all the noise and fury, there is one guy waiting for the fighting Dems to face him in November, Attorney David Freed. He will most likely be the next Attorney General in the state despite this big fight between Murphy and Kane. In the primary contest though, I give it to Murphy  in a whisker. He'll do well in the suburbs of Philadelphia. 


At 12:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Both of them stink! And their family associations are nothing to write home about. Kane's trucking family pays their employees crap and Murphy's family got a free alarm system from the citizens of Wilkes Barre and $8400 for inspecting parkades. Screw them both.

At 8:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pat Murphy was a Congressman and he worked hard for those he represented. I seldom get excited over statewide elections but I really want to see Murphy win this race. I want and expect him to dig into this Penn State situation and hold Gov. Corbett's feet to the fire for the sloppy way he investigated Sandusky at the very beginning. Big money goes to big money and I see Kane as being big money. I want a working class AG and to me that's Pat Murphy.

At 1:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

12:30AM yeah no one is getting fooled here

its a shame these two dishonest people are running for seats in government and are asking people for their votes

truly an example of nepotism at its finest

At 6:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have to agree. both Kane and Murphy are terrible candidates for attorney general. it is no longer who is the better or worse of two evils. steve corbett is a total ***** for backing murphy.


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