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The LuLac Edition #2084, June 9th, 2012

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This week’s past election results in Wisconsin prompted me to reach out to an old friend of mine who lives in Wisconsin. I talked to him a bit about the recall vote against Scott Walker. 
Q: You voted for Walker in 2010, were you surprised at the outcry after he got in office? 
A: Yes and no. Yes because he didn’t do anything that he said he wqasn’t going to do. There should have been no surprises. But I have to say no because in my experience, especially in politics, people don’t listen. Most voters I know are not the most informed people. They could be easily swayed. 
Q: If that’s so, then why didn’t the Governor get recalled? 
A: Because he didn’t do anything illegal. He did something contrary to ideology. But the one segment of the people who were complaining, the public sector unions, the average Joe and Jane just didn’t buy it. Unions are an interest group and they tried to hold the state hostage. 
Q: Hostage? That’s kind of strong. 
A: They shut down the Capitol, they camped out and made it impossible for work to get done. And they wrapped themselves in the union label. And what they are paid to do for those wages. 
Q: But police, firefighters and teachers are a very important cog in our society don’t you think? 
A: Sure they are. And I respect the police, firemen and educators but they made the choice to do that with their lives. Now when everyone, and I mean everyone is pulling back in terms of business, they can’t? I don’t want to see anyone in the poor house, especially those three groups we talked about, but there is a limit to what I can pay. And Scott Walker did not back down. 
Q: He comes out looking pretty good on this, doesn’t he? 
A: Yes he does. Even when he’s at his worst, he comes across as an authentic guy. Kind of like a Warren Zevon “Excitable Boy” type. 
Q: Aw Warren Zevon, rest in peace. 
A: Hey, Hey man, so true. 
Q: Will Walker have a national following? 
A: Could be. We do have a history of politicians making the national news. Bill Proxmire, Russ Feingold. All the way back to Bob La Follette.
Q: What role do you think Walker will play at the Republican convention? 
A: He won’t be promoted, won’t be put down, I think he will just be there. The Democrats want to carry this state in November. 
Q: No Republican has won Wisconsin since Reagan in ’84. Will Romney break the streak? 
A: I think so. I think this Tuesday’s results are going to carry over to the general and that can mean trouble for the President. 
Q: C’mon, you don’t want any trouble for the President do you? 
A: Who me? (Laughing). Not me. (Laughing some more).


At 5:47 AM, Anonymous Pope George Ringo said...

The ONLY reason Walker was not recalled was because the voters, like your friend, did not feel what he did was illegal.
A great number of union people voted against the recall on that principle.
It will have nada to do with Obama's chances in November.
OF course, the GOP will use this as an excuse to bust unions, but this is really not the case.
Actually the results restored my faith in voters...they actually voted on whether or not a politician should lose his job simply because he did some disagreeable---but not illegal things.
Kind of makes me proud.
As a liberal myself, had i been a Wisconsin resident I would have voted against the recall also.
I will definitely vote Obama in November.
Tells you something.


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