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The LuLac Edition #2098, June 21st, 2012

Ed Rendell's great book, "A Nation of Wusses". 


You know I think Ed Rendell is one of the best Governors we ever had. You know I met the guy at least a half dozen times. You know that I would never do anything to criticize my man. But in a PCN interview with Francine Schertzer (one of our 2008 “Women We Love” award winners) the Governor made a slight historical error. (I just saw the DVR version of this the other night). In response to a question from a caller regarding on mandatory retirement age for politicians at the age of 70, Rendell said that great leaders governed well into their 70s. He mentioned Conrad Adenauer, Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan and Franklin Roosevelt as people who were at the top of their game well past 70. He was correct on everyone but FDR. Roosevelt was born in 1881, he died in 1945 at the age of 64. But Ed did redeem himself when asked by Schertzer if he would ever run for any higher office. Rendell said that in order to be President, he’d have to spend three years of his life visiting Iowa and New Hampshire. Classic answer. If you’ev ever been to Iowa or New Hampshire, and met some of those people, you’ll realize that in those states is where God parked all the _ _ _holes.
State Senator John Yudichak (right) and Osterhout Free Library Director Rick Miller. 


John Yudichak has actually done something that area politicians have not. In terms of promising to fund libraries, he actually did it! Politicians, take note. Keep your promise! The Yudichak Family Fund of the Luzerne Foundation recently donated $5,000 to fund the 2012 county-wide Summer Reading Club of The Luzerne County Library System. The Yudichak Family also funded the program in 2011. The kickoff for the Summer Reading Club was held today at the Sheehy-Farmer Campus Center at King’s College. A similar program was held later on in the afternoon in Hazleton at the Middle School which is fondly known as “The Castle”. The kickoff featured a ‘Life in Space’ show being presented by The Franklin Institute. In addition, Yudichak bought a whole slew of books from Governor Ed Rendell last week and donated them to all of the area libraries. 


Yeah, you’re reading it right. Because of the Affordable Health Care Act that has been demonized by the do nothing Republicans in the House and Senate, more than half a million Pennsylvanians will get a health care rebate. That dreaded Obama care that is going to screw you over and cost you so much more money (the demagogues will tell you that) will actually get you a check this summer. Take a look at this: 
Health care law saves Pennsylvania consumers $51.6 million Health care law provides rebates to 576,000 Pennsylvanians 
Today, Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced that 576,000 Pennsylvania residents will benefit from $51.6 million in rebates from insurance companies this summer, because of the Affordable Care Act’s 80/20 rule. These rebates will average $165 for the 312,000 Pennsylvania families covered by a policy. The health care law generally requires insurance companies to spend at least 80 percent of consumers’ premium dollars on medical care and quality improvement. Insurers can spend the remaining 20 percent on administrative costs, such as salaries, sales and advertising. Beginning this year, insurers must notify customers how much of their premiums have been spent on medical care and quality improvement. Insurance companies that do not meet the 80/20 standard are required to provide their customers a rebate for the difference no later than August 1, 2012. The 80/20 rule is also known as the Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) standard. "The 80/20 rule helps ensure consumers get fair value for their health care dollar," Secretary Sebelius said. Pennsylvanians owed a rebate will see their value reflected in one of the following ways: 
a rebate check in the mail;  a lump-sum reimbursement to the same account that is used to pay the premium if by credit card or debit card; 
a reduction in their future premiums; and 
their employer providing one of the above, or applying the rebate in a manner that benefits its employees. Insurance companies that do not meet the 80/20 standard will send their policyholders a rebate for the difference no later than August 1, 2012. Consumers will also receive a notice from their insurance company informing them of the 80/20 rule, whether their company met the standard, and, if not, how much of a difference between what the insurer did or did not spend on medical care and quality improvement will be returned to them. For the first time, all of this information will be publicly posted on this summer, allowing consumers to learn what value they’re getting for their premium dollars in their health plan. For many consumers, the 80/20 rule motivated their plans to lower prices or improve their coverage to meet the standard. This is one of the ways the 80/20 rule is bringing value to consumers for their health care dollars. 


A Rochester school bus monitor was brutalized verbally recently by little snots who have no respect for an adult, a service worker hauling their dainty asses right to their doorsteps . The glory of You Tube gave us a disgusting account of what passes for how the next generation is being raised. A fund was set up for the woman (which I don’t entirely agree with, we all get crap at one time or another in our jobs). If I ran the world in this situation, I would surcharge every parent of these little bastards (and given the unwed birth stats in our country I bet that term is a majority) $1000.00. And if they didn’t pay it, I’d expel the kids. 



WNEP TV's Jacqueline Boulde. 


WNEP TV recently announced that they were going to open up a news bureau on Public Square in  Wilkes Barre. The News Station plans to have a few crews downtown. In the 80s, the office At 15 Public Square was staffed by Mark Davis and Jacqueline Boulden. 


ECTV Live hosts Tom Munley and David DeCosmo will be getting ready to celebrate our Nation's Birthday as they welcome historian Bill Lewis to their program the week of June 25th. Mr. Lewis will be discussing the events that lead to the Battle of Wyoming. A monument to that historic event is the focal point of an Independence Day observation each year to which the public is invited. ECTV Live is telecast on Comcast Ch19 each day at Noon and Midnight with selected airings at 6pm several days during the week.  


This Week on Sunday Magazine. Brian Hughes interviews veteran radio and TV newscaster David DeCosmo about his experiences in covering Tropical Storm Agnes as this weekend marks the 40th anniversary of the Agnes flood and its devastation of the Wyoming Valley. Plus Dave lets us know what he's up to these days. Sunday Magazine, Sunday morning at 5am on Great Country 93.7, 5:30am on 97BHT, 6am on 97.9X, 6:30am on Magic 93, and 7am on True Oldies 590, WARM.


This week Shadoe Steele will have as his guest Peter Frampton. Steele will air an interview with Frampton as well as play the very best in oldies music from 7pm to midnight on WILK AM and FM with ABC News on the top of the hour.
Our "1967" logo.


In the Cold War: U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson meets with Soviet Premier Alexei Kosygin in Glassboro, New Jersey, for the 3-day Glassboro Summit Conference. Johnson travels to Los Angeles for a dinner at the Century Plaza Hotel where earlier in the day thousands of war protesters clashed with L.A. police...........400 million viewers watch Our World, the first live, international, satellite television production. It features the live debut of The Beatles' song "All You Need is Love". Pennsylvania Governor Raymond Shafer states that Pennsylvania needs to do more to attract visitors to its historical sights like Gettysburg and the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. Shafer says that the added revenue would solidify the Commonwealth’s designation as the Keystone State……locally the Luzerne County Commissioners can’t agree on a Merit Personnel Policy that keeps county workers who are under review (isn’t that a concept???) in limbo and 45 years ago this week the number 1 song in LuLacland and America was Jimmy Webb’s “Up, Up and Away” that put the 5th Dimension on the musical map.


At 6:08 AM, Anonymous Professor Milburn Cleaver, OPA said...

Why Mr. Yonki continues to lambast me with memories of that awful year of 1967 I shall never understand. And for his blunt but unfair critique of the people of Iowa and the great "Live free or Die" state of New Hampshire garners him his first failing grade. Young man, for the first time in this classroom, you have disappointed me. Please brush up on your studies!!!!!
The business of this classroom goes forward....
I must also direct enormous disappointment this morning at the Republicans in the House of Representatives. For those of you who have NOT fainted, please assist the remaining slackers who have. A glass of water will suffice.
My disappointment strings from their upcoming contempt vote for Atty. Gen. Holder. I do not mean that I disagree. What I do mean is that the House did NOT go far enough!!!
I call on the HOuse to grow a backbone and to begin Impeachment proceedings against the President of the U.S. The debacle of Fast and Furious lies at the foot of his desk and if he had any honour he would have already sent in his resignation to the Secy. of State and been on a flight across the ocean to return home (and I don't mean Hawaii).
I also call on VP Biden to resign. He was part of the nest where the egg was hatched.
Perhaps an agreement can be reached in which Speaker Boehner agrees to refuse to participate in the line of succession thereby allowing Secy. oF State Clinton to become interim President (a realization of her lifetime dream--if only for a while). OF course, the Democrats shall nominate her to oppose incoming President Romney. All in all, the slate shall be wiped clean and everyone will be satisfied.
Again, House Members, Impeach the President and Veep!
Sometimes it is difficult to clean soiled laundry....but in the end satisfactory.
Something to think about this morning......
Class Dismissed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At 9:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yonk criticizes Ed Rendell. Film at 11.

At 9:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The professor claims to knwo all but he fell on his face with the contempt charge of the AG. Apparently he does not understand or know that some of the information requested is protected by law. A good example is the record of the Grand Jury. There are other items requested which the AG is required to protect by law. Of course the law does not matter to the gang of Republican thugs now runnig the Congress and the vote will be right along party lines and we can ex pect them to unload on the AG regardless of the law. Wake up professor, you're not as sharp as you think.

At 6:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

'Of course the law does not matter to the gang of Republican thugs now runnig the Congress and the vote will be right along party lines and we can expect them to unload on the AG regardless of the law."

These particular characteristics are not limited to any one party OR office. A fellow American DIED. That collateral damage MUST be designated to the responsible party - no matter who.

Whatever happened to a "transparent administration"?


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