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The LuLac Edition #2088, June 13th, 2012

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Last week we wrote about the issue facing Wilkes Barre City Council regarding the lack of receipts from L.A.G. Towing. City Councilman Tony George took a stand and demanded some answers. My fellow blogger, Betty Rocograndi of PureBunkum did a very good piece of why L.A.G. seems to have a hold on the city fathers. Here’s her article: 
He’s Not The Enemy And Doesn’t Run A Pirate Ship. So He Says 
Fire Leo Glodzik? That sure came out of nowhere. Glodzik, who pays Wilkes-Barre City $50,000 a year for an exclusive city towing contract, runs his business as he sees fit. That is his right, except he sees fit to not keep records of the vehicles he tows or how much he penalizes people to get them back after they are towed. And he apparently does this with city Mayor Tom Leighton’s blessing. Records, smecords has been the attitude of Leighton and city police Chief Gerard Dessoye. Glodzik seems to be in violation of his contract and Leighton and Dessoye have no problem with that? Well considering they are two of the city’s highest ranking officials, we do have a problem with that. Things took an interesting turn at last week’s city council meeting when council member Tony George suggested that Glodzik should be fired “if he thinks he can thumb his nose at council.” Well, good for you, Mr. George. What about you other council members? You’re okay with a city contract being violated and no records being kept? No one really paid much attention to Leo Glodzik until last year when he messed with the wrong guy, Forty Fort resident Mark Robbins, whose car was towed and who claimed Glodzik’s company damaged it. Robbins, whose visit to Wilkes-Barre that day changed his life, said that when he protested, Glodzik screamed in his face while some disinterested city cops simply stood by. “I’m not the enemy,” Glodzik told The Citizens’ Voice. “I’m not running a pirate ship.” He said he charges reasonable towing fees. If you don’t believe him or don’t consider $500 a reasonable fee, well you’re out of luck, Matey, because Glodzik can’t prove it since he hasn’t bothered to keep any business records. He said his accountant reviews his records every month or so, then shreds them, if you can believe that one. Everyone would sure love to know who this accountant is, but Glodzik won’t say. Now, because of Robbins’ relentless pursuit to prove that Glodzik is charging excessive towing fees and taking advantage of the poor, others are coming forward, and councilman Tony George has taken notice. George told the CV that a trusted friend complained to him about being charged a $600 towing fee. “I have a lot of red flags raised,” George said. “I’ve been talking to a lot of people.” And where does Mayor Tom Leighton stand in all of this? Where he always has. Quietly on the sidelines, and we can’t help but wonder why. - 
Betty Roccograndi


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