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The LuLac Edition #2222, October 9th, 2012

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Gene Stilp and Lou Barletta faced off on Monday night for a debate in the 11th Congressional district. In a strictly moderated debate hosted by the Times Leader and Wilkes College, both men gave their visions of what they would do in the next Congress. Barletta at first seemed as if he was running against President Obama blaming the debt, the economy and everything he couldn’t nail down on Obama. Stilp on the other hand said that Barletta took money from special interests and that Washington wasn’t working. Barletta seemed affable and glib. His debates against Paul Kanjorski has served him well. Stilp on the other hand seemed like a person who wanted to cram 5 tons of facts into a 3 pound bag. He was too rushed and in his efforts to make points on all issues, he might have befuddled the audience. Barletta scored big points when he took Stilp to task when he said the challenger made points about Social Security, the Ryan Plan, the Home Mortgage deductions and Stilp’s charge that there would be vouchers for Social Security. Barletta asked Stilp to tell people what he was for instead of what he was against. Stilp then retorted that Barletta should indicate what loopholes he would be in favor of closing. The two got into a stand off of saying, “You first”, “No, you go first”. The moderator,  Mark Jones from the Times Leader shut it down and I wonder if he had not done that how the debate would have gone from that point. Both sides had their partisans in the crowd. Barletta’s people said he won. I’ll provide that e mail statement. Stilp’s campaign has not been in contact with LuLac since the primary, I introduced myself to the guy at the Blog fest because he had no clue who I was. That’s not a big deal to me but in case you’re wondering why I’m giving credence to Barletta’s spin and not Stilp’s it is because they contacted me. Stilp didn't. After the debate, L.A. Tarone and I did the wrap up on WYLN TV 35. Both of us agreed that Barletta was the stronger debater and won going away on points.


Rep. Barletta Clear Winner of First Debate  
Hazleton, PA - Tonight, U.S. Rep. Lou Barletta was the clear winner in the first debate between the incumbent congressman and Democratic challenger, Gene Stilp. Rep. Barletta clearly explained the challenges facing the 11th District and the nation, and proposed solutions in a wide range of subject areas, from job creation to foreign policy to energy. "Lou Barletta showed he is not afraid to tackle the the tough issues, solve America's problems, and put Americans back to work," said Lance Stange, Campaign Manager. "Stilp, on the other hand, offered vague, evasive answers and untruths to hide his lack of understanding of the issues and his shocking lack of plans or even ideas on how to save essential government programs that help seniors, the sick, and the poor." 


Wednesday night at Wilkes College, there will be a debate between 17th District Congressional Democratic nominee Matt Cartwright and his Republican challenger Laureen Cummings. This is going to be a great stand off. Cartwright is a left of center Democrat fond of saying he is the Democrat running as a Democrat in the race. Cummings on the other hand is one of the founding members of the Lackawanna County Tea Party and is to the right of Mitt Romney. This will be a stark contrast of philosophies and ideas. The debate starts at 7PM at Wilkes College and will air on WYLN TV 35. Post debate commentary will take place with L. A  Tarone and Kim Zaboray.  WYLN TV 35 can be seen on Service Electric Channel 7 in Wilkes Barre.


 And if that’s not all enough for you debate fans, Thursday night Representative Paul Ryan will face off against Vice President Joe Biden. Biden is not going to be as reluctant as President Obama in going after Romney. With Sarah Palin in 2008, Biden was a bit restrained because he didn’t want to appear to bully her. The gloves are going to be off and this is going to be, well as the kids say, this is going to be sick.


At 10:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't understand how someone could vote for the Ryan budget which is completely vague on details other than that it cuts a great deal of tax deductions (likely to include the mortgage home deduction) and would change traditional medicare and then be seen as if he has answers. His answers are in his votes for the Ryan Budget. Wouldn't you agree? Barletta is a sham and you shouldn't even have given him anything for creating a statement that he won. Obviously, everyone loses with Lou Barletta and Gene Stilp isn't going to be able to change Nancy Pelosi's ways anytime soon. Stilp is only as vague as Lou Barletta ever was as a challenger but nobody seems to remember that. Third party write in? Who do we put up?

At 11:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've decided! I'm voting for Moot Romney. No doubt he is the Man. The point is Moot!

At 4:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apparently Barletta did not watch the first residential debate. He contered to Stilp that Medicare vouchers are not on the table and have no place in the Republican budget or plans. If he did watch the Romeny debate, he would have heard first hand that Romney abslutely has plans for a Medicare Debate. The only thing I see in common with Barletta and Romney is that both have found a way to win a debate with pure BS lies. Romney won the first presidential debate but has since been flushed out as having been very loose with the truth. Lying to win is not the true measure of a candidate. Lou Barletta just doesn't seem to know what the truth is.


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