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The LuLac Edition #2212, September 30th, 2012

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This morning while the rest of the world was waking up to the recaps of College Football scores, the pennant chase in Major League Baseball as well as the speculation of how the old NFL referees are going to do this Sunday, there was a news item that tore your heart out. Last night the 2,000th casualty of the war in Afghanistan was reported. Most of us know people who served, a few of us knew family members that lost a son or brother. Any type of wound like that is hard to heal. Any combat death is a tragedy. Since we have always been a nation that keeps score, (especially in late September and in the Fall on Sundays) the fact that this was the 2,000th death was another dagger to the heart. However what makes it worse is the fact that this latest casualty didn’t come at the hands of the enemy. This death didn’t come by a soldier’s actions saving his or her platoon. It wasn’t a heroic death you see in the movies where the soldier emerges from a firefight carrying two people under his arms and another to safety on his back. Nope. This death came because one of our soldiers, one of our Americans were killed by either an Afghan Army member we are training or an Afghan policeman that is supposed to protect the country. While I hesitate to say that any soldier’s death is senseless, this comes damn near close to that. It is time to leave Afghanistan. Screw the 2014 deadline. GET OUT NOW. Here’s why: 
1. It is unfair and unrealistic to ask an American soldier to put themselves in harm’s way when they are going to get killed by the people they are training to take over. What in the world are we fighting for? 
2. The Taliban is now back in action and instead of being a cooperative governing force, it is intimidating people they are supposed to work with. A diseased leopard can never change its spots. The Taliban is such an animal. By waiting until 2014, we are only strengthening the ammunition of the Taliban. Making them stronger. We’re giving cavemen who are very good at killing more expensive and complex weapons to do it faster. That has to stop. 
3. We should pack up all of our technology and equipment. If the sitting government wants asylum somewhere, we should give it to them. But surely they have to believe this is a lost cause. 
4. If we need to use Afghanistan for our protective interests in the Middle East, like say a terrorist network developing there, we should use drones to eliminate them. The Drone Technology is such that we can pinpoint the room where some target is staying. Maybe we should also put out the word that if the terrorist is a target, so too will be his family. Collateral damage. 
5. As a new country (we are closing in on 240 years,) we are still too idealistic and optimistic to understand the politics, religion and social truths of a second century society. It is a waste of time and lives of our fellow countrymen to concentrate on a country of savages. 
You can’t fight something you can’t understand. You can’t win the hearts and minds of the heartless and soulless. You can’t honestly say that whatever we did there was a success. It is time for the American military to leave. They should take their skills, their honor and their commitment to another conflict somewhere down the line. Preferably to a nation that thinks chopping off the hand that feeds them is an honorable practice. It’s time to let the bastards starve to death and rot in the desert hills they so cherish.


At 3:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This damn war is decimating our military and the government seems oblivious to this fact. We will pay a price long after the war is over and we've pulled our men and women home. The suicide rate is the highest it's ever been and there are reasons for that. The President needs to order our troops home and screw the Afghans.

Bruce J. Simpson

At 3:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Before the professor chimes in on his visit to Palm Springs, I wanted to let you all know that the team of Gleason/Cassidy defeated the crooners, Crosby and Martin. I scored my 7th Career Hole in One using a Niblick on the 335 Yard Par 4 9th Hole! Natalie Wood looked beautiful as always, but Marilyn again failed to show up making some excuse about a rendezvous with one of the Kennedys. I had dinner with Bob Hope before Frank's Lear Jet sped me home to Scranton/WB. Also worthy of note, former President Eisenhower came out in support of Barrack Obama saying that he is disgusted with the Republican Party's choice of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan and he again warned of the Military Industrial Complex and unnecessary involvement in War! Ike looks great. I did not see the Professor, but there is more than one Championship Course in the Springs.


At 8:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did anyone NOT see this happening when our president announced to the world when we were pulling out? Then leave a minimum number of troops to really encourage the enemy and discourage any ally. This was so tragically predictable. Obama owns it.

At 12:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous spews the blame everything on President Obama theory. Another dopey REPUG!

At 2:12 AM, Blogger Big Dan said...

Well put, sir! Half our federal budget is bombing people in other countries. The other half is everything else combined. Eisenhower, the Republican president the Republicans never mention (they go back to Reagan, no others existed), said "BEWARE THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX" in his farewell address.

At 2:13 AM, Blogger Big Dan said...

Well put, sir! Half our federal budget is bombing people in other countries. The other half is everything else combined. Eisenhower, the Republican president the Republicans never mention (they go back to Reagan, no others existed), said "BEWARE THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX" in his farewell address.

At 3:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The announced date did absolutely nothing to make things worse. Do you think even for a moment that these dirt-bags would have done less if the deadline was not set? Be real! They kill for the sake of killing but I agree 100% that we need to leave there now, right now. The bad guys infiltrating the government forces, be it army or police is impossible to stop. When they have the belief that if killed in the act of killing an infidel in a declared Jihad they will go to heaven and we all know the reward, how do you stop them? When the goal is to die in "battle" not an army on earth can win that war. Mr Simpson is dead on, bring them home today.

At 8:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anybody remember Vietnam! Anybody?
We pull out and down the tubes they go. Why bother in the first place is the lesson we never learn.
WAR!!! What is it good for?
Cue up the record, Yonks.


At 8:14 AM, Anonymous Professor Milburn Cleaver, OPA said...

Good morning Students,

I can see that some of you look bleary eyed from your weekend drinking and gambling experiences. To the fellow in the back with the arm cast---please refrain from seeking autographs to make you feel special until after class. Remember, if you are going to play with fire a.k.a. bookies, you must pay the price one way or another.

The business of this classroom goes forward………


I am sorry to have to return to this musty classroom this morning. The stench of alcohol is turning my stomach, especially after the wonderful few days I have enjoyed. As a guest of several entrepreneur friends at the Westin Mission Hills Resort in Palm Springs I feel recharged. Not only from the great golf course and game, the delicious food----if you make it there someday try the lobster, but also the in depth intelligent conversation. My friends and myself came to an agreement that the election is over and it will only be a ceremonial walk to home plate for President Elect Romney. I had a very enjoyable conversation with a Physician who told me that the implementation of Obamacare will basically break the American Health care system. As he stated: “We have the greatest health care in the world. And now thanks to this insane bill we are going to have government all over our backs.” He continued, “And now, just wait to see all the freeloaders who will be banging down the doors over their hypochondria!” The good doctor also stated that he expects a swelling of certain types of people who will come in for anti-depressants. “I tell you this, I guarantee you this, they will be charging like wild dogs into doctors’ offices all over the nation for their Xanax, Prozac, you name it. It happens a lot now, but those are the ones on welfare. Soon enough, everyone will be on welfare!” I assured the doc (who was not a part of our group) that Obamacare would soon be repealed after Romney is elected.

We also discussed the latest polls. Standing on the green with the bright warm sun shining down, we talked of how the latest polling is insignificant. How the media is upping the numbers to make a “show of it”. My one friend said that he could not blame them. “They are in business….and the business of business is to garner a profit!” We all concurred. At the ninth hole, we concluded that even the liberal scribes like Chris Matthews already know that this is over. Look for the Matthews, Maddow and Uger crowd to begin changing their optimistic tones by the third week of October.

Anyway, I wish all you imbeciles would have the opportunity that I’ve had; to get away for a few days. Maybe someday if you apply yourselves at least one of you in this room will. But I suspect, judging by your grade point averages that the idea of a vacation for you will be a quick weekend in Atlantic City playing the slots. Or, at best, a week long every five year jaunt to Ocean City, Md.

IN closing, I would like to inform you that I will no longer be providing what have been dead on accurate jobs number predictions/calculations. It would be a waste of my time as the September jobs numbers will now be irrelevant this late in the race (even the liberal scribes will agree with me on this). I will however be critiquing the upcoming debate come Thursday morning’s class. Although the contest of wits and will has not yet occurred, I shall state my prediction now: Romney in a sound bite TKO!!! Language the you compulsives can as you say “dig”.

Something to think about this morning………
Class Dismissed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At 12:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

agree wit ya yonk. the simple fact is that obama is gwbushes 3rd term.

At 12:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you may haveoverstated your case a bit, but you are right. Why it should be our mission to democratize civilizations that know nothing about it and don't particularly want it is a mystery to me. this whole "nation building" idea is doomed to failure. Each nation must make its own decisions and build itself into whatever it wants to become. all we seem to do is create new and different enemies.

At 1:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What the hell is a bookie, and how is it at all relevant to young people in the 21st century?

At 5:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why it should be our mission to democratize independence in people that know nothing about it and don't particularly want it is a mystery to me. this whole "bail 'em out" idea is doomed to failure.

At 9:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the President had any guts, he would have pulled out of there after the first friendly fire MURDER!

At 1:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo, Prof,

Where and what do you teach?
Its a legimate question and respectfully asked.

A Kings College Sophomore

At 4:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rule # 1. Once you enter a war YOU DO NOT PUT A TIMETABLE ON IT!!!!! Its over when the opponent surrenders or is killed off. PERIOD

We have NEVER won a war with any timetable announced.


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