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The LuLac Edition #2286, December 5th, 2012

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Rarely do losing candidates for local office recognition after the big fight. After all, to the victor belong the spoils. But the Times Letter had a letter in the paper today lauding Aaron Kaufer’s effort against long time incumbent Phyllis Mundy. Mundy, because of her record, longevity and recognition was going to win. But Kaufer gave it a good fight. And Kaufer did indeed have help from the State GOP in the form of contributions for mailings and other things. The key here for the statewide GOP and the newly formed Luzerne County GOP is not let a candidate like Kaufer or his enthusiasm die on the vine. Kaufer needs to be cultivated as a party leader and should get unopposed support for the next open election he runs for that has an open seat. The Luzerne and Lackawanna County Republican parties are full of the strewned bodies of candidates that took legitimate shots, not once but twice and sometimes three times and then either changed parties or just dropped out. As my good friend Jimmy O’Meara says, “You don’t recruit your candidates in the February meeting of an election year”. The Republican party has many true believers who’s national philosophy is 1000% against everything I stand for. But locally, they believe in good government and can only add positives to the cesspools we’ve endured. The people recognize the quality of an Aaron Kaufer candidacy, now the party he belongs to better find a role for him to sustain his enthusiasm. Here’s that letter: 
Kudos to Aaron Kaufer for impressive effort.
 I would like to take this time to congratulate Mr. Aaron Kaufer on the fine showing during the recent elections. No, Mr. Kaufer did not win his bid for state representative against Phyllis Mundy. But, Mr. Kaufer, you have nothing of which to be ashamed. In fact, you should hold your head high. This was your first time running in any kind of election, and, against Mrs. Mundy, who has served 22 years as our state representative, you held your own. You received 44 percent of the votes. You did an outstanding job of showing people in the 120th district that you cared about all of us and that you had great plans for the district. Mr. Kaufer, you knocked on doors, stopped people on he streets, and advertised on TV. You’re young and you showed you have the qualifications to become a great state representative in the future. So, Mr. Kaufer, take this experience and build on it. I’m sure if you continue to show you care, you will win the next time around. So, watch out Mrs. Mundy, Mr. Kaufer is in town. 
Charles Reisser Sr.
Kingston, Pa


At 4:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Truth is Yonk that if you are that different than the national GOP then how can you be so supportive of the local GOP candidates. Don't you realize that every organization is only as sound as its' foundation? By supporting the local GOP, you are indeed supporting the national GOP. If the Democrats are not putting forth good candidates then I have a flash for you, good Democrats are not making themselves available. I offer two examples of how the Party, D or R do not do much on a local level. In the past few years, Bob Morgan and Wil Toole both put themselves up for election and did so on their own dime. Neither received any real help from the Democrat Organization and neither were recruited as knowledgeable candidates. I bring them up only because both have had some impact on your blog. I don't know if either of these two gentlemen are interested in further campaigning but you can bet that if they do, it will have nothing to do with the Democrat Party. That's the one thing the Democrat Party has in common with the Republican Party, neither do a damn thing. And before anyone should ask, I am not Bob Morgan or Wil Toole but I do admire both men.

At 8:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

4:35 is totally correct. The Democrat Party was next to useless in the county wide election for County Council. In fact, my district rep refused to have anything to do with it!Support? Not a mailing, not a dime, no advice, nothing. The one thing we asked for, was never delivered. The only one I know of that has any real interest in party politics is Casey Evans.

Bruce J. Simpson


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