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The LuLac Edition #2451, June 20th, 2013

Some seasonal  Women Shoppers of Wal-Mart. (Photo: Sue Henry Facebook page). 


If there is a Liquor Bill by the end of this Legislative session in Harrisburg and it allows for beer or wine to be sold in retail stores, look out! Sources tell me that Wal-Mart is already making plans to scoop up as many licenses or permissions as they can to sell booze. And being Wal-Mart, they will demand and get the lowest prices. My main problem with privatization is that it will take the liquor out of a controlled environment and make it the old wild west again. Not to be a snob here because once in a while I’ll frequent a Wal-Mart. 
But do you want to put beer and wine in the hands of an 8 dollar an hour part time employee? Do you want some of the Wal Mart customers (and yes we are all God’s children but…) to have such easy access to booze at a cheap price? 
I’m hoping that cooler and saner heads prevail but I’m not confident of that. Wal Marts are the wrong place for beer and wine. They make enough money on everything else.
Former President Bill Clinton with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. (Photo: CNN).


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie met with former President Bill Clinton the other day. He of course embraced President Obama and when the President visited the state during Hurricane Sandy. Christie took a lot of heat from the GOP right wing who would rather be righteous than win elections. But what if Christie after winning the New Jersey Governorship this year (and it is likely) what if he were t abandon the GOP and become a Democrat? Think about it. If he announces in the GOP 2016 race, he won’t get past Iowa, and North Caroline. He might have a shot in New Hampshire. But he will have a major problem securing the heart and soul of the right wing. If Hillary Clinton decides not to run, that’s an opening. Or if Hillary does run, how about Christie as the tough talking VEEP? Stranger things have happened.
Congressman Matt Cartwright. (Photo: LuLac archives).
Cartwright Introduces Bill to Make the Right to Vote Accessible for All 
U.S. Rep. Matt Cartwright recently introduced the Time Off to Vote Act (H.R. 2350). The legislation would require employers to grant their workers at least two hours of paid leave to vote in federal elections. Such a provision already exists in 24 states, and this bill would act to ensure that citizens everywhere have a voice in their government, regardless of where they happen to work. “At a time when some states are actually going out of their way to attempt to make it more difficult for Americans to vote, we must understand that the right to vote is essential to our democracy,” said Cartwright. “While the days of poll taxes and literacy tests are behind us, impediments to voting still remain.” Employers in 26 states are not required to give their workers paid leave to vote. In 19 states, employers are not required to let their employees leave work to vote at all. In this environment, employees can be actively prohibited by their employers from leaving work to vote, and many others choose not to attend the polls because they simply cannot afford the 1-3 hours of unpaid time that voting often requires. For example, an individual working a 40-hour job at minimum wage would forgo 5% of their weekly salary if they take off two hours to vote. “We can no longer afford laws that push people out of the electorate. For the United States to be a true democracy, every eligible American must be able to cast a ballot without suffering a burdensome economic sacrifice,” said Cartwright. “Voting should not be a luxury that only the well-off can afford.” Cartwright was sworn into congress on January 3rd of this year. 



Summer is officially here and ECTV Live hosts Tom Munley and David DeCosmo will be discussing many of the free summer programs offered by Lackawanna County on their program during the week of June 24th. ECTV Live can be seen on Comcast Ch19 at Noon and Midnight throughout the week.  


This Week on Sunday Magazine Brian Hughes speaks with author and chiropractor Joe Leonardi about the IRS and NSA scandals, as well as his new book, "America Enslaved". Magic 93's Frankie in the Morning speaks with Will Beakman, Director of Programming at the Kirby Center, about their upcoming season. And an encore of Brian's interview with Russ Madlener from Microsofy about "the future of work" and cloud computing. Sunday Magazine, Sunday morning at 5am on Great Country 93.7, 5:30am on 97BHT, 6am on 97.9X, 6:25am on Magic 93, and 7am on True Oldies 590, WARM.  


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The show will feature an interview with Lackawanna County DA Andy Jarbola about the starvation death of a Taylor man and the subsequent arrest of three family members, as well as an interview with one of the officers who responded to and prosecuted the Pestinikas case in the 1980s in Lackawanna County, a back and forth thumb wrestling match with the UFCW and Commonwealth Foundation over liquor store privatization and details of the R3 OPS Mud Run in July which will benefit local charities. Special Edition is on Saturday at 2 p.m.; Sunday at 7 p.m on WILK.
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Strikes start in Poland (Ursus, Radom, Płock) after communists raise food prices; they end on June 30 The CN Tower is built in Toronto; the tallest free-standing land structure opens to the public. In Pennsylvania, Governor Milton Shapp says he will lead the delegation to the Democratic National Convention in New York City. Shapp who ran for President said as Governor, it is his right, duty and responsibility to do so…….in Wilkes Barre, Mayor Walter Lisman urges the Wilkes Barre Redevelopment Authority to continue its plan to rehabilitate the southern end of South Main Street at the corner of Northampton and S. Main…and 37 years ago the number 1 song in Lulac land and America was “Turn the Beat Around” by Vicki Sue Robinson.


At 6:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re-Liquor Sales
Cooler and saner heads prevail?
Because you disagree, it must be wrong? Cheaper booze will be sold at more than a WalMart. "They make enough money on everything else" c'mon Yonki, you didn't really say that did you? Now you're going to dictate what a business can sell based on their profit margin? Free enterprise my man.

At 9:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Matt found a way to buy votes using other peoples money. Classic pi lawyer

At 10:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree 6:27. Yonki's been buying the class warfare angle. Why not provide affordable alcohol to those at the lower end of the pay scale?

I've been shopping at WalMart for the last 2-3 years. It has extended my food budget and I am glad there is a store that can. The only difference between what I buy there and what I used to buy at other places is the money I save and the gas I don't use.

Funny how some political persuasions like to dictate all kinds of choices. Today Yonki is dictating where I can buy my booze and yesterday our President was claiming catholic education was divisive! (yeah, look it up Yonk)

The tea party is looking better and better as a choice for no other reason than they allow for choice.

I must thank you Yonki - you have forced me to pay attention to more things than I'm used to.

At 10:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is another "law looking for a reason".

You are going to make the employer burden the cost of voting?

There has always been some responsibility on the voter to get to the polls.

Wouldn't it be better to keep the polls open longer? 6AM to 10PM? Upgrade the polling systems for better return/response.

Have we forgotten to think for ourselves?

At 10:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Dave

Florida has privatized liquor distribution. It is regulated and enforced by state, county and city entities.

Initially I was astounded to see Beer and Wine sales out of gas station convenience stores - talk about drinking and driving! But I notice more on the Dallas and Souci highways when I'm in town. Now it's nice to see even our Florida WaWa stores will sell you a case of beer when you need it.

There are large chains that provide a wide array of choices for liquor, wine and beer at competitive prices. There are also well stocked smaller specialty outlets. New brews are given a chance to compete with the big boys.

It was a great day when Yeungling bought the Busch brewery and I could get a Black & Tan whenever I wanted it. Grocery stores have a beer aisle.

Bottom line: I hope PA gets rid of the LCB and State Store system. A good, knowledgeable SS worker will be an asset in the new system and an opportunity to own an outlet.
Every time I visit a PA state store I routinely notice the lack of choice and customer service and wonder why I am charged a 'premium'.
I think my friends in NEPA deserve the kind of access and pricing I have. The transition may not be perfect or smooth and in the end it is up to the citizens to make sure it works correctly.

At 11:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"For example, an individual working a 40-hour job at minimum wage would forgo 5% of their weekly salary if they take off two hours to vote."

So less than $20 is too much to make your voice heard? IS HE INSANE???!!!

2 packs of smokes. Half case of Miller Light. 6 Abe's hot dogs. 1 bottle of wine.

Plan for election night.

At 11:40 PM, Blogger JimboBillyBob said...


Less than 25% of the electorate bothered to vote locally in what I consider the most important election: The Municipal Primary. Getting time off from work had no impact on that election. Mr. Cartwright is proposing "feel good" legislation that won't attack the core issue of voter apathy.

For the United States to be a true democracy, every eligible American simply has to get off their backside and vote. Folks need to realize you get what didn't vote for ...and what you didn't bother to vote against.

At 5:56 AM, Anonymous Pope George Ringo said...

In response to your post on Christie:
The secret to success as a "party switcher" or a more negative phrase, "party turncoat" is to leave your party prior to seeking re-election. Then you run for office seeking your 'new' party's nomination.
If Christie left the GOP after winning re-election (and he's a shoo-in) he would be perceived as an opportunist.
For all his popularity, he has a ghost of a chance of winning the nominiation in 2016 as the GOP will still be controlled by the far right.
My advice to him would be to sit it out until 2020, stay in the GOP and then seek the nomination.
The GOP is bound to be obligated to return to sanity by that time or face complete oblivion as a viable national party.
BY then, his term as Governor in Jersey will be over and as a former Gov. he will have the time to completely concentrate on a campaign.
And suppose Clinton is elected in '16, if things are going well in '20 for her he would best be advised to wait until 2024 (he will only be 62 years old--still in the average age for most Presidents--and would not have to worry about facing an incumbent.
When you look at Christie, by the way, he is far removed from the thinking of every day Democrats. HE looks good now simply because we need to look at the rest of his party to whom he is being compared.
In other words, a confidence man compared to an ax murder looks quite appealing if you have to decide which one you would want to spend time in a stuck elevator with.
Bless You.

At 8:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yonki, Yonki, Yonki!

At 10:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really don't get your fascist streak? Control?
Really, when I was a kid in Pittston, we gave the town drunk a few dollars, and he would go into the state store buy us MadDogg 20/20, and we would get liqured up all weekend.
How many states have state stores? Are they all lawless areas of drunkards, any less than Northeast PA, which has a huge drinking problem.

At 10:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wake up people, the privatization of liquor is a terrible idea and not because of cost, cheap or availability, THE PROBLEM IS TGHE REVENUE LOST BY THE STATE! Who do you think will make up the shortfall once this revenue is gone? You and me and that's pure bullshit. I'm sick to death of the friggin Republicans taking care of business as they screw the people and take from the working poor and the working poor is everybody not in the 2% group. Its once again all about money and we the stupid people will once again argue over silliness as go who we buy from and where we buy from when the real issue is loss of revenue to the state. STOP THE NONCENSE!

At 10:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really like our Congressman but this is a step too far. We have the ability to vote in person from 7 AM to 8 PM and if you can't get there during those 13 hours, you can vote absentee. No employer large or small should be forced to pay people to vote. Of course, dong so would be a great incentive to get more people to vote but I'm still against the idea. Time off without pay is not a good idea either..... If an employer an do without and employee for two hours plus lunch and break time, it just might be that the employee is simply not needed so away with another job.

At 6:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


What a stupid ass reason for the state to exercise any control over our lives.

State stores are an anachronism that need to go away.

At 6:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Go back to basic economics and learn HOW the liquor is taxed. They are NOT removing the taxes. The tax is on wholesale. Relax friend. You're too quick on the "blame the republican" button. Check your Pa. history notebook - and see who saddled us with the taxes. #predictable

At 11:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I oppose privatization. But it doesn't matter. It's a horrible idea, yes, but Corbett and the Tea Party won. We lost. We can complain all we like, and it certainly sucks, but that's the reality. They're going to do it no matter what we say, so really, what's the point in trying to stop it?

At 8:18 AM, Blogger David Yonki said...

Anonymous Pope George Ringo said...
In response to your post on Christie:

At 12:00 PM, Anonymous Pope George Ringo said...

RE> D. Yonki,

Thanks for your kind comments. I always enjoy LuLac!!!
God Bless.


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