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The LuLac Edition #2659, May 19th, 2014


Candidate for Lt. Governor Brad Koplinski.
Brad Koplinski, a Democrat running for Pennsylvania Lt. Governor had a campaign stop and press conference near the Chapin Glycol Dehydration Station on Rt. 29 in Monroe Township today The conference will be at the Lewis home, one of the families involved in a 29 plaintiff lawsuit against Regency Energy Partners, current owners of the plant.
The Chapin Station has had a dozen incidents over the past year and a half including a noisy release of 5.2 million cubic feet of methane in the early morning hours the night before Thanksgiving last year.
Brad is the only candidate who favors a moratorium on gas drilling until it’s problems can be rectified.
“It is evident in Pennsylvania that the natural gas boom is encroaching on residential and agricultural areas. This problematic Chapin Glycol Dehydration Station is a prime example of bad decisions by Governor Tom Corbett and the legislators who voted yes to Act 13, which stripped away local zoning laws protecting these people. Taxing the industry is not enough to solve these problems. We need to protect our citizen’s by letting municipalities strengthen their local laws so that industrial facilities stay in designated industrial zones, so the people can have quiet enjoyment of their homes, without chemical trespass and other problems. The state constitution guarantees Pennsylvanians the right to clean air and water, and to preserve our natural recourses for generations to come, and I want to see that it is carried through.”
Brad Koplinski is a Democrat running for Lt. Governor tomorrow.


Here’s what you need to know:
Voters approved a Government Charter Commission to study the revamping of the Lackawanna County Government.
7 members were elected. Robert Weber, Michael Gianetta, Chuck Volpe, Mary Jo Sheridan); 1 David Wenzel); Jerry Notarianni); and Lyn Ruane.
Those 7 members including former GOP  Mayor Dave Wenszel and Democratic Party leader Jerry Notariani voted with the other five reformers to change the government to a 7 member panel with an elected manager.
Chuck Volpe the head of the effort has been criticized because people are saying he wants to be the king of the Lac. Same thing was said about Kingston Mayor Jim Haggerty in the Lu two years ago. He’s still the Mayor of Kingston.
Volpe has said he will not accept a position or do any business with the new government as long as he lives.
The current County Commissioners say the that there should not be a change.
The Scranton Times says the current form of government is okay too.
Both entities say its about the people not the form of Government. Same thing two guys, Greg Skrepenak and Todd Vonderheid said in Luzerne County 11 years ago. Beforer the crap hit the proverbial fan. 
This is all you need to know about the proposed change in government as you decide to vote in the Lac tomorrow.
As that noted philosopher Forrest Gump used to say, “That all I got to say about that!”


Elections will be held tomorrow for State Committee members. Let’s start with the Lac because it is a more uncomplicated ballot. The Democrats must elect 3 males and three females. Those running:
Germaine Helcoski, Moosic.
Chris Musti, Scranton.
Stanley A Romanoski, Jr. Scranton.
Colleen Eagen Gerrity, Scranton.
Roxanne Pauline, Taylor.
Ryan P. Smith, Dunmore.
Kyle Donahue, Scrnton.
Frances Ann Gatto Romanoski, Scranton.
On the GOP side, you must pick one male, one female and a third of either gender. Those running are:
William T. Jones, South Abington Township.
Laureen A. Cumming, Old Forge.
M. Vincent Cruciani, Clarks Summit.
In the Lu, on the Democratic side you pick 3 men and three women: Here’s the line up.
Rebecca Sammon, Rice Twp.
Attorney Mike Cefalo, West Pittston
Coreen Milazzo, Jenkins Township.
Thomas Shubilla Plains.
John Zyla, Newport Twp.
Paul Dzinski, Wyoming Borough
Cassandra Coleman Corcoran Exeter
Paul J. Maher, Wilkes Barre.
On the GOP side:
Lynnete Villano, West Pittston.
Santo Agati. Harveys Lake
James O’Meara Senior Plains Twp.
William V. Lewis Jenkins Township
Stephen J. Urban Wilkes Barre
Lorri Vandermark Plymouth
David Baloga Lake Township
Margaret E. Phillips. Dallas, Twp.


LuLac will be on Pa. Live tomorrow afternoon at 4pm with Dave Kuharchik and Jasmine Brooks. 
On the WBRE TV's Eyewittness News at Daybreak the day after election starting at 5am. . 
And on the Sue Henry program on WILK Radio at 9:30AM.


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