Thursday, September 18, 2014

The LuLac Edition #2733, September 18th, 2014


First off the blatant assassination of a State Trooper last week was horrible. There is a suspect and he is a person dubbed as a “survivalist”. Ironic that this person played war games, thought of himself as a military man and seemed oh so nasty chose a the most cowardly way to kill someone. Now “the survivalist” is said to be in hiding. Because that what all cowards, cunning or not do. In the meantime they buried the State Trooper Bryon Dickson today who served his state by doing a thankless job fighting crime. Not from the shadows but on the front lines, face to face. That’s what real men do Mr. Survivalist, that’s what REAL MEN do!


Dallas Cowboy Michael Sam. (Photo: ESPN.Com)
When Michael Sam the first publicly announced gay players was drafted earlier this year, the big hue and cry was that his sexuality was going to offer a big distraction to the NFL. Thousands of words were written by scribes who pondered how America would treat him, how his team mates would accept him and just what team would choose him. After the Rams tabbed him, there was speculation as to how long he would stay. Then when he did get cut, people argued if that was fair or not.
Samm is now with the Cowboys Practice squad. Bu no one is saying a word about it because the NFL had bigger problems with heterosexual lunk head thugs who thought it was perfectly acceptable to beat on their women. Then the NFL Commissioner was taken to task for his very weak condemnation of their actions. It is even said that he might lose the job he has coveted most in life because he treated the thugs as athletic Gods who could do no wrong. Harm to some but no wrong on the playing field.
What Goodell and his minions have not noticed is this. People in America are football crazy. They don’t give a rat’s ass if Ray Rice pummeled his wife in an elevator. Women even wore his jersey. It is not about the player but the game. Goodell would have been better off to send these guys packing. Oh there might have been some heat for a few weeks but he would have done the right thing for his integrity and in the long run the game he so loves.
To prove my point, please tell me who the running back was on the Ravens before Ray Rice and who was the guy who Adrian Peterson replaced?
You can’t. The games go on. The players are interchangeable. Mrs. LuLac’s late boss Joan Costello used to say “No one is irreplaceable”. By thinking his mighty players gods were, Roger Goodell just may find out he is not the indispensable man he fashioned himself to be.

Cartwright Applauds Inclusion of His Legislation in Appropriations Bill for 2nd Year; Will Provide Pay Raise to Nearly 2,000 Blue-Collar Federal Workers at Tobyhanna Army Depot

Congressman Matt Cartwright. (Photo: LuLc archives)
U.S. Representative Matt Cartwright released the following statement after the passage (319-108) of H.J.Res. 124 the Continuing Appropriations Resolution, 2015. The legislation provides funding for the U.S. Federal Government operations through December 11, 2014:
"I am thrilled that this appropriations bill has once again adopted the language from the Wage Grade Employee Parity Act, which I introduced in November, 2013. The legislation and its inclusion provides nearly 2,000 Wage Grade (WG), or hourly, employees at Tobyhanna Army Depot and nearly a quarter million blue-collar federal workers across the country a 1% Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) in addition to the 1% COLA received over the past fiscal year.
"Additionally, the inclusion of the 1% COLA will positively affect hourly workers at both the Social Security Dock and Veterans Hospital in Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne County. I’d like to thank the Committee on Appropriations for again including my legislation and recognizing the important contributions of our blue-collar federal workers."
Rep. Matt Cartwright represents Pennsylvania’s 17th Congressional District, which includes Schuylkill County and portions of Carbon, Lackawanna, Luzerne, Monroe, and Northampton Counties. Cartwright serves on the House Committee on Natural Resources and the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. Cartwright News Release.



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This Week on Sunday Magazine

Part 1 of Brian Hughes' 2 part interview with judicial activist Bruce Levin and Lou Jasikoff from the Wilkes Barre/Scranton Independent Gazette about the difficulties with Lackawanna County Family Court.
Magic 93's Frankie in the Morning speaks with Karen from PROSPER about their 5K Run/Walk next Saturday in Scranton to benefit drug and alcohol prevention programs.
And Brian speaks with Cindy Gentry from the Life Happens Foundation about the importance of life insurance for the "Millennial Generation. Sunday Magazine, Sunday morning at 5am on NASH-FM, 93.7, 5:30am on 97BHT, 6am on 97.9X, and 6:25am on Magic 93.


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Our 1974 logo.


Lou Brock ties (104) & then sets (105) baseball stolen base mark…NY Dolls disband.Portugal recognizes independence of Rep of Guinea-Bissau....Teuvo Louhivouri sets cycling distance record of 515.8 mi in 24 hrs....Cards beat Mets, 4-3, in 25 innings record 202 plate appearances, Félix Millán & John Milner come to bat 12 times each...Coup overthrows Emperor Haile Selassie in Ethiopia (National Day)...Jeff "Skunk" Baxter joins Doobie Brothers 1st broadcast of "Rockford Files" on NBC-TV

The Phillies set NL record, using 27 players in a game, St Louis uses 24, tying record of 51. Phils win 7-3 in 17……………in Pennsylvania Governor Milton Shapp proclaims that in his first term Pennsylvania tackled tough issues that were ignored by previous administrations. His opponent Drew Lewis paints the Shapp administration as riddle with corruption and as a tax and spend government…in Luzerne County word goes through the political grapevine that a charter study commission question will be put on the ballot in 1975 and forty years ago this week the number one song in LuLac land and America was "Then Came You" by Dionne Warwick & the Spinners.



At 11:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

John Wilkes Booth needed to be captured alive to be tried. Same for Lee Harvey Oswald. There were
questions to be answered or at least asked. This ass**** “sniper” is a different story. There are no answers.
He is just crazy! I say Shoot the Mother****** on site with a high powered weapon. More than once if necessary!

At 3:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

At times such as these families of criminals can say nothing or something stupid. The shooters father says he taught him how to shoot and he doesnt miss. However it was intended, it comes off as wrong. Congrats, dad! His young sister says he is not a psycho. In that case what is he? She also says he has feelings too. Young lady he forfeited his right to feelings and you'll get no sympathy for him from any sane person. He is a coward and a psycho. He murdered a man who was everything he wasnt and never could be, Brave and Responsible. I agree with the previous poster. This less than human being must be tracked down and shot. Chances are he will take the cowards way out and take his own worthless life. Meanwhile my thoughts and prayers are with the slain officers family and with the injured trooper and his family. God will forgive me if I am heartless in my thoughts. Some deserve consideration and mercy. Some do not. The choice here is crystal clear.

At 1:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The shooter is not nor ever was a "survivalist".

Change the heading, he is a bushwhacker.

Upon being found guilty: death by a volunteer State Police firing squad - immediately. No appeal necessary.

At 1:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Note to Cartwright: Please call it a 1% raise since the Cost Of Living is substantially higher. Unless COLA stands for Cost Of Living ALMOST.

Obvious you don't do your own shopping sir.

At 1:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We need to look up the definition of fan (fanatic): a person filled with excessive and single-minded zeal, filled with or expressing excessive zeal.

With the loss of "something to believe in" - religion, traditional institutions and the like - we are left to invest our selves in sports, political parties and beliefs, musicians, etc.

Also let's say a sales clerk at Home Depot knocks out his wife at the Casino Hotel or is seen using a switch (not from the lighting section) on his child or head butts his wife at a back yard picnic: do we fire the Home Depot manager? Ask the CEO to step down? Do we even expect them to be involved?

While a PR nightmare this does not rise to the level of Goodall resigning.

Next time any of us are at a high school sporting event look at those kids and think:
"How many of them are in the "machine" - being groomed for the colleges and major leagues. Am I allowing them to be treated differently and tacitly contributing to the delinquency of an adult?"

Again Goodall should not be held responsible for the damaged human beings we have created and offered the NFL.

Google Jameis Winston.

These are issues first and foremost for law enforcement.

At 8:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once more great thoughts on the NFL. Godell didn't need to pamper these wife beaters because unlike the NBA or MLB, football fans gravitate toward the team.
Why do you think college football is so popular? A lot of names who become names because the media machine has propped them up.

At 6:03 AM, Anonymous Joe said...

As is coming out in dribs and drabs, the NFL commissioner knew more and knew it earlier. As with Nixon, it isn't the "crime" it is the civet up.
Godell handled this poorly from the beginning. As with CTE and dopping up players with painkillers and not providing informed consent, his pattern has been one of deceit and subterfuge.
Whether he needs to go, that depends on not the owners, but fans and sponsors. As long as people keep watching, attending and spending their money~ they give tacit approval to all that has gone on, and will continue to go on.
The NFL is about money, lots of money, as long as the flow of money remains uninterrupted, the league will continue to pay lip service in the form of sensitivity training, and keep one eye blind abd the othet counting the loot.

At 7:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

With all the problems in the NFL and society in the news, the biggest insult to the Heisman trophy since OJ Simpson gets out of line again (not criminal this time) and receives a 2 Quarter suspension (since upgraded to a full game) at Florida State a school with many and continuing issues where football comes first!
This kid by the way has a weekly press conference. Its not difficult to see where the troubles begin and its long before the NFL. As a former athlete of marginal success and talent I have come to view our obsession with sports as a danger to society! I no longer follow pro football and consider pro basketball a joke. We old timers still have baseball and for that I am thankful especially at this time of year. The purpose of college, over priced as it now is, was originally to educate not entertain and create one and done demigods! Wake up America. Lets put sports and athletes in perspective. Talented as they may be they are overpaid and worshiped to a frightening degree. Jonas Salk took minimal payment for curing polio! Ask one of today's star jocks who he was and I am confident few will know.
Its a sad commentary on what has become a me first greed driven country with a truly lost sense of values.


At 11:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And yet NFL teams will be fighting for the chance to draft this loser from FSU! Goodell was supposed to be a tough sheriff and turned out to be another pawn in the greed game. He's history, but little will change. Joe and Pete are on point.



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