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The LuLac Edition #2750, October 13th, 2014

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1. You mentioned the various formats for the Gubernatorial debate this year in previous LuLacs. Do you think they were effective and should have featured more public participation?

I think they were an interesting blend of formats. I think that it was an advantage for Tom Corbett in the first debate to speak before a business friendly atmosphere, I mean there was a lot of applause for him.
I’m not a fan of audience participation in debates because sometimes you get some person with an agenda or someone who wants to star in a public forum. I will never forget Mrs. LuLac telling me about the Looney Tune at a Joan Rivers concert who took up twenty minutes talking about herself before she got to her question. Rivers was kind. I’ve see moderators, even on a national level not being to handle a debate when the audience is involved. I like the fact that in the last debate the audience got a chance to write in their questions. That’s the way to go.

2. How about those Baseball playoff games and who are you rooting for now that the Pirates and Indians are not in the hunt?

Incredible. Sad to say I have not seen a lot of innings but I plan to watch more. I’m rooting for the Orioles because my former pastor of our church Father Joe Greskiewicz is an Orioles fan. Plus Buck Showalter needs a break. He built up the Yanks, Diamondbacks and Rangers and got the boot before the team reached the promised land. My dad was a Cardinals fan, my cousin Bob is a Giants fan and I love the Cinderella nature of the Royals. I’m just hoping every game goes to the max of 7 games.

3. You had a rather cantankerous exchange with L.A. Tarone on his radio show in late September regarding the Wolf/Corbett race. How are you guys now?

Fine. You should have seen us on WYLN TV during the time The Affordable Care Act was being debated. L.A. is passionate about his beliefs and so am I when I am all in for a candidate. Since LuLac started, that has only happened twice. L.A.’s audience is not going to be very receptive to what I might have to say but that’s okay. I got some help from the hills of Dallas when Duke phoned in.

4. Candy corn or apples?

C’mon if I say candy corn, Mrs. LuLac and Doctor Joe Leonardi are going to be on my case. Apples of course.

5.  It seems like there is going to be a big fight for control of the Senate. I know you are rooting for the Democrats but what would your dream scenario be?

Okay. This President has found that some of his Democratic Senators have not been terribly supportive. Especially on guns and immigration. For me as a blogger I’d love to see a 50-50 tie in the Senate. That would put Vice President Joe Biden front and center. Wildly entertaining. But there is an independent running in Kansas in a one on one race so we’ll have to see where he lands on the issues.

6. It has been a few years since the Luzerne County Charter was set in motion. More than a few people have said they made a mistake by voting for it. Do you feel the same way?

Absolutely not. They may bicker like old ladies across the fence but that action is out in the open. Let them go back and forth on about chickens, toy aircraft, whatever. It’s all in the open.

7. Do you get to eat any of that great food on Pa Live when you’re on the show?

I don’t stay because it smells so good. They have some of the very best chefs and eateries on that show. The aroma alone just adds 5 pounds.

8. Why was Blogfest scheduled so late?

Commitments and busy schedules on the part of the planners. We are doing something a little different this year, we’re doing it on a Thursday evening October 30th at The Red Mill. Time 6 to 10PM. If you are a candidate, observer, blogger, stop by and say hello.

9. You’ve spoken to Tom Wolf a number of times. What has impressed you the most about him personally? Is there any question you regretted not asking him?

He is just an easy guy to talk to. In my case, he remembers what I said to him the last time I saw him. I think he connects pretty well with people. Just an observation here but unlike a lot of politicians I’ve met, he’s not looking over your shoulder to see who might be more important.
Yes, I wanted to ask him if he was a Beatles or Stones guy. And that was before the second debate where a reporter quizzed Corbett and Wolf on personal likes and dislikes
10. Today is the first year anniversary of the slaying of DeeJay Moe, will justice ever be done?
Deejay and my former co worker Mike Onley. (Photo: Citizen's Voice).
Mike Onley sat across from me at work for over a year. Justice eventually will be done in my opinion because I believe there are people out there who know who did it. They just have to have the balls or the conscience to come clean. The tragedy here for his family is that this was the second child felled by gun violence. But we say no to enhanced gun legislation because the right wing screaming meemies are still saying Obama and every liberal will take away their guns.
At a Wilkes Barre Council meeting some statements were made that “The Street” knows what happened, therefore so should the police and city officials. They know nothing until somebody starts talking. You can talk all you want about what “The Street” knows but you need evidence to put someone away for this.
Mike was a remarkable guy who was very helpful to me in my initial stages of MG. I actually now sit at his desk and think about him every time I come in to work in the morning. Justice is more than “talk”, it’s about getting proof. The police and the DA have been seeking proof, now it's time for "The Street" to start talking.

11. I hear on the radio all the time that there are 22 million illegal aliens in this country? You think so?

No. There are so many lies about illegal immigration. Like 60 percent of illegals live in public housing. But yet HUD requires proof of legal status. Plus, most social welfare programs bar illegal immigrants from receiving benefits and require proof of immigration status. That includes food stamps, as well as cash welfare assistance, Medicaid, and even the new health care law. So if there are 22 million illegals, I challenge the loudmouths to tell me where the hell they are. You know if these guys were around at the turn of the century they wouldn’t be here in America. It is fear and ignorance reigning.

12. Do you think there needs to be boots on the ground in the Mideast to stop ISIS?

Yes. If we are committed to stopping this, we can’t trust anyone and oversee the operation.

13. My wife ran into a woman you used to date who said you were an egotistical clown. Thoughts?

Only one? Surely your wife needs to get out more. I’m sure there’s a club that meets quarterly in NEPA.


At 11:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

my favorite feature on lulac.

At 2:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Boots on the Ground". Man am I tired of that phrase. Most of those who call for "Boots" were never themselves "Boots" nor were their children! I realize you simply answered a question and I am forced to agree with your answer, but I hate the very idea! There are still morons around who think we can bomb countries, places and people into submission. They never studied Korea, Vietnam or the Gulf. If we are to get involved it still calls for the deaths of combat soldiers. Thats why we must be cautious and careful where we get involved. The US cannot be the worlds police force, but ISIS must be stopped! Its a hell of a spot. Damned if you do and damned if you dont! If we put those "Boots" on the ground its got to be an overwhelming force, properly equipped and prepared and with the right intelligence. Past experience proves that although we are quick to congratulate ourselves and declare "Mission Accomplished" we dont get it right and havent in 50 years! Whats going to be different this time? I demand to know before we send in those "Boots" and so should all Americans.


At 3:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did it seem to you that the former teacher was denying what she plead guilty to in court on 20/20? I guess she is the victim as she asserted that the students chased her and her husband was at fault for not paying enough attention to her. Poor girl! She said she is sick and that was the truth.

At 6:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pete makes some very good points.
For God's sake if we do anything, lets do it right. Our intelligence on ISIS so far would have us believe they appeared out of nowhere
when the truth is we didnt just underestimate them, we missed the boat again. If we are to put American lives on the line, we must be damn sure we know what we are doing and we cant do it alone or with a false coalition of Allies.

At 10:33 AM, Anonymous Bluto said...

I'm most pleased to see a discussion of the Middle East here that gets beyond the typical "let's kill all the A-Rabs."


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