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The LuLac Edition #2744, October 4th, 2014


The smiles of the Toms during debate number 2 last week. (Photo:
This time in the second debate between Tom Wolf and Tom Corbett challenger Tom Wolf came out swinging. The debate was a one hour affair hosted by KYW AM 1060 Newsradio and KYW TV. The event started at 8AM and included some heated exchanges between the two candidates.
Tom Wolf told the Governor that he (Mr. Corbett) was no great friend of education. Corbett responded that he was indeed a friend of education but not unions pointing to the support that Tom Wolf has been getting from the teachers unions in the state. It should be pointed out that Wolf in the primary was not privy to any union support, that came after his resounding win in the primary.
On the recent e mail scandal among state employees and officials, Wolf blamed the culture of the state under Corbett. The challenger said that the man at the top sets the example and this behavior should not be allowed to happen. Again pointing to his business experience, Wolf said that the example comes from the top.
Corbett countered by saying his administration had rules against it said if he had gotten a e mail like that the errant and offending (my words, not his) communications would have stopped right then and there. The Governor angrily took offense saying that the behavior is not his culture.
The candidates sparred over finances and of course education. Wolf took aim at Corbett saying he was “cooking the books” and the Governor asked if the challenger was accusing him of a crime? Wolf said that the revenues under the Corbett administration were 700 million dollars short and the Governor said it is common for government to take out Tax Anticipation notes.
The state pension system that has been kicked down the road for years was also red meat for both men. Corbett said that Wolf would not oppose cutting back on pension reform because the unions supported him, Wolf said that the reform should not be put on public sector employees.
Corbett defended his time as Attorney General saying he insisted many key GOP lawmakers and Wolf again touted his business experience as a way to lead the state in a different direction.
The one noticeable point that Wolf made at the expense of Corbett was when he said that the stat went from 9th in job creation to 47th, Corbett retorted that was untrue, Pennsylvania was 36th.
That’s the way the second exchange went down Wednesday morning. As I stated on WBRE TV’s Pa Live yesterday, I’m not quite sure that any rank and file, independent voters are tuning into these debates. With Mideast beheading, Ebola and the manhunt for the killers of a State Trooper there isn’t much time for media outlets to promote these debates.
Wolf and Corbett meet again Wednesday night in Pittsburgh for the final round. Wednesday morning’s debate will be broadcast on PCN Monday night at 6PM.


At 7:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Overall good unbiased reporting, except for your need to defend Wolf, " It should be pointed out that Wolf in the primary was not privy to any union support, that came after his resounding win in the primary."
It is irrelevant to the general election. Funny, you didn't mention Wolf's attack of Corbett on education are unfounded, and the decrease is due to Fast Eddie's re-direction of federal funds, not intended for education, into the education system.


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