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The LuLac Edition #2758, October 26th, 2014


The Third District FOP of Luzerne County met Friday night in Dupont and as usual Susan Zaykoski and Jimmy O’Meara did a bang up job organizing the event.
After opening with the Pledge and closed with having everyone stand to sing "God Bless America." The crew heard from Luzerne County Chair Bill Urbanski, who kicked things off by reminding everyone the race for Governor is tightening. Turnout for Republicans will be a big factor on Election Day.
The following candidates made presentations in this order: Doc Moylan (candidate for Congress, PA17) , Joe Albert (Candidate for State Senate District 22) and Melanie Madeira (Candidate for State House District 114). There were GOP committee members from across the region in attendance, as well as some folks who had never been to a political event of any kind. The latter, is an encouraging sign that reports of the American voter's death may be premature. Many at the rally took advantage of the
opportunity to speak to candidates one-on-one. As you know, face time with a candidate is irreplaceable.
With the Election almost upon us, many of the other candidates were at previous commitments. However according to party members, this will be looked at as another strong brick in the foundation of a new and vital regional Republican party. With "Issues and Eggs" and this Rally, the Third District has pulled off two successful events this year.
Some notes about the Luzerne County Third District: The district "map" is the same as the Luzerne County portion of House District 118. It consists of the city of Pittston, the townships of Bear Creek, Buck, Jenkins, Pittston and Plains and the boroughs of Avoca, Bear Creek Village, Dupont, Duryea, Hughestown, Laflin, Penn Lake Park and Yatesville.
The 118th, as I mentioned is split between Lackawanna and Luzerne counties, the GOP seems to be building bridges with friends from across the county lines to grow our Party. County Chairs Bill Urbanski (Luzerne) and Lance Stange (Lackawanna) deserve the hats off award for getting this all going with
their annual joint county dinners.
Whatever the outcome of this year’s election, the GOPers in both Luzerne and Lackawanna Counties, utilizing the Third District as a bridge will be heard from in the crucial local election year of 2015.
EDITOR’S NOTE: Jim O’Meara contributed to this report. 
Giving the group a pep talk, 17th District Congressional candidate Doc Moylan outlines his plans.
Melanie Madeira running in the 114th is being regarded as a rising star in the party.
State Senate candidate Joe Albert gave his take on what needs to be done in Harrisburg. Albert goes up against first term incumbent John Blake.
The Luzerne County Teenage Republicans had a display at the event. The group is open to any Luzerne County teen aged 13 and above. New members are welcome. It is a great group, and they have had the opportunity to hear from GOP candidates and elected officials. In the past year, the group got to meet and hear positions from all three GOP Congressional candidates forPA 17 and PA 120 House Candidate Aaron Kaufer. District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis met with the group in May to talk to the teens about her job. Here is GOP Teen member Sam Marranca.
Anyone requesting more information on our Teenage Republicans can email me
In addition to getting this event pulled together, Mr. O'Meara also guarded the homemade cookies. 
All photos by Susan Zaycoski.


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The Super Young Republicans... Kids, I'd hold off on your GOP involvement before you go to college. When you come out of college, you'll basically be socialists.


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