Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The LuLac Edition #2798, December 23rd, 2014


Luzerne County no longer owns Moon Lake Park. The County Council last night voted 6 to 5 to give it away to the State Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. The good news is that the state, which got it for FREE has agreed to continue monitoring for vandalism and dumping. It will also allow hiking, biking, rustic camping, boating and fishing on the premises.
What slays me is this, the County spent about 100,000 a few years back on a “Study” to see what can be done with the park. I want to get a job “studying” stuff and charge $100,000 a year.
At the meeting Tuesday night, Councilman Edd Brominski brought up a lot of suggestions in order to keep the park. But the majority said no.
You have to think that in the upcoming 2015 County Council elections, this might become an issue. It is something people can understand and even though they might not have seen the park in decades, the words “giving it away” are red herrings, right or wrong.
So we hand it over to the state and get nothing. Well wait,  we do get something in terms of recreation but one must wonder how that will work out with the state being in such fragile shape. Stay tuned.
New York Mayor Bill de Blasio. (Photo: The Nation).
New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has been getting a lot of heat for his efforts to remake the New York Police Department since he became Mayor earlier this year. But things have come to a head with the recent killing of two policeman and the Eric Garner incident. Any Mayor will always have differences with his Police Department. But for the department to turn their backs on the Mayor is just plain senseless. No Mayor in any city hates and wishes harm on their police department. It would be politically stupid. To hear the union heads tell it, de Blasio was responsible for a nine time loser who shot his girlfriend and then killed two police officers. Speculation is that he was enraged at how his fellow man was treated by police. Particularly white police. But the dumb ass shot two minorities. My feeling is this chump wanted to end his pathetic life and go out in a blaze of glory. He had no prospects, he had nowhere to go. Plus if he had the opportunity to stop in Philadelphia, Allentown or even Wilkes Barre, that’s where he would commit his crime.
Then of course de Blasio is dealing with the likes of Al Sharpton who cited “freedom of speech” in response to de Blasio’s call for a “hold” on demonstrations during the deceased officers funerals. de Blasio has been getting it on all sides but the other day he turned his thoughts to the media. Look at this:

Then there are noises coming from for Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. His strident comments are not happening by accident. You’ll see him make a move politically in the future using this issue. Bet on it!


At 9:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dont agree with your statement, "Any Mayor will always have differences with his police department." Why? It seems they should work together and if they dont something is wrong. The FOP or police union spokesman who said there was blood on the steps of city hall was wrong and way out of line. Maybe DiBlasio has been wrong too. I dont know enough about it, but in the case of the two murdered officers it was the act of a sick deranged mind! People would find it a lot easier to deal with officers by doing what they are asked/told to do and obeying the law. If the police and the city administration dont cooperate how can they expect cooperation from citizens. These executions were not a black white incident and the madman is dead. GOD bless the officers and their families and all good men and women who set out to protect and serve.

At 11:35 AM, Blogger PoorRichard said...

Yonk, the majority of Council who voted to give away Moon Lake and the Tubs were as wrong as wrong can get. Remember, we still owe 4 Million dollars for part of Moon Lake property that the county purchased a few years ago. Lawton in his now what's become his stupid style, said it is no problem because we will just assign the debt to another county property. Say what? he state paid Lackawanna county 1.8 million for their property but got ours for free and the only thing they could say is that they might install a boat launch in five years. What the hell kind of a deal is that? If the county can't afford Moon Lake then they should have sold the parcel of and we purchased and pay down that 4 million dollar loan. I don't care what people say, this Home Rule and the Charter that governs it is horrible,. It does not work, it will not work and it cannot work. How do you get a group as large as 11 to agree on anything> For God's sake, they argues for months over chickens! Brominski read many points that were published by Wil Toole a copy of which was sent by Toole to every member of council and the manager. Read those ideas again and then ask yourself why it was tried and if it were it seems a no brainer that the Lake property could have been maintained and operated for the good of all. The fact that previous commissioners did not manage the property well does not mean it was doomed to failure forever. Those six members of council got rid of the property like it was junk just as Skrep, Petrilla and Urban gave away millions borrowed to build a juvi center away like it was candy just to get political support. We the people can vote in one or two commissioners and make a difference but how do we control eleven? Give me the Third Class County form of government any time over this mess we have.


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