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The LuLac Edition #2878, April 16th, 2015

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Okay this kind of went under the radar but this is really upsetting. Some slime ball goes looking for his girl friend and she’s not around. What does he do? Try looking for her? Maybe make a call? No, said slime ball (my apologies to slime balls everywhere!) takes the woman’s cat, throws it in the washing machine and turns it on. This is shocking for two reasons.
1. He attacked an innocent animal.
2. He knew how to turn on the washing machine.
Still pissed, he took the cat out of the washing machine and pummeled it to death.
Okay, so if he did this to the cat, (and I am not minimizing what he did to the animal) can you imagine what he would do to the woman?
There was a study done that said that serial killers begin by killing animals. Let’s watch this case carefully because he won’t get a lot of time and will be walking among us someday.
Since I don’t glorify punks like this by giving out his name, check out page 11 of the Citizen’s Voice’s Wednesday April 15th edition. James Haplin wrote the story.
Think this guy would do well on eHarmony??


There was a lot of political news emanating from Plains Township this week. We were at a few of the events.


Monday night on a bright sun kissed early evening, Democratic State Committeeman Tom Shubilla held an event at The River Grille. Shubilla is running for Commissioner in Plains Township and had a real good crowd. Shubilla will be running in the General against the GOP’s Barry Kresge.
Shubilla was introduced by P.J. Biscontini and had family members manning the desk as the crowd entered. The young candidate gave a rousing speech about his commitment to the Township and was extremely enthusiastic. No Decaf for this young man!
Attending the event were various politicos. Former State committeeman Bob Caruso made the rounds predicting Elizabeth Warren would be the next President. (Jesus Bob, give the former Secretary of State a break already, will ya!!) From Congressman Cartwright’s office were staffers Bob Morgan and Sabrina McLaughlin. County Council member Tim McGinley showed up along with Democratic candidate John J. Pekarosky. Former Coroner John Corcoran attended as well as Magisterial candidate Joe Spagnolo who mentioned his breakfast at St. Maria Goretti was going to be cancelled in lieu of another event. I had a great conversation with the District Justice candidate in Wilkes Barre Tom Malloy as well as Dee Grilli, a political activist and a Facebook friend.
Shubilla’s event was well attended and it appears that the launch of this candidacy for Tom Shubilla was just about perfect. 

 Your blog editor with the man of the hour.
Bob Morgan, Congressman Cartwright's regional director, Magisterial candidate in the 11-01-02 district and your blog editor. 
County Council candidates attending the event were John J. Pekarovsky, me and Tim McGinley who is the former Chair and hopefully the future Chair of County Council. 
No, P.J. Biscontini is not cutting a cake or deciding who gets vanilla or chocolate. He is doing a great job in introducing Mr. Shubilla at the event. Plus he did a damn good job. If he told everybody to jump off the deck in the river, I'm sure they would.

Magician Pat Ward was at the event. He made tons of balloon animals and even made one for the candidate. A "W" for Wardle, a "W" for win?????
Okay so meeting Tom Wardle again at an event was no big deal for me. (All due respect sir!) But I met John Zubris who I just nodded to occasionally at church. John and I chewed the political fat and he gave me some fine insights into Plains politics. Oh yeah, his wife is WILK Karel On The Street feature  commentator and news reporter.

The next night Tom Wardle, candidate for District Justice had an event at Dan’s Keystone Grille. There was everything a political rally needed. Great music from a great duo, the wings from Dan’s, balloon animals from Pat Ward and the candidate himself. Unlike other candidates, Wardle preferred to speak to his attendees one on one talking up his experience as a Policeman as well as how that would translate into the Magistrate’s position.
Wardle was the first to declare his candidacy and was the first to complete the Magistrate’s Training class. At one point during the evening we had a discussion about suits but I have a feeling that with the political beat he is pounding, (he is conducting a relentless door by door effort) he’ll need some new shoes by Primary day.
Signs, pens and some sweet treats were flying out the door as checks and supporters poured in for the 2 hour event.

All photos above by Mrs. LuLac

Former President Jimmy Carter. (Photo: Citizen's Voice.)
As part of his Plains to Plains program, former President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalyn came into Wilkes Barre Tuesday night. They made a stop at the Stegmaier mansion on South Franklin Street. Carter was interviewed by WBRE TV’s Andy Mehalshick who asked the 29th President if he could run for President in this climate.
Carter 90 responded that it now takes millions to even get out of the gate and doubted his effort would even be possible.
I thought about that and realized that Carter’s candidacy was truly the last grassroots campaign of any Presidential candidate. Since 1980 money has dominated the political landscape. Granted Carter had a plethora of Democratic opponents in 1976 and he started campaigning in Iowa in 1973. Plus in that caucus, “Undecided” came in first with 37%, followed by Carter with 27% followed up by Senator Birch Bayh of Indiana who finished with 13%. Even though Carter only garnered 10,000 votes and change, the media declared him as the next big thing. (To this day I think there is something wrong when less than 100,000 people give a thumbs up or thumbs down to a potential candidate. In ’76 there were less than 45,000 Democrats who voted in Iowa. Really?)
Anyway the event raised money for Plains Georgia and gave the former President a chance to visit with old friends.

 Senator Jeff Sessions. (Photo:
Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, aka call me Jeff is still peddling his nonsense that immigration reform is going to cost jobs in America. Sessions has even been at odds with members of his own party saying that immigrants will be taking away lower wage jobs from people who are already in the United States. Saying he is motivated by policy concerns, he believes that allowing people who crossed the border illegally or overstayed their visas will cause an influx of illegal immigration. And he preaches that allowing large numbers of immigrant workers into the U.S. will depress the wage levels of American-born workers.
I don’t understand. The GOP is yelling about how awful the economy is yet there is more job growth than the year 2009. The GOP is opposing minimum wage increases for workers saying it will hurt the economy. Some are saying that an increase in immigrants will get them on welfare and social security. Yet anyone with a green card will tell you it takes 40 quarters to qualify for anything.
If you take a look at the success rates of immigrants in this county, it is the survival of the fittest. Look at the groups who have come here and now are in medicine and other industries. The fact is that an increase in immigration will boost the economy. But just like the lie about unemployment insurance not stimulating the economy, (it does) the immigration lie is dangerous.
A few weeks ago Mrs. LuLac and one of my bosses went to New York on separate buses to New York City. Both told me that the vehicles were filled with people speaking various languages going to New York City and then returning. I’m sure according to a guys like Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, aka call me Jeff, they were going to get guns, drugs and welfare benefits.
Here’s a news flash that we will not admit. The GOP leadership (ironic for the party of Lincoln) can no longer be openly unfair to African Americans. They do it surreptitiously by denying increases in things like unemployment insurance. But they can still stick the knives in people of color by fighting immigration tooth and nail. Just like Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, aka call me Jeff who has now taken to penning op ed pieces on his America. A paler America.

Kudos to the state of Florida, (Panama City Beach) for putting a stop to the insanity of Spring Break.
A third man has been arrested in the gang rape of a woman who passed out on a north Florida beach, an incident captured on videotape and witnessed by scores of rowdy spring breakers, police said on Wednesday. (AOL.COM)
The incident occurred in broad daylight last month at the peak of spring break in Panama City Beach, where some 300,000 college students have been flocking in March and April for around-the-clock parties.
Here’s all you need to know about this:
A young lady, drunk or not was raped. Gang raped.
It was videotaped.
Scores of unruly “college students” (barf, barf) witnessed it and did nothing.
!. Their parents must be so proud.
2. As a nation, we are screwed.
I’m glad the officials in this beach town are finally taking some action to get rid of C minus spoiled brats. Send them home to mom and dad and let them live in the basement.



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