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The LuLac Edition #2907, May 17th, 2015





There are more than a few dynamics going on in this race. First and foremost the shaping of the Democratic ballot might determine the fate of the County Manager. The recent interviews in the Voice regarding the way Democrats and members of the GOP would vote on retention of Lawton was mixed.
For a few years the local Democrats have bemoaned the lack of a strong party head and leadership. This year when it presented itself, people started to complain about the takeover of the party.
The organization which did not endorse in 2013 did so this time. A slate of newcomers John Gadomski, John Pekarovsky, Bob Schnee, along with political veterans Anthony Rostock and Jane Watkins Waitkus joined incumbent Tim McGinley on the ticket. Incumbents Steve Urban and Edd Brominki were not endorsed. Urban was particularly singled out in advertising by the group painting him as negative in his approach as a Council member. Mark Altaville also did not receive an endorsement. 

The ticket was put together well and with Schnee and Rostock anchoring both Hazleton and Pittston that might help pull the others in along with support of third parties. But name recognition dies hard here and I’m still convinced Brominski (who has been at every event I’ve been to) and Urban who is the Road Runner of Luzerne County politics) will prevail.
On the GOP side, only four are running. So this primary is a bit more relaxing. Marc Dixon of Mountain Top has signs out, Ray Gustave, of West Wyoming has been making the rounds, Mark Rabo, of Hazleton and Stephen J. Urban, of Wilkes-Barre has been at many events.This week Eugene Kelleher a former member of the Council announced he is mounting a write in campaign.
No matter who wins this election if the Democrats stay focused and none of the six don’t do something stupid, without a full slate running on the GOP side, the General Election will hold very little interest.



Corey O’Brien threw a monkey wrench into the carreer of Jim Wansacz when he left to pursue a job in private business. Wansacz recruited GOP minority member Pat “The Statesman” O’Malley. At first it seemed O’Malley might have been sold a bill of goods. After all he could’ve been a Minority Commissioner for life. But now it appears that he might be the high vote getter given his strength and visibility in Scranton.
Wansacz has a base but he is not as strong in the City and the Mid Valley. The Mid Valley will play a major role in this. Throop candidate Tom Lukasewicz has been campaigning hard on the landfill issue. He may get a good vote. But there is only passion for that issue in those communities. Jerry Notarianni ran for Mayor in 1989. That’s a long time to be out of the spotlight. Both may get a segment of the vote for there seems to be no big clamor to upset a ticket of Wansacz and O’Malley. Even a mitigating circumstances like a proposed strike of social workers will not cause an upheaval. Wansacz pulled a tone deaf move when he announced the non stop flight to the Bahamas proclaiming he just might take his family on vacation. When half of Lckawanna County voters are making low wages that in my estimation was not a smart move. 
On the GOP side Bill Jones returns for another run along with Laureen Cummings. Charlie Spano rounds out the team of anyone who matters on the GOP side.


This should have been a sleeper of a race. But now there are six going for this position. They are Robert Casey, Teresa Colarusso, Kevin Haggerty, Mauri Kelly, Bob Sheridan and Kim Yencho.
A few things here. Mrs. Mary Rinaldi has held the seat for a long time succeeding her late husband the beloved Bill Rinaldi.  Will gender be an issue? Will voters pick one of the women candidates or will they split the vote? Bob Sheridfan has been a neighborhood activist and school board member. Casey has been a top vote getter on the Scranton School board.
Then there’s Kevin Haggerty who is running an aggressive campaign throughout the County.

Again too crowded and crazy to call. How crazy you say?
Just a scant 8 months ago Kevin Haggerty and Frank Farina were fighting to be the State Representative of the 112th Legislative District. They despised each other. The campaign ads were vitriolic. Frank Farina is now supporting Haggerty for this job. My guess is Farina wants to keep him occupied for a while.


At 7:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

kelleher should remember that voters made their decision when it comes to his record on county council - not saying he shouldnt run - but i do think old habits die hard - especially in the minds of voters - the ultimate moral of the story - as harry haas is slowly in his inept way finding out - never make campaign promises you cannot keep - especially in coal country where your word is your bond


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