Sunday, June 14, 2015

The LuLac Edition #2943, June 14th, 2015


County Councilman Edd Brominski. (Photo: LuLac archives.)
Luzerne County Councilman Edd Brominski wrote a letter to the editors of local newspapers about a reading program he attended in Pittston in 2013. Mr. Brominski explains how it went and what the reaction of his colleges on Council were when he proposed the idea.
A few years ago, Mike Giamber, Rich Heffron, Renee Taffera and I spent a day in Reading at a program regarding Land Banks. Upon return I proceeded to pitch the idea to the County Council. The just blew it off and paid no attention to it.
Mike , Renee and Rich proceeded to try to get Pittston interested. They were successful and today that idea is moving forward in the Greater Pittston area. Thanks in part to the three and most especially the officials of the Pittson Area the idea is a reality.
Our council is so reactive they can’t make a move unless kicked in the pants. We could still explore the idea, wherein the repository of properties now held by the county, could become part of a county Land Bank.
Ah ,but that is wishful thinking. Maybe if someone besides the four of us did it , it would fly. Would someone from the public ask why the majority of council is not interested in this progressive idea? I can’t raise an eyebrow on it.
Thank you, Edd Brominski


Moondog and Beatledd. (Photo: Ed Raineri Facebook page).
Ed Raineri brought in “1964” The Beatles Tribute band last week. Over 1,000 Beatle and music fans attended. Here’s the opening of the show and a snippet courtesy of Beatledd and You Tube.


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