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The LuLac Edition #3005, August 2nd, 2015


As I started to hear the news of the upcoming debates this week for the GOP candidates and saw another e mail dump from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Friday I had this thought. With July bleeding into August courtesy of a fantastic full moon, I realized that by this time next year the two national conventions will be over and a nominee will be in place for each party. While some may call this is a crazy prediction, I think it might have some weight.
Here’s who I think might be the Democratic nominee. (below) 
Yep the scrappy kid from Scranton. Joe Biden might be regarded as some as a foot in the mouth goof but his resume is very long and makes him one of the most qualified persons to be President. Plus he has negotiating skills, knows Congress, was a man of Congress and has something that people think Hillary Clinton may be lacking. Authenticity.
Joe Biden might be regarded by some as a train wreck but no one can ever accuse him of being fake. I know it’s early but with Clinton having nagging issues brought up about her character and trust worthiness, her candidacy may very well die a death of a thousand cuts. Dr. Joe Leonardi wrote a piece for “Write On Wednesday” saying that this Hillary nomination in waiting was not such a done deal. L.A. Tarone on WILK as well as others have also signaled the same thing. Plus there is movement. The New York Times reported that Biden is really seriously looking into this.
If you are a bona fide Democrat who has served as Chairman of various committees in the Senate and has been Vice President in a consequential administration, and Clinton falters, do you really want to cede a nomination to Jim Webb, Martin O’Malley or Lincoln Chaffee?
As the Veep would say, “C’mon guys!”
Plus there is the Obama factor which cuts both ways for some Democrats. Obama has said his decision to pick Biden was one of the best ones he ever made. That pleases the Obama diehards. For those of us who felt that even with his accomplishments Mr. Obama was a little light on the resume, Biden is a counterpoint to that belief.
Biden has nothing to lose by announcing and making himself available.
On the GOP side, it’s this guy. (below) 
Mitt Romney, really? Correct. Donald Trump just might make a Mitt Romney candidacy possible. Unless something changes in the debates this week Trump is not going away. He has the power to decimate the GOP field one by one. Like a lumberjack chopping a huge tree, Trump verbally has the ability to cut everyone of these candidates down to size. While Trump may not be nominating material, he can also make his competitors diminish in size. There can be a scenario where none of the other candidates can get a majority of votes, (there are a lot running) and each one would made be unpalatable to the party.
Enter Mitt Romney. One of Romney’s drawbacks the last time was that he was not comfortable with bring rich. Many Americans felt that his wealth would prevent him from truly understanding their needs. With Trump making Romney look like a piker in the dough re mi department, that issue is off the table.
I could be wrong on all of this, remember I was the guy who wrote that Obama would be a splendid Vice President for Mrs. Clinton. But you never know.

Hitched a ride last summer with Jimmy O'Meara who did the grilling. Here I am with Alex Milanes at the event which was held at the Urbanski Farm. (Photo: LuLac archives).
The Republican Party of Luzerne County will be hosting its 4th Annual Summer Picnic on Sunday, August 16, 2015 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM at the Tony Attardo Memorial Park, 79 Bryden Street in Pittston. The Park is conveniently located about one mile off of Interstate 81, Pittston Exit, number 175.
Traditional summer picnic food will be provided at this family friendly event. Guests are encouraged to bring a covered dish or dessert. Admission to the picnic is free and it is open to all candidates, committee persons, elected officials, friends and supporters of the Republican Party.
RSVP (not required but appreciated) to or by calling 570-654-6567


Just had to include this in one of my editions even though it is a bit late for this year. Very summer NEPA Blogcon sponsors a very important technological learning tool for young women. It’s called the Squirrel Girls Tech Camp. Last month it was held at Lackawanna College. The camp is for girls in grades 4-6 and will expose them to new technology, computer programming, logic, creativity, and more than you can ever imagine. Some Educators will tell you that the truly formative years are from pre school and into the first and second grades. I’m sure that’s true. But with technology being available to this young generation right from the cradle, this camp actually provides choices as to what these young women might use it for as either a career choice or a way to get a head start on the use of it in higher education.
Here are a few photos from this year's event. (Photos: NEPA Blogcon).
You might want to file this in the “to do” list for next summer if there are young women in your lives. Plus I’m sure that in addition to the learning, the creative people at NEPA Blogcon will find more than a few ways to make it fun.
NEPA Blogcon’s next event is next month.


At 7:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The democrats will need to go outside the administration if they are to hold the White House. With the Ayatollahs basically thumbing his nose at the world, claiming their goals are to get Israel and the great Satan out of the middle east while the US appears weak by appeasement will tarnish the Obama administration. Especially, once the Ayatollahs flaunts the fact Iran already has nuclear weapons capabilities

At 7:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So your saying the Dems will only be able to choose between two aged candidates that they themselves, the democrats, have previously rejected for president?
That really is kinda sad and pathetic.

At 2:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Has a sitting vice president, ever not received his parties nomination if they ran for president?

At 2:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Has a sitting vice president, ever not received his parties nomination if they ran for president?

At 10:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Biden doesn't give a DAMN about this area except during elections.
If he cared he would would try to convince the President how detrimental his EPA Executive Order regarding coal and energy are to us.
I choose D) None of the above.

At 9:16 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

Has a sitting vice president, ever not received his parties nomination if they ran for president?


The 1940 convention for the Democrats featured a quandary for the Democrats. FDR wanted to be drafted for a third term and his Vice President John Nance Garner declared for the job. He wound up with 61 votes and was not asked to be Veep for a third term.
Postmaster Jim Farley had 72 votes.
At the 1928 GOP convention Charles Dawes the Vice President from Kansas was in the running but lost to Herbert Hoover. Dawes had 13 votes.
In 1908 Teddy Roosevelt's Vice President Charles Fairbanks made a run but T.R. was supporting William Howard Taft. Fairbanks was sent packing back to his law firm in 1909.

At 9:38 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

9:16 PM

and in 1952 when Harry Truman decided not to run his Vice President Alben Barkley wanted to run and set up a committee. Labor leaders advised he was too old, 75 and he withdrew.
Ironic since we have Sanders and Biden in their early 70s today and Hillary getting near them in age.

At 1:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How great would it be to get Dr Jill Biden as first lady. The first gmilf for a first lady


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