Monday, March 14, 2016

The LuLac Edition #3167, March 14th, 2016


Tomorrow will be a big day for Ohio Republicans as well as Democrats. We received some feedback from one of our political wizards in the Buckeye State. Here’s his take on it.
“Up until earlier this week I would have said Clinton and Trump but today it seems more like Clinton and Kasich. Slowly almost w/o anyone noticing, Kasich began to rise in the polls and Trump seems to be bogged down by events inside and outside of Ohio. He is being shown as more radical and more unbalanced than the rest of the herd. Kasich by 10!
Notwithstanding Bernie's Michigan upset, Clinton has held the lead for many weeks. Most of the colleges in OHio are on break this week and/or next possibly depriving Sanders of a large chunk his college volunteer force. This is offset by news heard later in the week of supposedly weak support for Hillary by women under 40. Stations are playing political ads by the dozen every hour but the needle still points to a Clinton Victory by 15 in Ohio."

State Representative Gerald Mullery. (Photo: Facebook)
State Representative Gerry Mullery posted some information recently regarding the frustration people in his district are feeling regarding the State Budget process.
There is a lot of anxiety, frustration, and trepidation over the budget vetoed by Governor Wolf and the resulting potential for school closures. I have spoken with hundreds of parents, teachers, school employees, board members, and all five superintendents from the districts I represent. Many of these discussions have been ongoing since June. I understand your concerns, share them, and empathize. Since being elected, I have advocated for adequate school funding to ensure our schools can properly teach our students, offer extra curricular activities, and prepare our children for the future WITHOUT the need for our school boards to consistently and routinely raise our property taxes above the state index.
Without proper funding at the state level, as we have encountered for four consecutive years, our property taxes increase. This has to stop. Too many families are losing their homes. Additionally, our schools are cutting programs, requiring payment to participate in extracurricular activities, furloughing teachers and support staff, and failing to fill vacant positions. This does not help our children.
Every single vote I have cast during this budget process has occurred only after discussion and consultation with the leaders of our school districts. I value their input as they are on the front lines and know their districts better than anyone. I initially ran for this position because of my concern about the legacy we are leaving for future generations. I will continue to work to ensure Wyoming Valley West, Greater Nanticoke Area, Hanover Area, Crestwood, and Hazleton Area school districts receive the funding they need to make certain the education our children receive is the best. Mullery represents the 119th.


Rep. Barletta accepts an award from the Coalition Against Bigger Trucks for his fight against a truck weight limit increase.
Congressman Lou Barletta, accepted an award from the Coalition Against Bigger Trucks (CABT) for his work to defeat an amendment to the Highway Bill that would have dramatically increased the weight limit on trucks. Barletta was instrumental in killing the proposal from Rep. Reid Ribble (WI-8) that would have increased the weight limit by 14 percent, from 80,000 pounds to 91,000 pounds. He received the recognition at a ceremony in Harrisburg hosted by the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association.
“I have four daughters and three grandchildren – I don’t like the thought of them being out on the roads with heavier and heavier trucks driving around,” Barletta said. “Local roads were not built to handle the increased weight, and heavier trucks would pose a greater danger to their drivers and other motorists. Additionally, trucks don’t just stay on the interstates – they use the local roads to make local deliveries, and that can cause safety concerns and severe road and bridge damage.”
The CABT is a leading voice in opposing more dangerous trucks, and is a national, nonprofit grassroots organization that advocates for highway safety and sound transportation policies. The coalition is comprised of law enforcement officers, emergency responders, safety leaders, engineers, independent truck drivers, and elected officials. (Barletta press office).


At 7:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps Trump isn't so wrong about a ban and a wall... it seems that Obama has put us at risk.

I am my no means a fan of Trump, but he seems to be the only one actually identifying problems.

At 7:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The school funding crisis is directly on the Governor. The money is there and he has the authority to release it. He is the one sacrificing the students and the altar of the teacher's union.


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