Monday, May 09, 2016

The LuLac Edition #3206, May 9th, 2016

A Goldwater/Miller button circa 1964. (LuLac archives).
Speculation is running rampant that Donald Trump will pick an elected official as his running mate. Okay but exactly who might that be? What politician, Democrat or Republican would
a. Want to risk their political career running with him?
b. Would Trump be able to have that candidate be part of his team or bulldoze him?
Those are the questions that need answers. I’m thinking that maybe an elected official might be Marco Rubio or Chris Christie. Christie more than Rubio. Or maybe a General. Or a politician that doesn’t have a position anymore. How about Rick Santorum?
This situation remind me of Barry Goldwater’s 1964 bid. Goldwater did not have the mid 60s establishment and wound up picking New York’s William Miller. A little bit about Mr. Miller:
Miller attended the University of Notre Dame and Albany Law School. He served in the United States Army during World War II and later helped prosecute German war criminals at the Nuremberg trials. Miller was appointed district attorney of Niagara County, New York in 1948, by Governor Thomas E. Dewey. Miller served in the United States House of Representatives from 1951 to 1965 and was chairman of the Republican National Committee from 1961 to 1964.
Goldwater stated that he chose Miller to be his running mate simply because "he drives Johnson nuts" with his Republican activism. But by some other accounts, Johnson "was barely aware of Miller's existence." Miller's Eastern roots and Catholic faith balanced the ticket in some ways, but ideologically he was conservative like Goldwater. His relative obscurity—"he was better known for snipes at President Kennedy than for anything else"—gave birth to the refrain "Here's a riddle, it's a killer / Who the hell is William Miller?
Following the defeat of the Goldwater-Miller ticket, Miller returned to his hometown of Lockport, where he resumed his law practice. He also appeared in one of the first "Do you know me?" commercials for American Express. He is buried at Arlington National Cemetery.
Miller was no lightweight in his career. But was certainly not a political titan. It will be interesting to see who Trump will ask and who will accept.
Trump can do worse than a William Miller. And probably will. (Source: LuLac/Wikipedia) 


At 5:56 AM, Anonymous Pope George Ringo said...

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw the heading to this column was Miller's American Express commercials.
I also distinctly recall a pic of him in 64 wearing a Lyndon Johnson for Ex President button.

At 7:55 AM, Anonymous Feeling the Bern, but the heat is diminishing said...

Doesn't matter who the VP pick is, this ticket is only about Trump. It will win or lose only on Trump.
Trump could pick Jesus Christ as his running mate and the ticket would still be solely about Trump.
As far as the election goes, it will be based on one issue and one issue only --- who do you hate less?
I hate Trump less than Clinton.


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