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The LuLac Edition #3202, May 2nd, 2016


Democratic Senate nominee Katie McGinty. (Photo: McGinty website).
It is no secret that during the Spring primary for the U.S. Senate race, I was really pulling for Admiral Joe Sestak. I felt that he had run a good race in 2010 and deserved another chance. But since his defeat by Ms. McGinty and Mayor Jon Fetterman who had pulled a good vote, our attention must be focused on the General Election. To that end it is our belief that Pat Toomey must be defeated and Katie McGinty should get our consideration. This is not an endorsement but an opinion.
Toomey has been a major disappointment on even the most modest efforts to curb illegal hand guns. The sad part is that his neo conservative base will never forgive him for even speaking with West Virginia Joe Manchin on gun issues. So by not taking a stand, Toomey has showed his true colors. With McGinty this is what the voters of Pennsylvania will get:
Expanding Energy Opportunities and Protecting the Environment
As the former Chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality and Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, I understand the importance of protecting our environment and investing in a clean energy economy.
Climate change presents a serious global threat to our health, economic well-being and national security. In the Senate, I will lead the way to a healthier and safer environment by working to pass commonsense climate protections with investments in energy efficiency and clean energy.
It is time to start moving towards a clean energy economy. We need to harness our renewable energy resources, such as wind and solar, to create good jobs and cut electricity bills for taxpayers. In the Senate, I will support innovations in clean energy technologies and tax incentives that will level the playing field to move our country towards a clean energy future.
Ensuring Affordable and Accessible Healthcare
All Pennsylvanians should have access to affordable and quality healthcare. While serving as chief of staff to Governor Tom Wolf, I was proud to help expand Medicaid coverage to half a million Pennsylvanians. It was the right thing to do, and it cut costs for both hardworking families and the state. However, Pat Toomey and Republicans have repeatedly tried to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), a move that would cut off millions of Americans from the healthcare they need.
As Senator, I will promote access to affordable medical coverage while reining in skyrocketing out-of-pocket costs. I will fight to lower copays and deductibles and reduce the cost of prescription drugs for our hardworking families and seniors.
I believe that mental and behavioral healthcare is critically important to the well-being of our nation. I support full parity for these services with coverage for physical ailments. In the Senate, I will fight for families dealing with the devastating effects of addiction, including especially opioid addiction.
Strengthening National Security
These are challenging times, and nothing is more important to me than keeping our families safe and secure. Fighting terrorism both at home and abroad is a growing challenge but we can defeat terrorist threats while upholding America’s values and principles.
Our men and women in our military deserve the very best and as Senator, I will work to guarantee that our military remains the best-equipped and best-trained military in the world to meet the changing threats of the 21st century.
In order to fight terrorism at home and abroad, we need the strength and support of our allies. Israel is a critical partner for our national security and as a Senator, I will do all that I can to ensure Israel’s security, as any threat to Israel poses a threat to our nation’s interests as well.
Standing up for Women’s Rights
As a working mom of three teenage girls, I know how important it is to give women the tools they need to get ahead. It is past time to close the pay gap. In Pennsylvania, women still make 79 cents for every dollar made by a man in a similar job, and struggle to climb the ladder if they take time off to raise a family. As Senator, I will work to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act and fight for paid family leave because no one should have to choose between taking care of a family member or child and keeping their job.
Republicans have repeatedly tried to defund Planned Parenthood, which would restrict a woman’s access to critical health services, such as cancer screenings and contraception. They’ve even gone so far as to threaten to shut the government down, taking away healthcare from 108,000 Pennsylvanians who depend on Planned Parenthood. We need to make sure that women have access to these health services at all times because their most personal decisions about healthcare and family planning should be just that — personal and private. (Source: McGinty website).


GOP Nominee for Attorney General, Senator John Rafferty. (Photo:State Senate)
During the Luzerne County Lincoln Day Breakfast I met Senator John Rafferty, a GOP candidate for Attorney General and he seemed pleasant and competent. I liked the fact that he told the audience he would not run for Governor and serve two terms to straighten out the Attorney General’s office. As a matter of fact I said on WBRE TV Eyewitness News the day after the election that the GOP would most likely retake the AG’s office since Democratic voters picked the weakest possible candidate, Josh Shapiro in terms of experience. But then there was this story from Brad Bumstead from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette attacking Joe Peters who was Rafferty’s opponent. Here’s the link to the Post Gazette story.
The sad part about this story is that
1. It was a lie. Peters stepped in to help the AG straighten out the office. He certainly didn’t gain anything and was not part of Kathleen Kane’s serious misjudgment of situations both legal and political.
2. Like President Nixon’s 1972 re-election bid, Rafferty had this thing in the bag. To attack a fellow Republican like Joe Peters was classless, stupid and gives us an insight into what type of AG Rafferty will be.
He’ll just be a version of Kathleen Kane’s politicization of this office. Except he won’t be wearing a skirt.
Too bad, I was most likely going to vote for the guy.

Reporter Eric Mark in Sunday’s Citizen’s Voice gave a very comprehensive story on the ability or lack thereof of Luzerne County’s 911 system to work in the Back Mountain. Read this and I guarantee you it will scare the daylights out of you. Here’s the link:


At 11:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As things stand Congress presents a serious global threat to our health, economic well-being and national security. Not an original idea in her position paper. I smell a puppet. Give Trump a supportive House and Senate.

By the way, I'm surprised you missed this revelation:

At 7:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like you Yonk, I thought Joe Sestak deserved a second shot at taking down Toomey. It was difficult choosing between Joe and Katie. But now that McGinty is the nominee, we must do everything we can to help her become our next Senator. I'm tired of sending Toomey letters and emails telling him how disappointed I am with him for his votes against Obamacare and protecting the environment, etc.,etc., as well as his blind opposition to everything President Obama proposed to make America better. The icing on the cake is Toomey's blockade of Obama's pick for Supreme Court Justice. Toomey and his Republican cohorts constantly cry that Obama ignores and even violates the Constitution, but when President Obama fulfills his Constitutional duty to nominate a Justice, they block him! What a bunch of bums.

At 8:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your attitude to those Sanders supporters, myself included, is part of the reason we are not going to vote for Hilary.
We are not about my party right or wrong.
I got onboard with Sanders because he was not the establishment's choice. He went against the system that has ****ed us all up the ass without lube for these many years.
While Trump may not be as liberal as Sanders, he is not a movement conservative. He is much more liberal than people are willing to accept.
I will not select Hilary Clinton, and I will not allow people like you and Corbett bully me into voting for someone who has been part of the problem.
I really which Sanders just had a fraction of Trump's willingness to win. If Sanders would start talking about the email server, Bengazi, the "vast right wing conspiracy" press conferences, etc.. he would be on top.
Trump is willing to do what it takes to win, and win at all costs.
I wish Sanders would understand, that if he doesn't win he can't govern. Trump gets it, which is part of the reason he will bulldoze right over Clinton. Hilary is not Bill, she is not adept enough, or compassionate enough, to make people think she cares about them.
The tone and attitude of your posting, as well as many other Clinton supporters may push many more votes to Trump, or none of the above.
In my case, if Sanders doesn't pull off the upset, I will be voting for Trump, in hopes of sending a clear message to the establishment they will not control me.

At 8:46 PM, Blogger David Yonki said...

He went against the system that has ****ed us all up the ass without lube for these many years.


So where was Bernie in 2008 when guys like Paul Kanjorski were screaming bloody murder about Wall Street. NOWHERE!
Do you realize it was the Obama administration that stopped the slide?

I will not select Hilary Clinton, and I will not allow people like you and Corbett bully me into voting for someone who has been part of the problem.


Knock yourself out. You vote is your vote. But when Trump gets in office and you find that it is all bullshit and no substance, don't come crying when he takes care of his own. I'm sorry you mix up opinion with bullying.

If Sanders would start talking about the email server, Bengazi, the "vast right wing conspiracy" press conferences, etc.. he would be on top.


No he wouldn't. Benghazi, 4 dead. A shame but Clinton spent 13 hours answering questions. But hey, I'm sure Bernie was leading protests as 4500 people were killed in a war looking for weapons that didn't exist.
E mail investigation? An inquiry.
"Right wing conspiracy"....your boy Trump can conjure up all kind of paranoid notions and you give him a pass? You bring up something from 20 years ago? Nice!
Go with God on this one because after picking Trump, we'll all need his help.
Oh wait, no Trump owns a Bible.
We're safe!!! NOT!


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